The Empire Is Poised To Strike Back

The Covid narrative of the last three years was the greatest hoax in human history. The Covid virus itself (as touted) was never scientifically proven to exist. Of course, the coronavirus has been around forever as the common cold. Almost everyone now knows that the people who died during the Covid hoax were people who had serious comorbidities, which were primarily responsible for their deaths. In other words, people died with the coronavirus, not from the coronavirus. You did notice that the flu virus all but completely disappeared during the Covid scam, right? The truth is, hospitals and physicians were bribed or threatened by the government to diagnose flu-like symptoms as being caused by Covid.

Again, it was the greatest hoax in human history!

The Covid narrative was the would-be global tyrants’ attempt to push the authoritarian envelope as far as possible. I’m confident that they were ecstatic at just how far and how long they were able to keep the phony narrative alive.

Dr. Frankenstein (Anthony Fauci) came out of his basement a few days ago to push for more lockdowns. Yep! You read it right: Fauci wants to lock down the world again.

Here is the report:

Anthony Fauci has reemerged from retirement and urged the Biden administration to implement a “strict lockdown” this winter for all unvaccinated Americans.

“Lockdown has a purpose,” the pseudoscientist continued. “One of the purposes, if you don’t have a vaccine, it’s to get more ventilators, get the hospitals better prepared … until you decompress the pressure on the hospitals.”

Fauci wasn’t done yet. Here comes the truly evil insanity…

“If you have a vaccine available, you might want to lock down temporarily so you can get everybody vaccinated,” he suggests. 

Then Fauci adds a new wrinkle to his Chicken Little routine. He says Covid is the result of climate change.

The conversation continued, with the longtime NIAID chief declaring that “climate change” is “playing a role” in causing [Covid] outbreaks.

He then calls for an “international commitment to decrease the carbon imprint in society so you don’t have the kinds of crazy weather we’re having in this country.”

Yes, that’s a real quote.

Maybe climate change is causing all the “woke” madness, too. You think?

And right on cue, Joe Biden announces a plan to fund a new and improved Covid vaccine.

Here is the report:

US President Joe Biden has announced that he plans to request additional funding from Congress to develop a new Covid-19 vaccine, adding that it is likely everybody will be encouraged to take the new shot.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, the president was asked if the White House was planning a response to a reported uptick in Covid cases.

Biden responded by stating that he has already signed off on a proposal to have Congress fund a new vaccine “that is needed, that’s necessary, that works.”

“It will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not,” he added.

When wanna-be tyrants like Joe Biden use words such as “encouraged” and “recommended,” know that what they’re really aiming at is MANDATES. Of course, the Internet is already abuzz with talk about impending mask mandates.

I personally doubt that most of the American people are in any mood to comply with another round of Covid voodoo. Oh, the zombies who live in the socialist Democrat Big City prison camps will robotically put the shackles back on. But the vast majority of the rest of America will tell Biden and Fauci to go to Hades.

And for good reason. In a recent newsletter Steve Kirsch has released some staggering statistics regarding Covid vaccine-related injuries:

Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines.

Imagine going from being perfectly healthy to suddenly having 30 or more chronic symptoms in common with the vaccine injured. We need to stop these shots ASAP.

Can you imagine going from perfectly normal to having over 30 unusual symptoms in a span of days?

I wrote a story about one of the people most injured, Marsha Gee. She was perfectly healthy before the shots. After the shots, she exhibited 78 of the 100 or so symptoms common to COVID vaccine victims. That’s not just bad luck or a coincidence.

Doctors are still claiming that injuries are rare and few doctors are speaking out.

Because the doctors stay silent, every doctor assumes that it is just them who is having the “bad luck.” They don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to alarm people. So nobody has figured out that nearly everyone is unlucky.

What is staggering is the sheer number of people who went from perfectly normal to having dozens of telltale vaccine injury symptoms shortly after the shots.

This is not a safe vaccine. I’ve never heard anything like this; going from normal to 86 new symptoms?

The numbers are staggering.

Over 270M Americans got the shot.

The v-safe data showed 8% of people who got the shot had to seek medical attention; that translates to about 22M Americans who were injured.

It also appears that a huge number of Americans were disabled by the vaccines: over 1M women and 750K men to date and the number is still going up.

In addition, I’ve estimated earlier that around 640,000 Americans have been killed by the shot (the shot kills roughly 1 person per 1,000 doses as noted at the end of this paper; this has been confirmed by many other analyses using different approaches).

Could it be something other than the vaccine?

That would cause this much unprecedented disability, it has to be something novel that we’ve never seen before. This limits the possibilities, doesn’t it?

It has to be novel. It has to be able to seriously injure people in a way that gets worse over time (either by grinding away at people from the inside or being repeatedly applied). What are the candidates other than the vaccine?

Overall, the COVID shots have been a complete and utter disaster.

The shots made people more likely to become infected, injured, disabled, and dead.

The COVID vaccines appear to be the worst medical interventions of all time killing an estimated 13M people worldwide (see page 24 of Rancourt’s paper).

It appears that the cure may have killed around twice as many people as the disease.

But what’s even worse is that, by and large, the medical community has not acknowledged the huge number of vaccine injuries and deaths and still believes that the COVID vaccines were a huge success and have saved millions of lives worldwide.

Fauci’s and Biden’s statements can only mean one thing: The Empire is poised to strike back.

Anyone who is duped a second time by these authoritarian animals deserves whatever prison they are put in. And speaking of prison, that’s exactly where Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci belong. If there was any real justice left in America, that’s exactly where they would be.

Make up your minds right now, folks, and let the conviction of your heart shout: NEVER AGAIN!

Reprinted with permission from Chuck Baldwin Live.