Archbishop Viganò: Globalism Is ‘Satanic’ Preparation for the ‘Rise of the Antichrist’

The former Papal Nuncio expanded on his perception of an intimate link between globalism and satanism.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has once again condemned the rise of “globalism,” stating that it prepares humanity “for the political rise of the Antichrist.”

In an August 24 interview with a French-language news outlet, Viganò commented on the rise of “globalism” and its impact upon society. Re-issuing a denouncement of globalism which he has consistently made, the archbishop linked corruption in society to corruption in the Catholic Church: 

The element that in my opinion needs to be made clear – for the denunciation to be complete – is the specular relationship between the coup of the deep state in the civil sphere and the similar coup of the deep church in the ecclesiastical sphere.

The “subversive action” undermining each sphere is “identical,” he stated, “as are the inspiring principles that move them and the goals they set.” 

He argued it is “essential” for Catholics “to understand that the Second Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo were to the Church what the Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights were to civil societies, because at the root of both lies the poisonous germ of Revolution, that is, of the subversion of the natural order that God established for man and human societies.”

Continuing, the archbishop painted a link between globalism and satanism, arguing that they are almost synonymous. “The essence of globalism is satanic, and the essence of satanism is globalist.”

For Satan’s plan is to establish the reign of the Antichrist, giving him a way to parody the earthly life of Christ, imitate His miracles with grotesque wonders, drag the crowds not with the simplicity of Truth but with deception and lies. 

Globalism constitutes, so to speak, the stage set-up, the script and the screenplay that must prepare humanity for the political rise of the Antichrist, to whom the rulers of the world-his servants-will surrender national sovereignties so that he will become a kind of world tyrant.

Expanding on how such a “stage set-up” might be accomplished, Viganò wrote that “what was left of Christ’s reign must be wiped out in the institutions, culture and everyday life of citizens.” One way to effect this would be to implement “moral dissolution” he argued, which would encourage people “to vice and mocking virtue.”

But he also highlighted aspects such as attempts to destroy “the natural family, the fundamental cell of society, eliminated of which children become commodities, products that those with money can order on the Internet, feeding a vast and increasingly flourishing criminal network, not to mention the surrogacy industry.”

Divorce, abortion, euthanasia, homosexualism and pansexualism, gender transition mutilation have proven to be effective tools for eliminating not only revealed Faith, but also the most sacred principles of Natural Law.

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