Grand Theft Elections

Neither wing of the US war party warrants voter support — undemocratic Dems least of all.

With them empowered, here’s what you get:

No end to perpetual wars on invented enemies.

The growing risk of US war on Russia going nuclear.

Slow-motion genocide by kill shots, mandated for some segments of society.

Mandatory masking with intent to cause respiratory harm.

Elimination of what little remains of constitutionally mandated freedoms.

Grand theft elections as the new abnormal.

Enemy of the people rule.

A nation more profoundly unsafe and unfit to live in than ever before.

Great reset tyranny while war on humanity rages, the worst of all possible worlds.

If the 2020 race for the White House had been open, free and fair,  Trump would have been easily reelected.

He won. The other guy lost.

He returned to private life.

The fake Biden replaced him the old-fashioned way — by the Big Steal.

Dr. Joseph Sansone maintains that Trump won the 2020 presidential sweepstakes “by 10 – 12 million votes or more.”

He got greater voter support than any previous US president.

In 2022 at a time of deepening recession, double-digit inflation with pocketbook issues far and away most important to most voters, the only way for Dems to retain Senate control with a chance for the same House outcome is by stealing what’s out of reach legitimately.

The same logic applies to gaining control of two more state houses — by stealing gubernatorial races.

There’s no ambiguity about the dismal state of the nation — a plutocracy, kleptocracy and autocracy.

Run by its criminal class, election-rigging lets Dems remain empowered.

If democracy as it should be showed signs of emerging, it would be officially banned.

According to the Gateway Pundit (TGP):

“It didn’t matter who ran.”

“(R)esults were (predetermined) months ago” — Nevada the latest example.

Following days of slow-motion ballot counting, overwhelmingly pro-Dem MSM declared undemocratic Dem. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto the winner over GOP candidate Adam Laxalt.

“It only took (Dems) four days to steal this seat,” TGP reported — and with it retention of Senate control by pulling off another Big Steal.

On Saturday with Laxalt ahead by a slim margin, a ballot dump let Masto gain a 5,000 vote advantage.

Pre-election, National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, Rick Scott, predicted a 55-seat GOP upper house majority — because “people are fed up with the Biden (regime’s) agenda,” he said.

Post-election results showed that Republicans not only failed to flip a single Dem-held Senate seat, they lost one and maybe two when results of Georgia’s Dec. 6 runoff are known.

And Dems still have an 11th hour chance to retain House control — a long-shot possibility.

With 218 seats needed for a majority, Republicans have 2011 v. 203 for Dems — as of Nov. 13, 21 races still undecided.

On Friday and Saturday, AP News called 10 more House seats for Dems, none for Republicans.

At this time with the GOP still favored to win control of the lower house, it’s still up for grabs.

Dems might pull off a double Big Steal to retain White House and congressional control for the next two years.

The AmericanOutlook asked:

“How in the world did this midterm election turn into such a disaster?”

With a 50 – 49 Senate advantage over Republicans as of Nov. 12 — VP Harris the tie-breaking vote if it’s needed — Dems retain upper house control.

They mastered the art of the Big Steal.

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