9/11- Imploding the Truth

Bringing down more than steel-framed buildings

I went to New York City. If you know anything about me, you know I don’t travel much. So this was a big deal for me. My friends Billy Ray Valentine and Tony Arterburn invited me to speak at a 9/11 conference, Free World NYC. They will be starting Free World FM soon, and I’ll have a show on there.

Charlie Robinson gave a great talk, and Richard Gage, who should be considered the dean of 9/11 research, presented a captivating and deeply informative slide show, which really should draw the interests of our congressional “representatives,” if we had any. I did my usual semi-standup act, mixing in lots of comedy (I hope) among the mountains of evidence proving there was a large and powerful conspiracy. Richard Gage jokes even more than I do, so we bonded immediately. Tony Arterburn insisted on buying me dinner. Someone recorded the event for an AM Wakeup show, and it will be put up online. If I don’t have a link by the time I publish this, I will be sure to edit and include it later here.

I remember September 11, 2001 vividly, like all of you do. I had worked the graveyard shift, and was awakened by a phone call from my wife. Panicking that something had happened to one of the kids at school, I asked what was wrong, and she said, “Oh, nothing, just the end of the world.” She then urged me to turn the television on.

I will never forget wiping my still sleepy eyes as I saw then Mayor Rudy Giuliani, walking in a crowd, with dust swirling all around them. I had to pinch myself. It looked like a bad movie. They kept showing footage of the south tower of the World Trade Center, collapsing down into its own footprint, as people ran away from it screaming, as if they were trying to escape Godzilla. They also repeatedly showed the second plane crashing into the south tower. It just seemed to evaporate. I’m no aviation expert, or engineer, but that just seemed incomprehensible. Where did the plane go? Would it really disintegrate like that? It just seemed like something would have been sheared off, or left protruding from the building.

I was aware that a smaller plane had crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. It did surprisingly little damage, other than to the offices at the point of impact. Some of the plane was left hanging from the crash site, and significant debris fell down to the street below. I know, it had no jet fuel to produce that magical cocktail on 9/11, which we are told was responsible for people burning to death in the lobby some eighty floors below. But it’s still interesting to compare the two incidents. There was no airplane debris visible anywhere from the gaping holes in the north and south towers. Why didn’t significant chunks of that much larger aircraft fall to the street?

I examined 9/11 in detail in my book Hidden History. I take an even deeper dive down the rabbit hole in the upcoming The American Memory Hole: How the Court Historians Promote Disinformation. Simply put, you have to turn your critical thinking completely off to buy the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001. 19 crazed Arabs, armed with box cutters and plastic knives, hijacked four airliners, crashing three of them perfectly into their intended targets. What happened to Flight 93 in Pennsylvania is anyone’s guess. It might have been shot down by the government. It might have landed in Cleveland, as some evidence suggests. Nothing that happened that day has ever been honestly investigated. So it’s left for people like me to analyze.

I may be a community college dropout, but I know that it’s damning that the authorities had well over an hour from the time they were notified the first plane had been hijacked, until the last one allegedly plowed into the Pentagon. I say “allegedly,” because whatever hit the Pentagon, it didn’t leave a hole big enough for Flight 77. It also didn’t really leave any debris outside. But at any rate, during this time, our vaunted multi-trillion dollar Military Industrial Complex did absolutely nothing. Well, they might have shot down Flight 93 and lied about it. So give them that. But with the heart of that defense system- the Pentagon- under direct threat, they failed to defend it. Or film whatever hit it. The security cameras just happened to be “turned off” that day. Just like we would see with Sandy Hook and so many other similar incidents.

I don’t hesitate to ask questions that even most alternative thinkers wouldn’t. I talk about the empty hospitals and dancing nurses all the time; they are a huge part of the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World. On 9/11, we are told that perhaps hundreds of people jumped to their deaths from the twin towers. I didn’t understand that then, and once I began researching it, it became more inexplicable. The dubious Naudet brothers (I’ll have more about them in the upcoming book), who filmed the first airliner crashing into the north tower, claimed that people were jumping every 40-50 seconds. That’s a lot of jumpers. And I discovered that the official NIST report stated the first person jumped four minutes after the first plane hit. What? Someone became suicidal within four minutes? Does that sound remotely plausible?

In a real investigation, questions would have been asked. Somerset coroner Wallace Miller gave extremely conflicting accounts of the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania. He was all over the place, claiming either to have seen no blood or any evidence of a crash, to describing how something flashed at him from a tree, and it turned out to be a single tooth of a crash victim, with the sunlight reflecting off the silver filling. Now that’s some remarkable vision. He also yelled at Devvy Kidd, a citizen journalist attempting to do some real investigative journalism, when she asked why he didn’t file a single report on the incident. Those at the crash site, including the local mayor, kept asking themselves, “What plane?”

Well over 150 witnesses, most of them firefighters, described hearing explosions in the world trade center. Over 100 witnesses at the Pentagon reported explosions, too. But the 9/11 Commission would conclude there was “no evidence” of explosions. Well, eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, as every defender of the Warren Report continues to remind us. Unless you’re one of those countless souls who are found guilty and sent away for life, on the dubious testimony of one prison stoolie. That kind of eyewitness testimony is cool. Cool enough for life without the chance of parole. Don’t give me no insurrectionist talk about reasonable doubt!

Mohamed Atta, the infamous hijacker whose passport magically appeared intact on top of all the Word Trade Center pulverized steel remnants, called his father the day after 9/11. Which is an odd thing for a dead terrorist to do. That’s what his father told the German media. The media here would never have been interested. Atta’s dad claimed that his son had been set up by the Mossad. Remember the dancing Israelis. Whom Donald Trump turned into dancing Saudis. Well, that’s how you get streets named after you in Israel. The record is replete with these kinds of astounding oddities. It cries out for an investigation, like an infant crying for milk. There won’t be any investigating done by this “free press,” thank you.

While writing The American Memory Hole, which I wanted to title Hidden History 3 (publishers sometimes have different ideas about that), I tried to contact some of the more interesting people associated with the 9/11 events. As is the case with all of these kinds of incidents, that hasn’t been easy. I talked twice to the father of one of the “Jersey Girls,” who’d been outspoken about the holes in the official story, unlike most of the victims’ families. He first said his daughter would be interested, but when she never called, then said that she was busy and that I should read her book. April Gallop, who’d strongly contradicted the Pentagon account, proved impossible to contact. Like so many others connected to these events, she just went silent.

While the mainstream media has always clung fiercely to the impossible lone-nut narrative in the JFK assassination, at least the critics of the Warren Report appeared frequently on terrestrial radio stations, college campuses, and even some television specials. This time, our state controlled media permitted no dissent whatsoever. Spike Lee found that out, when he tried to include a small segment featuring “Truthers” in his 9/11 series on HBO. American Tass/Pravda went after him with a venom. They were harder on him than he’d been on White people in his long film career. And he backed down like the cuckiest White imaginable. No “Truthers” on HBO!

Remember the other sprinkling of celebrities who flirted with 9/11 “truth.” Charlie Sheen. Friend of Alex Jones. Now, he’s raking in millions from television residuals, unlike all those earlier stars I talked about in my book On Borrowed Fame, so no one should feel sorry for him. But his career did kind of go off the tracks once he started talking about Building 7. And the most unlikeliest of “truthers,” the otherwise obnoxious Rosie O’Donnell, was not surprisingly unable to get the diabolical shrews on The View to let her discuss the subject, and she was ultimately kicked off the show. And as noted, Spike Lee was slapped down quicker than a White Supremacist in a mainstream newsroom.

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