RFK Jr Just Gave Dems the Middle Finger

From the Tom Woods Letter:

I’ve seen some tone-deaf stuff in politics, but this takes the cake.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is very unhappy with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., because they’ve just learned he’ll be speaking on Thursday, June 22, at PorcFest, the annual gathering sponsored by the libertarian Free State Project.

They lecture him about why he should not appear there.

But the appeal of an RFK, Jr., is precisely that he doesn’t care what they tell him, or where they say he can and cannot speak.

Why, surely you know that these people are extremists, they tell him. (Because there’s nothing at all “extreme” about the Democratic Party as presently constituted!)

Their warning to him includes this nugget:

“We understand that there are a few areas of agreement between your campaign and the Free State Project.”

Yes, just a few minor little issues, no big deal.

Just the U.S. war machine, Ukraine, the military-industrial complex, the federal censorship regime, the FBI, the CIA, the Big Pharma racket, lockdowns, Anthony Fauci, the entire Covid regime, the public health apparatus — just a few tiny little things like that.

I mean what are those minor things when set beside what really concerns the New Hampshire Democratic Party and which they complain about in the letter: the Free Staters’ disagreement with Democrats on gun laws, and the Free Staters’ attempts to slow the “public education” gravy train that produces semi-literate morons?

Those two things are among the backbone of the modern Democratic Party’s religion, so anyone disagreeing on them cannot even be spoken to. But those other, minor, trivial areas where RFK and Free Staters agree? Who can doubt that the New Hampshire Democratic Party is on the wrong side of them all?

Obviously the New Hampshire Democratic Party hates his guts for challenging Joe Biden in the first place, and for daring to dissent on issues where they expect unquestioning consensus from both Democrats and Republicans.

The American establishment, of which the New Hampshire Democratic Party is a sad adjunct, is composed of some of the least impressive people in American history, and yet they consider themselves fit to tell us which opinions we are allowed to hold, and which are “extreme.”

RFK, and the rest of us, are telling these people to take a hike: