My One-on-One Talk With President Biden in the White House

Last Thursday I got a phone call around midnight informing me that US President Joseph Robinette Biden wanted to see me urgently in the White House to discuss some crucial matters.  I guess the US “intelligence” agencies had been monitoring my negative online comments about the impostor/usurper President who massively stole the 2020 Presidential election.

Anyway, I caught the next plane to the nation’s capital, got cleared by White House security, and this is what transpired between me and the unelected Prez:

Mr. President, if I may speak frankly, the war you started against Russia, via proxy Ukraine is an abomination and truly insane.  This war is totally unnecessary.  It was manufactured by the USA with America’s NATO puppets as accomplices.  By sending F-16s fighter jets, long-range missiles, and depleted uranium to Ukraine, you are pushing the world much closer to Nuclear Armageddon.  You’re recklessly gambling with the survival of humanity.  Don’t you realize that alone makes you the most evil President in all of US history?

President Biden:  On the contrary, I will go down as one of the greatest presidents in our great history, a defender of democracy and freedom in Ukraine.  That corrupt sewer of a nation has gifted me and my family tens of millions of dollars in bribes and payoffs.  Now America is planning to build my bust at Mount Rushmore.  I do like the bust of a pretty thirteen-year-old girl, don’t you?  Jill, where is my ice cream?

Mr. President, suppose Russia or China made a deal with Mexico and installed nuclear missiles on Mexico’s border right near the United States—missiles capable of hitting Washington DC in 5 minutes or Hollywood in 3 minutes—you would never allow that, would you?  Of course not.  You would order the invasion of Mexico, arrest the Mexican president, install a puppet leader, and destroy the Russian or Chinese missile silos immediately.

Yet the West wants Ukraine to join NATO and Zelensky wants nuclear missiles right along Russia’s border, capable of  hitting Moscow in 4 or 5 minutes.  So Russia’s security concerns are COMPLETELY VALID—and you are the one who forced Russia to invade Ukraine.  You started the war and have no intention of ending it, do you?

President Biden:  First of all, if those Chinese or Russian missiles in Mexico ever hit Hollywood, there are modern, advanced underground bunkers in place to protect our most important Hollywood directors and producers.  Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the US Empire—it shapes the public’s consciousness to dumb people down, and we will NEVER allow it to be destroyed or harmed.

Mr. President, you need to find an off-ramp from this war, and quickly.  Russia is never going to back down or negotiate.  For Russia, the US/NATO attack represents an existential threat.  When you were Vice-President under the other impostor/usurper, President Barry Soetoro (“Barack Obama”), Washington started a coup in Ukraine, got rid of the democratically elected Ukrainian president, installed a US puppet ruler, and then Kiev bombed the ethnically-Russian eastern regions of Ukraine for years, killing 15,000 people.  The US and NATO cynically used the Minsk agreements with Russia to buy time and build up Ukraine’s army.  America had no intention of honoring semi-autonomy for those eastern regions.  And you recently blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline, stabbing your NATO allies in the back.   All this makes you an amoral monster and a mass murderer.

President Biden:  I just had a very nice meeting with India’s CEO, Narendra Modi.  We’re hoping Modi will get India to back us in our righteous war against the evil Soviet empire.  You know, Bill Gates controls India’s health bureaucracy and India’s pandemic vaccination program through his money and his front groups, so we have a very good shot at a massive depopulation effort there through the killer vaccines.

Mr. President, your son Hunter Biden got a slap-on-the-wrist plea deal for tax evasion but was never charged with money laundering, bribery, or drug trafficking.  For many years, your son and you (“the Big Guy”) have taken pay-to-play, quid pro quo bribes from Ukraine, Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party.  Your son gets off scot-free, while former President Trump faces over 100 years in prison thanks to your weaponized, politicized Justice Department and FBI which are prosecuting Trump on fabricated charges involving documents which he had every right to declassify and take with him.

President Biden:  I am proud of my son.  Hunter is a good boy.  He’s a chip off the old block, I might add.  I think he has the hots for my press secretary, that cute little black lesbian Karim Abdul Jabbar… I mean Karine Jean-Pierre, what the hell.  Jill, damn it, you said cherry-vanilla today, I’m still waiting.

Mr. President, you’re surely aware that the gene-based Covid “vaccines” have killed and severely damaged millions of people in the United States and around the world.  The evidence is overwhelming that these products are extremely dangerous, medically useless, and should have been taken off the market over two years ago.  These so-called “vaccines” were forced on billions of human guinea-pigs on the phony pretext of a nonexistent “ultra deadly novel killer virus” which turned out to be less dangerous than the seasonal flu…assuming such a virus even exists.  When are you going to put an end to this criminal assault against the American people?

President Biden:  When hell freezes over, that’s when!  I’m in talks with Bill Gates who’s developing a new-and-improved mRNA kill-shot, I mean clot-shot, I mean vaccine for the next plandemic, the next PANdemic that we have planned.  And my administration is in talks with Elon Musk who is working on self-assembling nanobot technology like the electronic circuitry that Pfizer and Moderna already put into their so-called Covid vaccines.  So things are moving right along on schedule.

Me: On whose schedule?

President Biden:  Yes, the WHO’s schedule, and the World Economic Forum and the UN.  The schedule of the globalist ruling elite and banksters who control me.

Mr. President, why did you invite me here?  What was it you wanted to urgently discuss with me?

President Biden:  Well, Wilbert, you’ve shown a lot of insight into the “Covid pandemic” hoax and how we pulled it off through a coordinated effort—a campaign of fear, lies and propaganda involving key players like Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Big Pharma, the corrupted presstitute whore media, the CDC, FDA, that nazi Klaus Schwab, WEF, WHO, the UN, China’s CDC, and so forth.

So now I’d like your advice on how we can bolster the global warming hoax, sorry, I mean the “climate change” hoax.  A lot of people are starting to see through the official government lies and media bullshit, you know what I mean?  Come on, man!  We need a new strategy.

Me:  I’m sorry, Mr. President, I can’t help you there.

President Biden:  That little weirdo climate activist, Greta Garbo…

Me:  You mean Greta Thunberg?

Biden:  Yes, that’s the one.  Miss Tunaburg, she predicted exactly five years ago that the world would end by June 21st 2023 due to global warming.  Now she’s being ridiculed for that by climate-change deniers, misinformation spreaders, and other bad people.  We need a system in place to track down those critics, to silence and punish them.  Just like I tracked down you.  By the way, that Greta girl, I once put my arm around her waist and sniffed her hair, it smelled delicious like Swedish pancakes with a hint of lingonberries.

Me:  I’m very happy for you, sir.  Thank you for inviting me here.

President Biden:  You have been microchipped.  We will be tracking you.

On the flight home, a song kept running through my mind, Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction”…

“And you tell me
Over and over and over and over again, my friend
You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction
No no, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction”