Healthy Adults Are Not the Only Ones Who Have Been Killed by Vaccines

How governments (and now Big Tech) have covered up the evidence this happens for almost a century.

Speaking out on the vaccine issue is very difficult, especially when you actively work in the medical field. One of the biggest things that made me realize I had to were all the sudden unexplained deaths in adults I was seeing once the COVID-19 vaccines hit the market, and the fact that everyone that was supposed to prevent something like this from happening were instead burying their heads in the sand and pretending nothing was going on.

Once I realized the public was getting red-pilled about the COVID-19 vaccines causing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, I decided we’d reached a point where something else needed to be focused on—vaccines causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart because the primary vaccine which is responsible for SIDS, DTP, caused severe brain injuries in two members of my extended family (one whom we were eventually able to treat and one whom remains a developmentally disabled adult) and a moderate brain injury within my immediate family. This is relevant to SIDS because the best explanation I have found for the condition is that it results from one specific type of brain injury that happens to be fatal because the injury impairs the brains ability to breathe automatically.

Note: the process we utilized to treat the DTP brain damage was complex and part of what I am trying to do here is explain each component that is needed for treating it (e.g., I’m presently working on an article about addressing the cell danger response and another on restoring the function of impaired cranial nerves). Two of the things that often need to be done are restoring the physiologic zeta potential and, if emotional deficits are present (something commonly observed in this population), addressing the trapped emotions within the individuals.

I feel the subject of SIDS is particularly important to speak out about because while babies are conscious and often make it abundantly clear they do not want to be vaccinated again if they previously had an adverse reaction to vaccination, very few people register the infants are trying to communicate this. I hence have some sympathy for the signs not being recognized in nonverbal infants (as that’s harder to spot), but it has always deeply bothered me when they are also ignored in young children who are forcefully restrained as they plead not be be vaccinated.

A key difference between adult and childhood vaccine injuries is that while sudden cardiac deaths in athletes are impossible to ignore, and the COVID vaccine injured adults have been quite vocal in expressing what happened to them, very few people besides the parents can recognize anything ever happened to a child. When you then consider how hard it has been for the COVID vaccine injured (or killed) adults to have their stories be listened to, you begin to see how much of an uphill battle is faced by the vaccine injured children who lack a voice entirely. In many cases, once the individual grows up, they don’t even realize they experienced trauma as a child that still impacts them to this day until they start looking into why they’ve always had certain issues they can’t get rid of (e.g., a visceral phobia to needle injections).

Note: one of the common things the medical system will do is label a politically inconvenient disease (e.g., because it was caused by a toxin that was put into the environment no one wants to acknowledge) as a “syndrome.” This holds true for many of the complex illnesses patients struggle with, which I covered in this article about how the same playbook we saw used for SADS is used for many of other illnesses.

One of the great tragedies about SIDS is that vaccines causing SIDS has been known within the vaccine safety community for decades (e.g., numerous doctors have spoken out on it countless parents have protested for it to be recognized) yet almost no one knows about it. Beyond it not being accepted by the medical community (who will be inherently close minded towards anything challenging their mythologies), much of the general public is not aware this is an issue either.

This is incredible because there is a century of evidence showing the how and why vaccines (particularly DTP) cause SIDS, including some very compelling ones from the recent lockdowns. Furthermore, many of the same issues that DTP causes in children mirror what the spike protein injections cause in adults, something which again illustrates the importance of understanding this issue.

For this reason, I put together a comprehensive article summarizing that evidence (along with the common rebuttals used to dismiss it) so people could decide for themselves if an issue existed. A few weeks ago, Kory tweeted out that article and it went viral. This suggested many share my concerns on this subject, including some who had direct experience with SIDS after a vaccination:

Unfortunately, after it went viral, I found out that it had been deleted by Medium.

Since I presented a significant amount of evidence both that vaccines cause SIDS and that the government has silenced many parents who lost their children, it puts Medium on very shaky ground to argue their policies for deleting accounts was applicable in my situation—since by banning me, they are effectively complicit in something that does directly threaten public safety (killing babies). This was the specific message Medium sent me to justify banning my account:

I admit this was quite frustrating and I feel like Big Tech has turned things into a wack-a-mole game for people trying to tell the truth. Every time I find a way to bypass the existing censorship online, something new happens (e.g., when something I post that is on target manages to go viral, if some of its content is hosted on a site like Vimeo that had I thought supported free speech, someone always seems to step in and get my account banned). I was using Medium to get around Twitter blocking Substack posts (some friends who are internet marketers suggested it), and felt safe using doing so since many people online stated Medium did not censor content.

However, as the above shows, I was extremely naive in this regard. I then contacted Steve Kirsch to share my experience; he laughed, told me he was banned for life from Medium, and then asked me to write an article about this.

Note: one thing I have to give Medium credit for is that they did not delete my entire account so I could still access the articles I wrote in it and copy them over to another platform. Vimeo deleted everything and it was significantly more work to obtain those videos so they could be uploaded on another platform.

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