WEF Yaccarino Introduced to Twitter as CEO for Censorship

The appointment of NBC Universal Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter has ignited a fire storm as a select few pro-Musk Tweeters defend the choice while the vast majority of Twitter users are less than happy.  Some have already left the platform, others claim they will… soon.   Musk himself asks people to hold their ‘judgement’.   The left is ecstatic – and that is all you need to know it is a coup.

Politico cites Anti-Defamation League CEO,   “I would think as a successful advertising executive, she is well aware of the fact that platforming and privileging extremists alienates advertisers and offends the vast majority of users.”   In addition, Politico states that since Musk unleashed Twitter from the CIA, hate speech, disinformation, and misinformation have risen exponentially.

Given Twitter is a private enterprise, the power shift left the CIA blowing in the wind.    Too much hot air.

According to Tzar Avril Haines of NSA, another new disinformation agency has been formed to assure that the 2024 election is heavily carpeted in liberal ideologies and all conservative voices are appropriately – censored!    Given that our National Endowment for Democracy is busily initiating coups across the globe, most recently in Turkiye, they might not be available for the 2024 windfall.

The office is situated within The Global Engagement Center within Blinken’s State Department.   In March, one such target was identified as Gendered Disinformation:  Perpetrators were identified from Russia and China attempting to shame, threaten, and mentally abuse women using psychological threats.   The disinformation leaves the victims of stereotyped gender ideologies in pain and agony.   As such, these ignoramus perpetrators should be jailed for their transgressions – hopefully for life.

Other targets include:  “The Kremlin’s Never-Ending Attempt To Spread Disinformation about Biological Weapons.”   This tactic of disinformation spreads mistrust across a peaceful globe.   Lies. Lies and More Lies!   Pinky Swear!

“A Peaceful Globe”.

Conflicts:   Myanmar, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Colombia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Burkino Faso, Iraq, Mexico, Syria, Mali, and Yemen are some of the ongoing conflicts that our Peaceful Globe is subjected to for the sake of western backed militias.

Apparently, if the Kremlin would just stop talking about all the biological weapons and labs NIH, the CDC, and DoD created, all the global ongoing conflicts would immediately cease!   Amazing how that works.

The ‘special envoy’ of this NSA disinformation department is James P. Rubin.  Rubin served in the State Department ‘under’ Billy Clinton.   Although he was reportedly not ‘under’ the desk with Paula.   Rubin made a name for himself as a Sky News presenter – a gig that lasted 7-8 months before completely tanking.   But he does claim to be Madeleine Albright’s right hand left man and the former husband of Christine A-man-pourer.   Rubin’s career went ballistic when he spent another 10 months with Bloomberg News!  He retired/quit when he suddenly decided he should be NY Commissioner for Port Authority having never had the opportunity to ride on a cargo ship!

So what makes Rubin an expert in disinformation?   Nothing.   In fact, like Linda Yaccarino whose degree is in ‘communications’, Rubin has no expertise in anything other than getting jobs in random fields.  Graduating with distinguish from Columbia University, apparently the bio writers forgot to let Columbia know to add Rubin to their list of ‘Distinguished Graduates’.   He remains ‘unlisted.  Shucks maybe he can sue them…

OOPS!  Dang those universities getting so sloppy…  I mean they did add Obama despite no one remembering him.

In line with their action plan, the GEC has a Twitter page wherein they post memes about Kremlin Lies…  like a liberal hack living in his mommy’s basement dweller… type memes.   The most dastardly meme shows a man looking a lot like Blinken blowing raspberries and screaming, “nannynannypoopoo!”

Another media blitz is their quest to decry that Russia is stealing Russian children from Ukraine and forcibly teaching them Russian!  Dastardly!   This Zelenskyy tidbit was then heralded by Anthony Blinken around the world replete with mega-phones and leaflets released across major cities in America.   But instead of reading the leaflets, the Antifa rioters decided to use them as fuel for fires to burn down the local black businesses.

Yaccarino was immediately fired for suggesting the marketing strategy for Blinken and Janet Yellen declared Yaccarino is a spy from Russia.   Elon Musk saw an opportunity to hijack Yaccityyak and held a coronation ceremony wherein she was anointed with a toilet seat from the CEO restroom.   All former Twitter employees were immediately reinstated and subscriptions were raised to $1000 per month to pay for everyone’s heady salaries.

But soon Twitter went dark given the lights were turned off when all the Tesla’s were being charged simultaneously across America.   So Yackityyak held a marketing meeting with Musk and they decided to Hell with it all – boarded Musk’s private jet – and flew to Belize where they lived happily ever after.


Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.