The Risks We Face in a World Gone Mad: State Narratives Are Always Lies

“People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, and if need be, murdering those who resist?”

~ H. L. Menchen

(Note: All apologies to prostitutes, who are far above any politician)

I think it appropriate to outline some of the multitude of risks we face in this world consumed by lies. The dishonesty pursued and perpetuated by all government, uses false cause and effect in order to not only fool the people, but to use the initial lie of cause in order to gain the premeditated evil effect they seek. This is without question, as any viewing of history, past or present, will certainly bear out, as we live in a time of pure deceit, lies, manipulation, control, terror, and murder by the State; all States.

Let us reflect on some of the atrocities that have befallen us, the fault of which certainly falls on the ruling class of oligarchs, politicians, and their brutal enforcers in the police, military, and hideous so-called ‘intelligence’ services. But it also falls on all those who make up the masses, who have allowed this to happen without active resistance. This indifference is more acute today on a global scale, than at any other time in history. This is not only disheartening, but completely pathetic.

First, it is important to point out that these atrocities committed over the span of human existence by governments and rulers, with the assistance and allowance of the general populations, say little about the supposed good of man. Yes, many have been fooled, but how can so many be fooled for so long; thousands of years in fact? This situation seems impossible, but one look at today should quiet any who still believe that most men desire to be free and without aggression. Certainly, the masses have been purposely dumbed down and indoctrinated, so that less resistance is evident, but once again, this was voluntarily accepted by general populations, so honesty and logic would indicate that if only a minor majority dissented, said no to governing structures, no to aggression, and would not support any violent activity, aggression, or orders mandated by the State, the tyranny would end very quickly. Sadly, that has never happened, and therefore, we find ourselves in the worst possible situation, and one that guarantees the most deadly risk to our lives.

Because evil has always been with us, because rulers have always chosen to lord over others, because war has been the health of the State since the beginning, it is necessary that we look only at recent times when tyranny on a worldwide scale advanced everywhere, and all at once, indicating a completely coordinated effort by the global governing cult.

So we begin in 2020, when the biggest push for world domination by the few began in earnest. This was the time, and still is in many regards, of the fake ‘covid’ scam, and the bioweapon injections dishonestly referred to as ‘vaccinations.’ This false-flag event brought nationwide and worldwide lockdowns, all in concert. Mandated or forced ‘distancing’ from family, friends, and neighbors, mandated mask-wearing, forced quarantines, and isolation from cherished loved ones was enforced with a vengeance in many cases. Businesses were ordered closed around this nation and the world, except of course for those multi-billion dollar corporations, and ‘defense’ (offence) contractors said by the State to be ‘essential.’ Job loss was horrendous, as so many were eliminated temporarily, or fired, as many businesses closed due to this extreme tyranny, and many jobs were permanently lost.

On the heels of this madness, injection of poison became mandatory if job security was to be kept. These toxic, ‘experimental,’ life-changing, and extremely deadly shots were pushed on all populations, and in many cases, were forced, even at times by violent means, and without consent. This evil has caused massive health risk, sickness, paralysis, heart problems, stroke, blood clots, and death. In addition, and due to mRNA/DNA altering,  and lethal nano-particle inundation, no one knows for certain what the long-term adverse effects will bring, what control will be implemented from outside the body by technocrats, or how much mass death will result.

In the midst of this totally immoral attack on humanity, economies were purposely destroyed, fake money creation was rampant, and therefore inflation went ballistic, affecting most everyone. The resulting price increases have been devastating, but this is only the very beginning. Food prices soared as supplies were intentionally cut, supply lines decimated, home prices doubled or tripled in a short period of time, effectively closing off home ownership to most normal people.

With this came pre-planned rioting, the burning of cities, looting, theft, gangs of criminals calling themselves Black Lives Matter and Antifa, committing acts of terror. Now, organized gangs of thieves are allowed to destroy and steal without any risk of prosecution, squatters are protected while property owners are abused. Civil unrest is widespread, and crime is skyrocketing. Many do not feel safe in their own homes or on the streets of their towns and cities. This has all been accepted and sanctioned by this government scum, which intentionally condones and allows such behavior.

