No Farmers, No Food, No Future

Rationing, population control and reduced life expectancy beckon

All over the world, everywhere you look.

And now bugs. They are actually serious about bugs, and when I say ‘they’ I mean the government. Justin Trudeau, the most hated man in Canada, and the most hated prime minister in history granted millions to yet another bug factory not too long ago. This venture is so unpopular, some wit created an app that scans a food product to see whether bugs are being used.

Bugs and chemical meats are meant to replace meat, dairy and eventually, grains and vegetables. Like the vaccines, given the recent history of government institutions meant to assure safety, there is substantial doubt as to safety or efficacy, but never mind. It is part of the great green future, where we will live in concrete bunkers piled on top of each other and eat meat paste and crickets. A contractor friend building four badly needed high rises in the near-by capital city, claims there is so much green regulation wicking away money, they are limited to low-ceilinged bunkers, with tiny windows.

Not a bad idea.

This is all allegedly to lower the methane released by humans, meat birds, pork and cattle, to reduce the use of nitrogen in fertilizers. Since provisions of the Green New Deal were included in the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the Biden administration has gone full bore into regulatory rule-making. Rule-making is surreptitiously powerful and generally goes ignored by any media, since few journalists have done time in the real world of actual production of actual goods that people need to eat.

But that rule-making is now methodically shuttering independent farmer after rancher after farmer. Ranches that have fed people for a century or more are having their herds reduced from six hundred head of cattle to one hundred, without any ability to discuss or work with the Bureau of Land Management official who is ruining them. A proposed new rule gives Bureau of Land Management employees even more power, without any legislative oversight.

Legislators, national, state-wide and local, cannot keep up with the number of food-producing businesses being destroyed. The tactics are fiendish and destructive. The biggest dam removal in history is about to happen in the Klamath, despite the fact that the second biggest dam removal did not bring back the Coho salmon. There is no rigour within the cadres destroying America. Their science is rubbish, the fruits of their work, demonic.

At the G20 two weeks ago in New Delhi, the conference issued a joint statement endorsing the 30 percent goal “to achieve land degradation neutrality.” Farming is now considered land degradation. Last week, Biden announced the creation of a “Climate Corps” styled after the New Deal’s Work Projects Administration, which will employ a corps of formerly unemployed fanatics patrolling any productive operation for “climate crimes.” This is so dystopian it is hard to believe. But it’s true.

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