Serial Sickness

You may have heard that Whoopie Goldberg and “Dr.” Jill Biden have both come down with “COVID” again. But how can this be? Weren’t both of them “vaccinated” – several times?

How many times does it take?

Or rather, what will it take to make these people get that the “vaccines” they took “work” about as “effectively” as the “masks” they wore?

Never mind. “Dr.” Jill is wearing her “mask” again. And so – apparently – is the dementia patient in her care. Who has also come down with “COVID” after receiving his “vaccine” – and “booster,” too.

Naturally, these people are pushing for more “vaccination.” And – soon – “masking,” too.

The latter is being urged – being defended – by Dr. Fauci, who is at least a doctor in that he went to medical school. Unlike “Dr.” Jill Biden. Both, however, are quacks of the first feather. Dr. Fauci re-established his bona fides the other day when he responded to a CNN reporter (!) who quoted at length from a peer-reviewed study that found no difference in “masked” vs. un-“masked” populations in terms of increased or decreased sickness, one vs. the other.

Never mind the science. “The Science” – that is, Dr. Fauci – says otherwise. “When you’re talking about at the population level,” he says – and whatever that means – “that the data are less strong” – meaning, there is no data to support the contention that “masks” serve any meaningful prophylactic purpose –  “than knowing that if you look on the situation as an individual protecting themselves or protecting them from spreading it, there’s no doubt that masks work.”

Come again?

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