The Woke Agenda: Follow the Money

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The agitprop theater of the absurd — AKA the Woke Agenda — is little more than a gigantic money laundering scheme for the Western world’s oldest, most powerful, and most dangerous political institution: the Democratic Party. Every item on the Woke Agenda — from climate change to racial equity, from racial equity to gender equity, from gender equity to the battle against free speech, from the battle against free speech to perpetual war in the name of democracy and freedom — sends tens of billions of dollars to Democratic Party corporate, union, academic, and global NGO donors who, in turn, contribute billions in cash and in-kind services back to the Democratic Party in a classic money laundering clusterfuck.

Almost two centuries since the Democratic Party was founded in 1828, America is now a one-party town, comprised of woke institutional fiefdoms, all of which take their marching orders from and tithe directly to the Democratic Party. The pernicious wealth redistribution schemes of DEI and ESG and SDG — along with the compliance and enforcement mechanisms of the entire surveillance state, the censorship industrial complex, and every major federal agency — are now baked into the DNA of just about every major American and Western institution across the board, including just about every major corporation, university, and NGO.

In theory, wealth and power redistribution is not entirely without merit. Just as — in theory — communism and socialism are not entirely without merit. In practice, however, human nature always seems to intervene. The expansion of entitlement programs over the past few generations represents a mere tributary of a much larger river system and watershed, an engineered concession designed to obfuscate the fact that the primary redistribution of wealth and power — at least in the digital 21st century — always moves in the same direction: upward.

Every utopian vision ultimately turns dystopian. In the end, they all steal money and power from the poor and give the stolen money and power to individuals and institutions already far too rich and already far too powerful.

Democratic Party money laundering schemes are legendary. Consider…

  • The teachers unions have long been Democratic Party king makers in major urban and suburban areas. Union money and support elects Democratic lawmakers who oppose school choice and any other challenge to union hegemony in a simple wash, rinse, repeat cycle. Generational poverty for black and brown children is all but guaranteed when municipal and state Democrats negotiate obscene union contract deals that pay inner-city school districts upwards of $30,000 per year per child. The only demand for accountability at that price point has nothing to do with school performance and everything to do with party loyalty and the upward flow of power and wealth from middle class taxpayers.
  • About half of all unionized workers in this country now work for government agencies, mostly in municipal services. Translated: city and state governments are consigned to negotiate against themselves to maintain critical services. In blue cities and states (and most Federal agencies), those contract negotiations include implied commitments to support and re-elect Democratic Party lawmakers. In red cities and states, the same contract negotiations include no such commitments or quid pro quos.
  • The same is true for corporate media and the massive companies of the technomedia cartel, companies whose internal demographics and campaign contributions skew more than 90% Democratic. Collectively, technomedia giants like Google and Apple and Facebook and Amazon receive tens of billions of dollars in Federal surveillance and defense contracts, and billions more in tax breaks, not to mention state-guaranteed immunity against the massive social damage they inflict. Corporate and technomedia cash and in-kind contributions won Joe Biden the White House when they 86ed the Hunter Biden laptop story on the eve of the election, committed hundreds of millions of dollars to privatize polling stations in key swing states, and provided media cover to help blue-state lawmakers enact 11th-hour changes to voting statutes. Post election, the Twitter files revealed an immense censorship industrial complex of media, high-tech, government surveillance and law enforcement agencies, university think tanks, and NGOs — all tied to Federal purse strings, and all overwhelmingly committed to the Democratic Party and the Woke Agenda money laundering apparatus.
  • The ratio of progressive-to-conservative professors and administrators in academia, once 50/50 just a few generations ago, is almost exclusively progressive today. Research grants and the trillion-dollar student loan scam, all attached to the umbilical cord of Federal money, begin with institutional paeans to diversity, equity, and inclusion — with a commensurate explosion in tuition costs. All of which drives the demand for more student loans and more Federal research grants, and further enriches and empowers the already-too-rich and already-too-powerful universities. The same money finances the industrial production and advancement of toxic woke society killers like antiracism and gender equity, now — along with climate change — baked into the HR and internal resource distribution apparatus of every major institution, including the universities themselves and, of course, the Democratic Party.
  • The world’s largest asset management corporations — like Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street — now arbitrage the flow of trillions of dollars in strict fealty to the ESG and SDG standards of the Woke Agenda. Governments and companies who don’t genuflect to woke social credit standards simply won’t get the money on the terms they need to compete and prosper. In essence, ESG and SDG standards are top-down extortion rackets that purport to serve the interests of disenfranchised or otherwise oppressed stakeholders but in fact guarantee a steady flow of cash and in-kind contributions to the Woke Agenda that now finances the Democratic Party.
  • $150 billion of the $1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill will go to renewable energy, with the full expectation that corporations on the receiving end of the cash will tithe back to Democratic Party coffers commensurately. Whether or not that public cash does anything to retard or reverse CO2 emissions is debatable to begin with — but hardly the point.

All of the above are nothing more than Democratic Party money laundering schemes designed to reward compliance and punish dissent. Turns out the only raison d’être for the entire Woke agenda is the one no one in corporate or technomedia ever talks about: the prosecution of a massive global class war designed to guarantee a steady flow of wealth and power to institutional donors and partners of the Democratic Party, donors and partners who then return the favor in cash and kind.

Institutionally, America is now a one-party town, and — like all one-party towns — is generationally corrupt and quite possibly beyond redemption. It took almost two hundred years for the Democratic Party to establish exclusive control of institutional America. They will not relinquish it any time soon.

When it comes to the news about things that matter to us, we have allowed ourselves to be converted into a nation of feedlot cattle, where we are fed a steady diet of empty calories and drugs to fatten us up for slaughter. So turn off all broadcast and cable TV news. Turn off all news alerts on your phones, tablets, and smartphones. Fuck CNN and FOX and MSNBC and ABC and CBS and NBC and PBS and NPR and The New York Times and The Washington Post. Fuck both major political parties — especially the Democratic Party. None of them gives a rats ass about you, your family, or your community. The only way to restore your own sanity in the confluence of state-sponsored default addiction and the institutional tyranny of digital scale is to hunt for your news instead. It’s out there. Go get it. Start with the very best source of actionable local news: your family dinner table.

In the end, the only recourse is to turn our attention away from national and international affairs long enough and often enough to focus instead on our families, friends, and local communities: where the rubber hits the road.

This originally appeared on The Quality of Life Resistance Movement.