Day of Rage

As everybody knows, on Wednesday, Hamas founder and leader, Khaled Mashal broadcast a speech from his hideaway in Qatar, calling on Muslims around the world to send a message of rage to Zionists and to America, telling them to fight and be martyrs for Palestine and “to carry Jihad by their souls”.

Some of his followers are obliging.

That’s the Cross Bronx Highway, which is one of the heaviest-trafficked roads in this country and it’s a pretty crazy sight to see, if you’ve ever driven on it, even if it’s relatively harmless.

However, the Daily Beast reports frenzied knife attacks have been reported in China and France. The first victim was an employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing. The attack came after the Israeli Foreign Ministry said it expressed “deep disappointment” in a call with the Chinese envoy to the Middle East over Beijing’s failure to condemn Hamas’ weekend attack.

The second attack, happened in France where local media reported that a known Islamist radical shouted “Allahu Akbar” during an attack on multiple people at a school, killing one teacher and seriously wounding two others.

Mashal’s call for a “day of rage” has prompted security alerts all over the world with Jewish schools and synagogues from Palo Alto to London and Aukland closing for the day while the American authorities increased security measures in major cities and at the US Capitol.

The Habibi Bros podcast, with Siraj Hashmi and Mujahed Kobbe, who are Muslim Americans had on their returning guest, Batya Ungar-Sargon, who is who is a Jewish American and the Opinions Editor at Newsweek, as well as the author of ‘Bad News: How Woke Media is Undermining Democracy’.

This is what they had to say about it.

No Arab or Muslim nation-states are offering to provide support or safe passage for Gaza residents who wish to evacuate the battleground of the Israel-Hamas war. As Jordan Schachtel just posted on his Substack:

“These nation states’ actions show that they are not too fond of the Palestinians. They share a long history of civil strife between the Palestinians and host nations. The tensions make more sense when you understand that Palestinianism is not so much a national identity as it is a violent revolutionary movement specifically purposed with seeking the destruction of Israel. When neighboring states imported Palestinian refugees in the past, they found the violent revolutionary movements targeting their governments instead. See: Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, among others.”

In other words, the Palestinians are worth more to them dead, as martyrs.

Meanwhile, the Fake News want us to, not just give them all our money, so they can blow the world up but they want us to send our children to go die in this Satanic mass sacrifice ritual of theirs. One wonders how liberal kids are going to react when Biden announces a draft of 18-22 year olds to support America’s wars on multiple continents? As Jack Posobiec posted yesterday, the Left is like the scientist in Jurassic Park who gets eaten by the dinosaur that he created. Is that what it’s going to take to wake the wokies?

Here’s Royce White this morning, talking about all of this in a video that’s gone viral.

The Globalists need to blow up the world and to kill everyone, so that they can avoid paying for their endless crimes against humanity, including the Death Shot and including their imploding, debt-based fiat currency system.

The PSYOPs are coming in hot and we’re more prone to them than ever, because we’ve all become dopamine addicts with attention spans shorter than the average goldfish. So, I’ll remind you that it’s a poorly-kept secret that the West funds these terrorists. The US has funded the PLO, ISIS and other terror groups for decades.

This is what the Neocons call the “Strategy of Tension”. The Globalists control both sides and play them off against the middle – us.

As Clif High posted yesterday, “If you support Israel, you are being played by the Khazarian Mafia. If you support Palestinians, you are being played by the Khazarian Mafia.” Get it?

All of this is an apotheosis of the lifework of David Icke.

We need to all be on the side of peace, period.

Everything is so heavy right now but a Colorado couple riding a train through Colorado claim that they unintentionally captured footage of a Bigfoot. In the clip, a tall figure is seen walking across the landscape before sitting down on the ground. Is this a hoax or is there a logical explanation for the figure in the video?

As Mike LaChance writes in The Gateway Pundit, It could be someone who is suited up in camo for hunting or even someone in a Bigfoot suit. It’s certainly fun to think about and provides a little break from all the horrible news that’s happening right now.

Daz Smith and Dick Allgire are part of the Future Forecasting Group that predicted a “world changing event” last month.

The two recently regrouped and talked about how it feels to see your predictions happen in real life, in real time. Both feel that this is just the first part. Daz says that he sees a linked event but that it’s “bigger” and “slightly different”. This had also been mirrored in the data produced by other members of the Future Forecasting team.

