Continental Shift

There was a massive earthquake last week that has forever changed the world. It registered as a G20 on the geopolitical scale. No, it wasn’t in Morocco. In fact, one occurred in South Africa and the other in India, and they have changed the balance of power for the foreseeable future.

The quake was caused by the subduction zone between the G20 and the BRICS plates, with the G7 sitting squat on top of the fault line. You can be forgiven for not feeling it. Even though the quake was deep in the economic transition layer, it wrecked the Western hegemony. The Western media failed in its fiduciary duty to accurately and objectively report the utter destruction left in the wake of this temblor. There were no grassroot movements to gather and ship aid to those whose lives were wrecked. In fact, in this case, the aid would have flowed TO the US and EU, and not the other way.

To be sure, there were signs and portends warning of the pending quake for a decade. The majority of the planet didn’t like the perjorative terms like “third world” and “developing countries”. They have grown tired of being subordinated to supposedly “advanced” nations, forced to supply cheap labor and raw materials with none of the societal or economic benefits.

Instead, the countries have been overrun with Economic Hitmen who corrupt the leaders, and steal water and mineral rights, leading to long-term instability and collapse. We witnessed this recently with events in Niger.

Something happened a few weeks ago, however, that has changed the landscape. India landed a fully indigenous craft on the Moon, which not only detected moonquakes, but set off a number of political earthquakes. The world is no longer dominated by Western powers, who dole out favors for submission.

As part of the fallout, the G20 refused to condemn Russia over the Ukraine police action. Instead, the group’s resolution called for peace on all sides, a loud and clear slap in the face of US/UK/EU hegemony. Formerly diminutive nations who cowered in the shadow of the “superpowers” are now asserting themselves.

Countries like Indonesia have banned exports of many critical raw materials – nickel for one. They now require domestic refining, and in some cases partial manufacturing, within their borders before export. In other words, they want the technology and infrastructure built at home. It’s no longer enough to sell rocks, while a handful of countries reap the benefits.

Niger, a country rich in uranium ore, rose up in part because underpaid and overworked locals suffered, while their “officials” pocketed millions in bribes and “gratuities” and the US and EU looted and benefitted from a cheap source of ore that they refined elsewhere for reactor and weapon technology that Niger did not participate in.

Events at the G20 and BRICS summits this year are not just minor shifts in points of view, they are significant and global shifts in the political and economic climate – probably the real Climate Change that the G7 actually mean when they wring their hands and quiver in fear at the mention of that term.

In a sense, the world has gone on strike, having been abused for so long by a select few nations. The ground has shifted under our feet and not a few ivory towers are teetering on the verge of collapse in the wake.

The real sea change is one of equal participation in the global economy. The folks who do all the work want a taste of the pie, and the only solution the select few have is “regime change” and overt military invasion. The real panic behind the Ukraine police action is Russia’s support for this new paradigm. The real reason behind all the sabre-rattling around the world is not ideological – the Bumbledicks could care less about trannies and Alphabet movements. They are excuses to drive NGOs into the hearts of nations and rot them from the inside out, leaving their people and resources open and bare for exploitation.

India pulled off one of the great diplomatic and technological earthquakes in the past several centuries. They’ve shifted the continents of power east and south, using the framework provided by Russia and China. Tidal waves of fear are pounding the halls of privilege as we sit here.

This shift comes at a cost, though. The West controls the finished-goods, food and energy pipelines, and like Nord Stream, they are not afraid to destroy those pipelines to protect their precious perches.

This is going to hurt everyone. Until the former diminutive nations can build their own pipelines, there will be shortages of everything. Make no mistake, these shortages are due to a climate change of a very different kind than the official narradigm would have us believe. They are literally the tantrums of spoiled children deprived of their toys and sent to their rooms.

We are witnessing disasters on a scale never before seen, but they are not natural. These disasters are, in fact, the rumblings of a spoiled and privileged class who are watching their power slip away at lightning speed. The world is Mount Vesuvius, and the self-appointed elite all live in Pompeii.

The nature of Universe is that some things must be lost in order to gain something new and better.

What we have seen so far is only the beginning – the pre-shocks. The Big One is still incoming.

This originally appeared on Radio Far Side.