Earth Is Boiling: Bring on Climate Pandemic II

The UN’s foremost ‘expert’ on Climate Science, Antonio Gutterres, an avowed Socialist, has declared that earth is boiling.   “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”!    Having earned a degree in physics, Gutterres spent his career teaching before working for the Socialist Party.   That would be the extent of his career history before joining the UN in 2005 as High Commissioner for Refugees. He has accomplished nothing.

The goal of the Climate Alarmists is to reduce CO2 levels to zero.   In fact everything must be net zero according to our Mafia Cartel.   Including people.

Current CO2 is 422.17 particle per million.   The optimum amount of CO2 for plant life is 1000-1200 ppm.   The point at which plants suffer is 10,000 ppm.   The point at which all life begins to die – plant, animal and human – is 250 ppm.   Therefore a net zero CO2 would mean a dead earth devoid of any life whatsoever.

The global elite scientist experts did not start monitoring CO2 levels until 1959.   Everything before that date is a guess.  And everything to date is also a guess.   Guessing is the new Science.

The UK would have us believe ‘July is possibly the hottest it has been in forever’.   That forever began around 1859 when temperatures were first recorded.  Unfortunately, the methodology of measurement was wholly inaccurate – but never mind.   A woman on Twitter put it succinctly by stating Climate Change is a $1.2 Trillion business – annually – and filled with hypocrisies, including;   child labor, prison labor, diesel fuel, silicon land mines, and lithium land mines – all of which contribute excessively to the manufacture of poor energy.

So what is the real goal?   Money?   Will these same Cartel members repair earth when they have efficiently destroyed it?   Is the goal to destroy earth so as to create a new Industry to rebuild earth?   Like Ukraine needing to be ‘rebuilt’ after the Military Industrial Complex destroys it?  Maybe that would explain why Scientists are trying to grow embryo’s in labs and bring back the Hairy Mammoth – which means all scientists and labs would have to be ‘underground’ to survive.

That might require some help from God.   Of course, their pledge to lie, coerce, kill and steal might get in the way…

Climate does change.   Historically it was not human caused, however, currently the cause of change is human – just not the ‘general population’.   The human cause is geoengineering that has gone awry.

Methane gas is the newest hazard to Climate. Methane gas is a primary component of Natural Gas.   In the EU, natural gas is considered a ‘green energy’ – unless the methane comes from cow farts.   Then it is bad.   According to the EPA, sources of methane include: landfills, oil and natural gas systems, agricultural activities, coal mining, stationary and mobile combustion, wastewater treatment, and certain industrial processes. 

Estimates of methane emissions are subject to a high degree of uncertainty, according to the IEA.   In other words we have no idea how much is produced, how much is in the atmosphere, or how much it was a billion years ago. Therefore, if you cannot measure how much is released how can you know it is having any climate impact?   Methane gas emissions were first non-measured in the 1980’s.   Despite not being able to measure the amount of gas, science experts have determined the amount released is rising exponentially.  And we need to eliminate it immediately.

I can’t believe any ‘scientist’ would allow their name to be associated with any of this mess!

One solution to the cow fart contribution is a ‘feed additive’.   Bovaer is the name of the additive.   It’s safety has not been determined because the manufacturer failed to provide all the ingredients or any data information.   The one study commissioned by the EU was conducted using Beagles. They were fed partial ingredients, killed and then examined to see how much of the product harmed their organs. It is unclear why they just didn’t GUESS.

Methane is a nontoxic gas which has common uses in various production capacities, including:

  • automobiles, ovens, and water heaters as a fuel.
  • the generation of electricity.   So much for EV cars…
  • rocket fuel in its refined liquid form. – Dang Elon will be peeved!
  • an antifreeze ingredient in industries.
  • a common ingredient in fertilizer.   Nazi Soup Kitchen -no more crops for you
  • used to sanitize products. Dirty, dirty everywhere 

Newest Fear Tact:   A vital system of ocean currents could collapse within a few decades if the world continues to pump out planet-heating pollution, scientists are warning – an event that would be catastrophic for global weather and “affect every person on the planet.” ~ according to a singular pamphlet written by experts…

The article, was written by Peter Ditlevsen and his wife Susanne from Denmark.   Peter is a theoretical physicist.   The article actually stipulates that IF the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation were to collapse, climate would be subjected to a radical change.   He notes this is unlikely to occur in the 21st century.   All science seems to end as of 2100.   Their analysis is based on mathematical models, abstractions, and estimates in line with his theoretical evaluations.   What they do NOT state is that this will happen – ever.

What all these fear tactics are supporting is what the UN and WEF have already determined to be the 2024 impending DOOM – Climate Change Pandemic Lockdown.    Ramping up fires, tsunami’s, earthquakes, storms, flooding, droughts, and aliens… the promise is The Dod and HHS and WHO with their newly coveted power to declare a State of Emergency, will use that power to enslave. 

I wonder if Pfizer is creating a vaccine for Climate Change?

“Oh No The Sky Is Falling!” ~ Chicken Little

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.