But many of us feel like the Big One might be something that happens closer to home. Wayne Root writes:

“The problem is…what just happened in Israel is coming here. Soon. The terror attack on Israel was a preliminary battle. The ‘Main Event’ is coming to America. Anyone with a brain, common sense and gut instinct can see that, and feel that, and know that.

“We can all thank Joe Biden (and his boss Barack Obama) for their open border strategy to intentionally, purposefully destroy America and replace American citizens with tens of millions of illegal aliens.

“How did Hamas and their bloodthirsty terrorist murderers invade Israel? By cutting the wire in the fence at the border and driving trucks through. And by parachuting from the sky.

“But here in America the terrorists (or any enemy of America like China) don’t have to worry about getting in. Thanks to Biden (and his boss Obama) the border is wide open. The bad guys are already here- by the millions. And millions more are coming.

“Biden (and his boss Obama) have already let in between 6 and 8 million illegal aliens. They welcomed them in. It’s a flood, a tsunami, a full scale invasion of America. Except Biden and his communist comrades are waving the enemy in, paying them to fly wherever they want, and paying for first class accommodations. The illegal invaders are treated better than Americans.

“Keep in mind, the 6 to 8 million figure is very low. That’s just the ones we caught. The ‘got-aways’ could be two or three times higher. Biden (and his boss Obama) may have flooded America with 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, or more illegal invaders.”

So, we’ve all got to be alert and be prepared for attacks on our soil.

Here’s Todd Bensmen on with Steve Bannon yesterday, with unbelievable footage from the Southern Border, talking about the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Muslim majority countries that have been apprehended and let. Steve Bannon rightly says that there could be 100 Gazas waiting to happen on US soil and House Republicans need to leverage their power over the purse strings to block Congress from passing anything until the invasion is addressed.

Pete Santilli is back with a white hot scoop. Many of you have probably heard of Hammer and Scorecard and you may have heard of the computer scientist, Dennis Montgomery who created this software for the US Government. Pete Santilli calls him “The Reaper”, because he harvests everything.

In this video, Pete says:

“We have evidence right now, in possession of Team Jesus – it’s all backed up – stealing those discs didn’t do anything, because The Reaper has everything and he’s got insurance policies and Deadman Switches. No joke.

“And by the way, they tried to stop him from testifying in Federal Court, to what he knows about all of this. And guess what the judge said? ‘He’s revealing crimes against the United States of America. You cannot prohibit him from disclosing that, because you cannot put a Top Secret security privilege on crimes against the United States of America.

“So, within the past 6 weeks, I think it was, he was compelled by a judge to give his testimony. Major, major revelation. This has to do with the information about the blackmail, the surveillance, the co-opting – everything – against Israeli intelligence services.

“Guess who has the remaining balance of the discs? Mike Lindell. He was entrusted with these discs…

“Mike Lindell, you ever notice how confident he is, as they take everything away from him? Have you ever noticed that? You know why? Because, he’s got the goods and he’s got the law on our side and he’s got all of our patriots on our side. OK? That’s why.

“We’re never backing down. We’re not gonna stop. They could – let’s say they launch a drone strike against My Pillow. It’s not going to stop this information from coming out.

“Why Netanyahu doesn’t go to the podium and say, ‘Hey, we wanna know what you did to our intelligence services. What information is on those five discs?’

“Right now, that’s being suppressed by the US Government – or the Bad Guys in our government. I was told not to talk about those discs.

“In light of what’s going on in Israel and in light of the fact that Barack Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood-supported Hamas just so happened to have all the right information to get past the Iron Dome and Israeli intelligence to basically be standing down, while tens of thousands of Hamas troops come plowing over their border – why would we not want to bring this forward to Netanyahu?

“Why doesn’t Israel launch a drone strike against John Brennan? Why? If you’re gonna bomb Hamas, why wouldn’t you not bomb John Brennan, who’s literally, he’s had blackmail against your intel services? He owns them!

“Barack Obama literally had a terminal in the White House. How do I know that?”

Last August, a federal judge compelled Dennis Montgomery, developer of the Hammer and Scorecard software to testify about the data that he took and blew the whistle on: that John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the entire Cabal that took power after they assassinated JFK, they’ve been using supercomputers housed at a facility in Fort Washington, Maryland to “Rule the world through crimes against the United States of America.”

In a previous report, Pete Santilli explained that, as part of Dennis Montgomery’s immunity agreement with the FBI in 2015, he handed over six disks of data to former FBI General Counsel James Baker – who later became Twitter’s Deputy Counsel.

This happened “In a SCIF, in Florida,” says Pete Santilli, who says this story fell in his lap, due to his association with Cliven Bundy, whose lawyer is also the lawyer of Dennis Montgomery.

Pete says of Fort Washington:

“They built a separate NSA, Barack Obama did – and the CIA. Because the NSA is restricted. They’re part of our military. They can’t violate our Constitutional rights.

“So what do they do? James Comey at Lockheed, John Brennan, he built a private organization, private contractor, they set it all up. They built a supercomputer and they set it up in Fort Washington, Maryland – and [Dennis Montgomery] designed a system…that could surveil all of our enemies that were using encryption through pornographic videos, giving al Qaeda and ISIS all of their operational orders.

“This system was so powerful, to go get bad guys, it was so revolutionary that the government stole it from him and then started using it and pointing it towards the American People.

“This is in the court record. He discovered that when they stole his technology and then started using it, he put some bit of code in there to let him see how they were using it!

“And he was able to get into – and still, to this day – he’s that level of hacker, he has the highest level of security clearance, SAP [Special Access Program]…

“He has all of the data. He put it on disks, he went, in 2016 – and a large portion of those disks contained all of the evidence of the surveillance that they used during the Bundy Ranch Crisis. I have the serial numbers. Isn’t that interesting?

“But after 2019, this name came up and it was related to the attorney from the Bundy Ranch Crisis…this guy was part of my Bar Complaint against the attorney who screwed him and set him up for failure.

“What did James Baker do with all of the data? The computer system that Barack Obama accessed in the White House to Fort Washington, Maryland and was surveilling everybody? Nancy Pelosi was issuing Amazon stocks, she’s buying fricking votes in Congress, they were surveilling the Supreme Court.

“And let me tell you, I know where the evidence is against John Roberts. It’s documented. It was turned in.

“James Baker took that technology and guess what he did with it, Ladies and Gentlemen? You ready? He gave it to China. He gave it to China. He went to work at Twitter and guess what else he did?

“Miraculously, [The Hammer] was coming out; Mike Lindell stuff, what this guy and his work that he was doing, James Baker was at Twitter, suppressing it, suppressing it and suppressing it and Twitter knows all about it and Elon Musk knows all about it.

“Well, last week, a judge said – after years of litigation – Negroponte, the head of the DNI had asserted the Government State Secrets Privilege on that data and [the judge] said, ‘You cannot release this’.

“I have it on the court record, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been verifying everything. The government attorney said all of this data is in the safekeeping of the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s with the OIG.

“Everything I just described to you is not conspiracy theory. Mike Lindell had a copy of it. It was in his safe; of all the disks. The whistleblower has a copy of all the disks. The Government has a copy of all the disks but it’s been kept under secret wraps, because the government asserted their authority and said, ‘You can’t’.

“During the Cyber Symposium, there were threats that they were going to drop in and fast rope down into the building, that if Mike Lindell showed a portion of it – what Mike Lindell had to do, under legal advice was he just had to take the bullets himself…

“He took all the slings and arrows and he filed all the data with the Federal Government and sought whistleblower protection. He doesn’t talk about it a lot but he has whistleblower protection and he’s been fighting in court and last week, a Federal Judge determined that you cannot put a national State Secrets Privilege on crimes perpetrated against the United States of America – and he has compelled [Dennis Montgomery] to testify.

“Do you understand this? How huge this is?

“That the election fraud that took place with China behind it? He has all the evidence. All the surveillance against the Bundy Ranch defendants and that whole operation? He has it. All of the blackmail that’s been done to seat Federal Judges, including the Supreme Court? He has it.

“All of the surveillance that they’ve done and the intrusions into your bank accounts and stealing your money and weakening you and social media influence operations against Barack Obama’s and the CIA’s political opponents. Tens of millions of Americans, surveilled and destroyed. He has all of it…

“[Dennis Montgomery] has entrusted Mike Lindell, because he’s a godly soul. I have been blessed with circumstances that brought me to this thing, not by happenstance, by Divine Providence.”

So, everyone you’ve seen out there promoting MyPillow has helped Mike Lindell raise millions of dollars to obtain the data, to fight the lawsuits and to make the films but he’s been de-banked and canceled and therefore, has no cash flow.

So, more will be revealed and Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming but it’s going to get bumpy. Please, Everybody stay safe – and most importantly, pray.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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