Hazard Pay for US Troops...in Ukraine?

According to a new article in the Pentagon-friendly Military Times, “US troops in Ukraine can now earn hazard pay.”

“Hang on a second,” you might say. “We don’t have any US troops in Ukraine! That would mean US troops are fighting against Russia!”

Well, you might want to sit down. While we were being treated to Congressional hearings on aliens and other nonsense, the neocons pushing WWIII have been busy as bees at sucking us further into war with Russia.

The article continues:

The Pentagon has authorized additional hazard pay for US troops serving in Ukraine, a defense official confirmed Thursday.

The bonus, known as imminent danger pay, is offered to troops who serve in areas where they could be harmed by hostile fire or mines, insurrection, civil war or terrorism.

Students of history understand that this is how the US war in Vietnam started. “Just a few advisors” soon became 58,000 dead Americans and a million dead Vietnamese – mostly civilians.

And…we lost.

Just like, a “little war against some uppity Afghan Muslims” became a 20 year, multi-trillion dollar war which…we also lost!

Who won? The military-industrial complex.

This time the stakes are higher. This time US troops are facing off against a formidable military force which is backed by the largest nuclear arsenal on earth. NATO has thrown in hundreds of billions of dollars and literally every non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal and still it is losing its proxy war against Russia.

Even the New York Times recognizes this.

As President Biden, in a moment of clarity, recently told a reporter, “we’ve run out of ammunition.”

Where is the US interest in starting a nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine? No one will tell us. Do you care if Ukraine is in NATO? Are you willing to die for Ukraine to be in NATO?

To even ask these questions is, of course, to side with Putin, who we are told is the Saddam and Noriega and Gaddafi and Assad etc. of the day. That’s how they rope America into endless wars. Raw propaganda. First the mainstream media, doing the government’s bidding, identifies the Hitler of the day and then it’s nonstop bombardment for our constant two minutes of hate.

After enough “propaganda preparation of the battlefield,” it’s off to the races in another war to further enrich the US military-industrial complex at the expense of the rest of us. As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said in a recent Fox News townhall interview, “We don’t have free market capitalism in this country. We have corporate crony capitalism. It’s all designed to strip the middle class of all their assets. COVID lockdowns were the final straw. We moved $4 trillion from the American middle class to the super rich.”

Yes he was talking about Covid, but he’s said the same thing about Washington’s war machine.

The neocons have had their murderous fun and games with Libya and Syria and Iraq, etc., but this time they are leading a sleepwalking America into a war of annihilation. A war we cannot win.

“Wait a minute there,” you might say. “We have the greatest and strongest military on the face of the earth.”

Unfortunately, as we are seeing through the oceans of Ukrainian blood pouring out over the best US weapons on offer, we don’t have the strongest military. Only the most expensive.

Is that denigrating our troops? Not in the slightest. It is denigrating the corrupt system, which sucks top dollar out of the rest of us to enrich itself and delivers weapons systems that do not work.

It was the best-kept secret in the US (thanks to the compliant MSM). Until the war in Ukraine.

So now it’s out in the open that the US has opened the door to more American GIs fighting Russia in Ukraine. They can even get a bonus. What kind of “bonus” will the rest of us get when we find ourselves in a nuclear war? Not even the neocons can escape the grave they are digging for the rest of us.

This originally appeared on Ron Paul Institute