The Real US Goal in Ukraine

US state media – the NYT, WP, NPR, and the main TV news corporations – cautiously broaches topics they refused to touch a year ago.  We are learning that Nazi and racist ideologies are popular in Ukraine. We now know the US state department, with German and other EU and NATO assistance, schemed against Russia when they signed on the Minsk agreement in 2014, a noble lie in the neocon fashion.  We know, from mainstream media that the so-called Ukraine spring counteroffensive has begun, after much US and NATO urging, and is failing at every turn, at a great cost.

We are now allowed to see glimpses of the dwindling Ukrainian population, and with it, their economy.  Indirectly, we understand that there is a growing desperation in Kiev – for money, for weapons, for NATO and EU membership.  The actions of the Ukrainian army and its leadership, attacking Moscow with drones, raids into Belarus, attempts to cause nuclear contamination in Eastern Europe though attacks and sabotage of their own Ukrainian nuclear power stations and major dams are being noted.   While I believe Seymour Hersh on who did Nordstream, the convenient story of a heroic team of Uke divers doing the job had a valid purpose, to provide the Ukrainian voter with a ray of hope and heroism.

That is, if they still had voters in Ukraine. 

The casual observer of this war, 17 months in, notes physical and emotional exhaustion, and political desperation.  The orgasmic excitement expressed by US death cult in Washington the last Saturday in June was revealing.  Not of their various “goals” in Ukraine, or their fanatical Russia-hate – but that their long dry spell is beginning to make even neocons desperate for a bit of “good news.”

Neocon war is unpopular, ugly, venal.  Worst of all, it is unsuccessful – meaning instead of ending in triumph and celebration, it persists as a confusing, contradictory and costly problem multiplier.  We’ve seen this before.  Neocons are the Dylan Mulvaneys of American politics, albeit with less sincerity and self-awareness.  When it’s your influence that has destroyed the effectiveness of and any residual honor in US foreign policy for the past 70 years, as well as bankrupting the nation – the writing is on the wall.

Or it should be.  We’d probably be better off having our country led by a beer company.  Even Anheuser-Busch’s crippled instincts would not have led to the present situation in eastern Europe.

Biden is planning to send cluster bombs to Ukraine, and yes, they are indiscriminate, horrific, outlawed in 120 countries, and immoral – but – wait for it – the decision to use them is entirely Ukraine’s.  Biden and Blinken and Nuland and Sullivan, and half the Senate and half the Congress – well, they don’t have a thing to do with “Ukraine’s decisions.”

Unless Kiev or a European ally, or NATO member wants to see about ending hostilities, making peace, making Ukraine a safe place for Ukrainians to live – well that’s strictly verboten, forbidden by Washington, cannot happen, is not allowed.

We apparently have a shit ton of MK-20s in the Pentagon “warehouse.” Where else are we going to use them?  Some contracting officer, or a set of uniformed “really smart” people are due a promotion once their bosses find out they got the US taxpayer to pay for cluster munitions a second time, now as tax-funded aid to “Ukraine.” The per unit cost for the Ukes today is a probably half what we paid Textron (inflation adjusted of course) originally, but hey, you wanted government to act like a business, and in war it does – complete with that extra set of books in the safe.

Biden is an old man.  But imagine, if you will, that you have a child, and that child lied constantly, never took responsibility for his most obvious transgressions, played with deadly toys, and on top of that – had several undeniable special needs.  What would we do?  Some of us might institutionalize, most would certainly medicate and counsel, and all of us would lovingly try to make sure he didn’t kill or maim anyone.

Citizens, of course, cannot serve as loving stewards of government – it’s not that kind of relationship. We share no caste, and have no heritage, with our 21st century government.  We cannot believe what it says, we hate what it does, and we owe it no obedience. The fascinating thing is that these words will shock many good Americans, but they do not shock our rulers, who understand the relationship accurately, and proceed accordingly.

Which brings me back to the US goal in Ukraine.  It is destruction, and not the creative kind.  Ukraine completely destroyed as a free state, to be used as a dead thorn with which to poke Moscow.  The neocon tea-talk is mostly about how dead and deconstructed Ukraine will be in service to that US goal – do we create a 200 kilometer wide plain of mines and barbed wire, a super-47th Parallel, managed, secured and farmed by international contractors, do we have the Poles administer the western territories, and what shall we do about Kaliningrad?  Do we dare to eat a peach?

To end on a happy note – as we must – there are many excellent solutions to the Ukrainian problem, and many people understand it – in and out of government.  RFK, Jr in his first campaign speech told a story of how they cleaned up the Hudson River – many angry fishermen without fish and livelihoods at a public meeting began to offer solutions of violence, and terrorism – to give the corporate polluters a taste of their own medicine. Then a guy mentioned a fact – what the polluters were doing was already in violation of an existing federal law – why don’t we enforce it?  It was a key to peaceful improvement.  The law – for our nation and its rules-based order – often seems like a joke.  But when Switzerland just stopped tanks going into Ukraine, they did so by citing the law. I imagine if the 120 countries who have banned cluster munitions also have laws on the books that would serve peace, and help contain the savages in Washington.

If Ukrainians must live with their future, on Ukrainian territory, they should indeed be the ones deciding their next steps.  Their Ukraine should not be subject to cowards, mass murderers, and profiteers in Washington and London, or in Kiev – with its flush of money and luxury stores thanks to the wages of proxyism.   If Ukrainians leave the war to the US, and the UK and Germany, and Poland – there will be no Ukraine left at all.  They will tell their grandchildren what once was, and what was lost.