Does the State Want More “Conspiracy Theorists?”

It would appear that it does.  Congressional presentations of space alien “whistleblowers,” and insanity over weather balloons is pure state-encouraged entertainment, with an added benefit of increasing budget share for the Pentagon’s Space Command.  Entertainment first of all, aimed at diverting of our attention, and exhausting our remaining capacity to think.  I mean no offense to the actual aliens, bless their hearts.

It is becoming more important than ever for the state to divert the attention of the growing number of people in the US who are beginning to think about their government in a new and honest way.  We have an amazing set of 2024 presidential candidates, specifically Bobby Kennedy, Jr, and Vivek Ramaswamy, and of course the invincible DJT all doing their part.

2016 Trump populism may not have been a one-off.  It’s looking like it was actually inspiration, roadmap and voter vision board for the next decade or two.  The parasitic state knows this can’t be good.

Can the state compete with the frank and factual national conversation we are starting to see?  With cities falling apart, along with the dollar, masses of people are leaning towards incredulity about, and disobedience to, government authority. When urbanites and country folk all respond well to a certain Jason Aldean video, we get unity against a depraved state that has done everything it can think of to divide us, conquer us, and destroy our sense of community.  “Try that in a small town” is a proper and excellent evolution from the blind patriotism of post 9-11 era Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”  Maybe the war spirit is beginning to focus in the right place – against the all-consuming centralized state.

Looking at legacy news in general, it is curious how little is actually reported on anything.  We know that the mainstream media echoes approved stories, and the current phrases of the day.  Everyone knows that to understand anything in the world today, we have to find people and organizations who are doing the actual research, who are filing the FOIAs and suing in court in order to produce records, and to publicize them. We know that legitimate whistleblowers in corporate and government settings face real danger, and will not be televised.

Echo chamber news does not reduce theorizing, conspiratorial and otherwise.  It increases it, by design.  For example, mainstream news reporting of the death of Obama’s cook is actually aimed at fueling conspiracy talk.

You have Tafari Campbell, a 45 year old guy, close to the Obama family, who is reported to be great swimmer and paddleboarder, married since 1999 to a DC bakery owner, and father of twin “boys” (they are 19 years old, and black – so not sure this was the correct term, but OK if Obama says it).  There was a witness to the troubles Mr. Campbell was having in the water, another paddleboarder, perhaps two.  We don’t know who they are, relative to Mr. Campbell. Certainly the search was extensive and high tech before the body was found, 33 yards off shore in 8 feet of water. An autopsy has been performed, no results yet publicized. A sudden heart attack? No mention of vaccination status, although we know that he was likely vaxxed and boosted – or was he?   Was he or was he not working on a memoir of his Obama years – and was he or was he not still working for the Obamas? Was he or was he not at the Obama house for work, or play? The fact that the news insisted the Obamas were on the island but not at home (where they were is certainly not classified – so why not just say it?)  The media “reporting” seems designed to purposely make the reader wonder what actually happened.  Then, in a classic two punch, state media then pushes articles designed to simultaneously tempt and vilify nascent conspiracy theorists with reports of another White House Chef to a corrupt Democratic President, who died in a body of water.  Shades of Whitewater, almost.  We are being psychologically played and manipulated by state media pretty much daily, and it’s getting old.

What is missing from this story, and others, is what is always missing –  untampered, unedited, and honest police, investigator and witness documentation and reports.  In our modern era, the hoi polloi suffer 24/7 state data scraping of our spending, viewing, reading, and transportation habits – and routine and unlawful interagency sharing of this data without our knowledge.  Yet police reports relating to our betters in government must remain strictly confidential until they are approved (and edited) by the top levels of government.  You know, like the JFK autopsies.

One of my favorite political crime is the case of Marva Champagne on October 10, 2003.  62-year-old  Champagne was the longtime Marvin Bush family housekeeper and babysitter.  Her strange death by her own rolling car was chalked up to being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Marvin Bush, of course, was just a guy who was in the right place at the right time, as a board member to Securacom, which gained a big security contract for the World Trade Center in NYC, and for Dulles Airport, a few weeks prior to 9-11.  A few years ago, I made a FOIA request to the Alexandria, VA PD to find out more, and the response came back that the Champagne case was still “open,” and nothing could be shared.

I am interested in Vince Foster’s double shot “suicide.”  In the Foster case, the dismal by design quality of the mainstream news coverage just led to more questions.

I’m still curious about what actually happened to DNC staffer Seth Rich. Or in Nancy Pelosi’s house last year.

I’d like to understand what happened when Mike Connell, a GOP IT guru and witness to some Ohio black box ballot mischief died in the fiery air crash near Dayton Ohio in 2008 that ended his congressional testimony.

I’m curious about a small airplane crash that happened here in Virginia not long ago – a small craft appeared to be on autopilot, violated its flight plan from New Jersey to western Virginia, and received fighter escorts.  Military jets went supersonic over northern Virginia – terrorizing millions of DC government employees and contractors who live and work there.  Did they need a reminder of something?  It was reported in real time that the military would be firing “flares to get the pilot’s attention” even as the same news reports noted the pilot and passengers were all observed to be slumped in their seats.  The crash followed a rapid spiraling descent at 20,000 feet per minute, but nothing to see here.  While that kind of descent is not unprecedented in a fuel-out scenario, especially for a small plane, overall mainstream news stoked suspicion, rather than inform the public. Is this just a media survival mechanism in a totalitarian state?  Does mainstream media not realize we have nearly unlimited resources to find out the truth – or does it still believe that the few who will run the facts down can be easily marginalized?

In the days of newsprint; editors served a practical function – typespace was expensive. Not the case anymore. If you’ve ever looked up a recipe online, you’ll scroll past a cook’s life story and images from every angle before you get to the actual recipe.  If only we could get that depth of content on hard news from state media.

Perhaps this country is divided – not along racial or cultural or religious lines, not immigrant versus native, not left and right – but between those who want to see state crimes solved and those who don’t.

The experimental mRNA genetic therapies, mandated without appropriate testing, and without active surveillance, along with two years of global lockdowns constitute a financial, governmental and medical crime against humanity.  Half the country would like to see it investigated as such, and they’d appreciate a little honesty.  The other half suspect there was a problem, but would prefer we just “get past it.”

It won’t take a large majority, or even a large minority, to dismantle the US state. It’s already happening. The lumbering broke leviathan is doing most of the heavy lifting on that front all by itself. People are waking up.

A national interest in justice and truth doesn’t have to end with guillotines and burning government buildings.  The state has jumped the shark with its use and misuse of the invective “conspiracy theory.” Too many now understand that state and legacy media misdirection isn’t to protect us, or inform us, it’s to save the state at all cost.  What a time to be alive!