There Is a Man Running for President Whose Father and Uncle Were Murdered by the CIA

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign has sparked quite a bit of interest and excitement. Shockingly at first glance, RFK Jr. has openly stated that his uncle John F. Kennedy (former president) was assassinated by the CIA and has inferred CIA involvement in his father’s death. Robert F. Kennedy was the U.S. District attorney, then a U.S. Senator, and was assassinated the night he won the California Democratic primary for president in 1968. I say shockingly at first glance, because RFK Jr. may be openly saying this as a bit of an insurance policy. Even the mind numb might question the mathematical probability of another lone gunman or plane crash. (JFK Jr.)

There may be another reason why RFK Jr. is likely safe. The system is rigged. Over a period of 20 years starting with the JFK assassination and ending with the attempted assassination of president Reagan, there were quite a few political assassinations and attempted assassinations. JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, were all assassinated. George Wallace and Ronald Reagan survived attempted assassinations. This is quite a few political assassinations and attempted assassinations over a 20 or so year period.

What changed?

It may be that a softer less volatile approach was used. Simply stated, the system became increasingly rigged and the need to take out political opposition or anybody that rocked the boat was no longer necessary. This happened in the 1990s for certain. There was never a need to assassinate Patrick J. Buchanan, because after an orchestrated mass media campaign to assassinate his character, he was censored and marginalized increasingly through the nineties until total cancellation in the 2000 campaign. You remember, that was when Bush and Gore did that dog and pony show with the butterfly ballots, which gave us slot machine, I mean, computerized voting.

In the 1996 campaign where Buchanan almost ran away with he GOP nomination, many activists at the time felt that cheating occurred in the Arizona primary, where Buchanan went from first place to third in a flash on election night. The Dole campaign thought they lost and actually asked Buchanan’s campaign if they would take over the lease of their jet.

Then, in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, Ron Paul was largely censored and marginalized. By this time they no longer hid it, and even had candidates sit at the far end of the stage during debates, and were denied equal speaking time. There was also the orchestrated mass media character assassination. You remember the ‘crazy uncle Ron’ comments.

Hmmm….I am thinking that as an OBGYN, doctor Paul would never of suggested his pregnant patients get the C19 bioweapon shots. Not so crazy…The CDC gave millions to OBGYN groups to push the shots on innocent pregnant women, knowing the Pfizer data revealed the shots were deadly for fetuses. I know off topic…

Somehow Trump broke the algorithm in the 2016 election, and the reaction to that was fake elections to a much higher degree than in the past. It wasn’t enough to control the system to ensure your preapproved candidate got elected. In 2020 it was a blatant steal where the votes stopped counting on election night in several states, and then they started counting the next day until they finally created enough votes.

True, there is a bit of speculation above regarding the 20 or so years of violent assassinations and why it seemed to have stopped. Still, it seems like the MK Ultra program was redirected toward school shootings and creating riots and such, instead of targeting high profile political figures that rock the boat with disaffected lone gunmen.

Essentially, the political divide that really mattered over the last 40 years has been the divide between globalism and patriotism. It is a basic divide between those that seek a global totalitarianism, a top down technocratic system, verses those that seek basic self government. The deep state has increasingly been controlling the system, this includes media, corporations, politicians, academia, money, and government. The deep state is a domestic and international operation.

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