Flip-flop Fauci Flips Again, Changes Tune on “Vaccine” Mandates

“There should be more mandates, there really should be.” So said Dr. Anthony Fauci in July 2021 while speaking to CNN host Jake Tapper. It wouldn’t be the last time, either, Joe Biden’s Covid point man would advise that Americans be compelled to take the then-new and largely untested coronavirus “vaccines.”

This had an effect, too: More than two million Americans lost their jobs after balking at the experimental shots. Many multiples of that number submitted to the coercion, and some would later suffer serious side effects — including, in certain cases, death.

But now Fauci, (in)famous for flipping more than a gymnast, has changed his tune on mandates. In fact, points out the Washington Examiner’s Jon Miltimore, the ex-director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and current Georgetown University professor is now a big proponent of “choice.”

Oh, it’s not that Covid has receded as a reality (only as a boogeyman). Why, “New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show COVID-19 cases are again rising in some parts of the country,” relates Miltimore. Apple Watch Series 9 [... Best Price: $288.42 Buy New $459.00 (as of 10:44 UTC - Details)

“The CDC’s map indicates that several states are experiencing a ‘substantial increase’ in cases (more than 20%), including Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska, which saw a 57.3% spike from the previous week,” he continues.

Moreover, the statistics indicate that during September and October, Covid accounted for an average of more than 100 dead Americans a day. (This, however, is a surely inflated number. Note here that a source at a major medical examiner’s office told me a few months ago that only one to two percent of the “Covid” deaths evaluated at the office were actually caused by Covid.) Yet this doesn’t explain Fauci’s and authorities’ change in attitude; after all, the numbers have been exaggerated all along, as even government officials and The New York Times finally admitted. Yet the reality is that now there simply is no talk of reinstituting draconian measures.

Just consider the vacillating doctor’s latest prescriptions. As Miltimore writes:

While speaking to ABC’s Jonathan Karl on This Week earlier this fall, Fauci was asked who should be taking the new COVID booster.

“I believe we should give the choice to people that are not in the high-risk groups, to have the vaccine available for them,” Fauci replied.

Choice is the key word here. It’s a stark contrast to Fauci’s previous support of the White House’s vaccine mandate that required private companies to demand vaccination as a condition of employment.

“We know that mandates work,” Fauci told Wolf Blitzer in October 2021. “So, although you’d like people to do it on their own accord, sometimes mandates actually can help in that regard.” KitchenAid Classic Ser... Buy New $255.33 (as of 10:44 UTC - Details)

Fauci’s new position isn’t just that low-risk people should get to choose, however, as his statement might imply. Fauci would subsequently imply that even high-risk people should be given a choice.

“Make [the vaccine] available to everyone, but certainly recommend it to high-risk people,” Fauci told Karl.

Do realize that Fauci’s devotion to Covid vax mandates was so extreme that he even said in August 2021 that he believes “mandating vaccines for children to appear in school is a good idea.” This is despite the fact the coronavirus posed virtually no threat to children. Consider, for example, that a study out of Germany — a Montana-size country with 83 million people — found that during 15 months of the pandemic, not even one healthy child died of Covid.

In contrast, a researcher predicted in 2021 that for every child “saved” by the Covid shots, 117 would be killed by them. What’s more, nine researchers from establishment institutions (e.g., Harvard) estimated last year that for college students, the shots were up to 98 times as dangerous as the disease itself. In other words, Fauci’s vax-mandate insistence was malpractice.

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