How to Make Covid Vaccines Appear To Be "Safe for Pregnancy"

Answer: just remove most-likely-to-miscarry vaccinated women from the data!

Are COVID vaccines safe for women trying to become pregnant?

newly published study that intended to prove that COVID vaccines are safe for women trying to become pregnant is raising more questions than it answers.

The study appears to intentionally exclude women most likely to experience miscarriage, but only among the vaccinated cohort!


This study is cited on Twitter by COVID vaccine promoters, who did not read it past the abstract, as the full text is not free.

I decided to spend $55 of my paid subscribers’ contributions and purchased the full text of the study. I am glad I did – there is something to report to all of you!

Study Design

The study looked at a cohort of women actively trying to conceive naturally. What makes it interesting is that these women intentionally test for pregnancy much more frequently than women who are not “actively trying to conceive.”

So, participants of this cohort know their pregnancy status by about Week 4. (Remember, gestational weeks (GW) are counted since day 1 of the last period).

In most situations, Week 4 (GW 4) is just before the next period, and women not trying to test for pregnancy would not yet know they are pregnant. Generally speaking, most women would get alerted by a “missing period” only by week six. However, miscarriages are most frequent in the early weeks of pregnancy, when many women are not even aware of being pregnant.

This is why the 25% miscarriage rate, which sounds higher than usually discussed, is at least partially explained by early pregnancy awareness.

This chart from the study shows when miscarriages happened to study participants.

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