Biden and Trump in Wonderland

Where's Lewis Carroll when we need him?

Donald Trump has been indicted yet again, this time for “attempting to overturn the results” of the 2020 election. This is an odd way to describe whining and complaining, interspersed with fragments of the plentiful evidence of massive vote fraud. Basically, he is going to be prosecuted for claiming he was unfairly denied a victory.

The “Woke” Democrats have already all but outlawed any complaints about the 2020 election. The 2016 election? Sure, bitch all you want- Russia helped the Giant Orange Man beat our beloved Hillary. And Hillary, like Stacy Abramson and other prominent Democrats, can continue to publicly allege that they were robbed at the polls. Those kinds of allegations just can’t be made by Trump, or one of his endless series of subpar lawyers. Or any of the millions of followers who remain inexplicably loyal to him. Those allegations land you behind bars, where you’ll be denied all due process, experience beatings, and thrown into solitary confinement. When you finally go to trial, you’ll be summarily convicted and given a draconian sentence.

With this latest indictment, they have for all intents and purposes made it a criminal offense to question the 2020 election. Because there has been virtually no opposition in the mainstream to the fact that those exercising their constitutional right to protest on January 6, 2021 were rapidly turned into political prisoners, the man who called for them to protest, will now be the King of the Insurrectionists. How dare someone “oppose the peaceful transfer of power?” Marching in the streets after the 2016 election, and screaming “Not my President!” was different. Some election protests are more equal than others. It’s a “democracy” thing, you wouldn’t understand. Hint at vote fraud, and be cancelled by social media, and called an insurrectionist yourself.

Jack Smith, the special prosecutor in this case, who is as laughably biased as all the others involved in these politicized prosecutions, utilized all the talking points we’ve been treated to for over two years, by our demonic “representatives” and their mouthpieces in our unfree press. “Unprecedented assault.” “Fueled by lies.” Questioning the democratic process, you see, pointing out obvious improprieties and irregularities, “threatens our democracy.” Modern “democracy” is like that. It gets “threatened” when you challenge it. Ask our beloved comrade Zelinskyy in Ukraine. He had to ban all opposition political parties. And newspapers. Honest Abe Lincoln did that, and he couldn’t even play the piano with his penis.

Citing “democracy” to justify imprisoning those who question the foundation of democracy- free and fair elections- is like the “Woke” lunatics citing the First Amendment and condemning “book banning” because some parents who haven’t lost their sanity yet object to books like Gender Queer being stocked in their children’s school libraries. Let some school stock my book Masking the Truth (I know- I can dream, can’t I?) and see how these supposed advocates of free speech would react. Or any book disagreeing with the new “Woke” orthodoxy. These social justice warriors have zero tolerance for views they disagree with. That’s not “free speech.”

Donald Trump was impeached twice while in office. Another record for Trumpenstein. The first time it was for talking to the actor/comedian Zelenskyy on the telephone, and asking him to look into any political corruption there on the part of American officials. Now it wasn’t a “perfect phone call,” to use Trumpenstein’s typically ludicrous description, but it shouldn’t strike any reasonable person as an impeachable offense. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the second impeachment effort was about- it was at the end of Trump’s administration, and was clearly just a desperate, partisan ploy. Trump committed no impeachable offenses while in office. Unless excessive tweeting is an impeachable offense.

Trump also becomes the first ex-president to be indicted. More winning. Considering the track records of every president since they killed JFK, this is really saying something. How about LBJ’s involvement in the Gulf of Tonkin false flag? Or covering up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty? Nixon was impeached, but his crimes were nothing compared to LBJ’s, Reagan’s or both Bushes, or Clinton’s, or Obama’s. October Surprise? Iran/Contra? Vince Foster? Paula Jones/Juanita Broderick/Kathleen Willey, etc.? Danny Cassolaro and the “Octopus” investigation? Weapons of mass destruction? All the atrocities committed by our brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were exposed by the exiled or prosecuted Manning and Assange?

But two presidential crimes really stand out. Bill Clinton’s government murdered American citizens at Waco, in their own home. If that isn’t an impeachable offense, what would be? Well, how about Barack Obama assassinating an American citizen with a drone, bragging about it, and then murdering his sixteen year old son for good measure? Isn’t actual murder at the top of the list of criminal offenses? So shouldn’t it be at the top of impeachable offenses as well? But no, instead we have Donald Trump being impeached over an innocuous phone call, and prosecuted despite what amounts to virtually no credible evidence. Convicted of raping a woman who couldn’t even remember the year it happened, and joked about it later on social media?

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