Ukraine Is Harvesting Children’s Organs in Adrenochrome Labs

The Ukrainian atrocities it describes is just at the limit of what a normal human being can take – and still believe in humanity. Lest, one begins to segregate humans from un-humans. Thoughts and concepts along this line are not new, especially since the beginning of the new era, as you may call what began with the self-inflicted 9/11 mass murder – and related lies, ongoing.

The thought of un-humans running the world was just drastically reinforced when Muammar Gaddafi, the then-leader of Libya was lynched on 20 October 2011 in the most vicious ways by NATO forces led by France and the United States, and when the then-President Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, celebrated with colleagues and journalists, laughing diabolically, “We came, we saw, he died.” The legitimate question, “Is this woman human?” was raised by many people and journalists.

Then came the beginning of the UN Agenda 2030 / The Great Reset – the fear-mongering and lies after lies after miserable lies about a virus which, rightfully may be asked, did it ever exist? — locking down people, preventing them from seeing their loved ones, elderly parents, dying relatives.

A lockdown, of which one key purpose was to start warp-speed building of countless, literally millions and millions of 5G antennas around the globe, with the objective of eventually helping kill people and transform the survivors into remote-controlled transhumans, executing the agenda of a sick elite. See this.

The fake plandemic was followed by two intense years of forced and coerced “vaccination”, of discriminating vaxxed against unvaxxed around the globe, no escape, with a mRNA concoction that was a trial injection – trial not to find out what works best against the flu-like invented Covid disease, but figure out which one kills best and in what ways.

The objective was and is to this day – not healing, but killing – a movement of massive depopulation of the world. That is where we stand today, with the disclosure of thousands and thousands of Pfizer documents. See this.

The population is flooded with media lies, government lies, scientific lies – all bought and corrupted to serve a diabolical elite agenda, an agenda debatably led by Un-People.

When it comes to this western / NATO-provoked Ukraine war, where the Ukrainian Nazi government kills its own people and destroys its own infrastructure just so it can blame Russia for it – see especially the blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka dam – the corruption and child trafficking for elite pedophiles, as well as organ and adrenochrome harvesting, by the tens of thousands, come to the fore.

Just to add another barbarism, the purposeful devastated Nova Kakhovka dam is flooding some 80,000 people, destroying their livelihoods – all evidence indicating it was done by Ukraine but the west blames Russia – all the western mainstream media ape the same lies. See this.


The People’s Voice video describes in vivid style how Russian troops discovered carved-up bodies of children as young as 2 years to 6 and 7 years of age. Killed alive for their organs. Their pain-stressed blood was harvested for Adrenochrome – the “live-prolonging” remedy for the elite – traded for millions every year.

Child trafficking for sex and organ harvesting is the fastest growing business in the world, currently said to run in the tens of billions. No precise figures are available, and the all-controlling corrupt media make sure that no such figures enter the light of day, as this is the darkest of all dark businesses.

It is a worldwide business, but the center of it is arguably Ukraine.

The west knows it, while still supporting the also most unethical country in the world. President Biden must know about Ukraine’s corruption, as his son made millions in this lawless ambiance. The presstitute media mute such news.

Europe is fully aware.

But the European Commission’s priority is destroying Russia. Are the people at the head of the EC still humans? The west will, of course, never succeed with the Ukrainian war, no matter how many hundreds of billions-worth of weaponry they supply to the Zelensky government. They also know that 70% of this weaponry goes straight to the black-market. See this.

They also know that Russia is far superior and never intended to dominate Ukraine, just protect the Russian population and their territories.

Yet, Europe follows the insane and inhuman mandate of her Washington masters.

Europe as well as Washington are well-aware of the child-trafficking and organ harvesting, another billions of dollar business. Yet, the support of Ukraine and the repugnant lying to the people around the world continues.

The legitimate question: are these humans or un-humans, those who run the world, those who run the institutions like the WEF, WHO, GAVI, Club of Rome and more? Look at their facial expression, the dark vibrations they emanate – and you keep wondering.

Then watch the video below

And the answer to the question about humans or un-humans becomes obvious.

We, the People, must wake up to an uncomfortable reality, one that cannot be swept under the rug, but must be confronted to save our planet and our civilization from disappearing.

The original source of this article is Global Research.