Then there was the government’s and media’s push for illicit behavior, the staged transgender movement, destruction of all males, especially white males, to be followed by the destruction of females as well, so as to have a ‘gender-neutral’ society. The airwaves, sporting events, media publications and promotion, political support; all worldwide and all at once, were in lockstep concerning this insanity of a so-called movement that is only a fraction of 1% of any population. It is an obvious attempt to advance agendas of division, and to at the same time undermine all morality of the bulk of societies; that is if any morality has survived the onslaught of this demented hysteria.

We have had multiple suspicious train derailments with horrific chemical spills, intentionally set fires (arson) or microwave-caused destruction worldwide, in places like California, Canada, Hawaii, Greece, Turkey, China, and many, many others. Metal and chemical spraying to supposedly block sunlight is ongoing, and is in every corner of the planet. Weather engineering is rampant it seems, manipulating extreme events blamed on fake, manmade ‘climate change.’

The digitization of life is ongoing, as monetary systems and fake fiat currency systems are meant to fail in favor of fully trackable digital currency. Central banks worldwide are completely onboard, and the destruction and elimination of cash and real money is never-ending. Central bank digital currency, (CBDC fake money) meant only for control over humanity, is advancing continuously, and most seem unconcerned. The widespread implementation of this in and of itself, would eliminate freedom.

Then there is as always war. Most recently, the escalation of a fake war was undertaken in Ukraine, which looks to be a U.S. and CIA operation, with involvement by the Israeli government and Mossad. I think the same is not only likely, but certain, with this false-flag attack in Israel. It is impossible to know all the truth, because the lies inundate all news, and political conversations. Sufficed to say, this is exactly the plan, as this horrible situation is leading to mass genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza, all by design. But the risk is so much more deadly, as we now face regional war in the entire Middle East, and very possibly, a new world war involving Iran. Due to the evil U.S. warmongering government and unconditional support of Zionist Israel, this could vastly escalate, involving not only Iran, and other Middle Eastern States, but also NATO forces, Russia, and China. Nothing but hell could come from such evil as this.

Keep in mind, that this is but a very partial list of atrocities that have been committed in just the past four years. Much happened before, and much will happen in the future, and this can only cause threat, terror, and death to millions if not billions of people. Has that been the plan all along, or is everything a consequence of unexpected events? The former is all that makes sense, and this should be understood by any who still retain any ability to reason and think critically, which very sadly, is still only the very few.

The State and those who control it, lies incessantly, cheats, steals, perverts, incarcerates, tortures, and murders any in its way. It has no use for any people, is evil to the core, and will use as fodder any and all of humanity in order to advance its nefarious globalist agendas. Evil should be squelched, it should be eliminated wherever it appears, and taking sides of States or governments in brutal war, is the antithesis of any advancement of freedom, sanity, and morality. Any reinforcement of government or the State, or its policies and wars, is condoning evil, and therefore is evil. Yes, there are always great causalities, mostly innocent, but by taking sides, support is being given to the monsters who perpetrate terror. Individuals should be on the side of self and other innocent individuals, and never with the State or nation-state.

No political solution exists, and in fact, can only make things much worse. Asking your master to save you, to reform, to lessen his power, to investigate himself, and to actually punish himself, is the mindset of a fool, so supporting any politician, any election, or any State, is the manifestation of a fallen and enslaved people. Trump, Biden, Netanyahu, or any other political trash, will never solve these problems, so quit giving them the power they seek to destroy you. Instead, destroy them and their ability to rule over you.

The authorities? The authorities?” I laughed. “Why is it people think the authorities are some form of gods with either great justice or great, cunning evil, rather than the same plodding fools they see in their daily lives, and most of all in their mirrors?”

~ Author: Richard Ben Sapir