Taylor Marshall Running for President: What Does This Mean?

We can look at Taylor Marshall's attempt to enter the American political arena as a positive development, regardless of what personal opinion one may hold about the YouTube gunslinger from Texas.

Popular—er, mega-popular—Catholic author and podcaster Taylor Marshall has announced he will enter the race to become the next president of the United States. Responses to his announcement have been mixed, which is understandable, and many are skeptical of his decision, questioning both his motives and whether he has any serious shot at advancing.

Before we continue, I must admit that Taylor is a friend, and I am always biased in favor of my friends, so my immediate reaction to his announcement was positive. Nonetheless, I think that we can look at this attempt to enter the American political arena as a positive development, regardless of what personal opinion one may hold about the YouTube gunslinger from Texas.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are all sick and tired of politics in some way. Sure, engaging in the political conversation is at times quite entertaining, and we understand that political activity is, in fact, very important for a host of reasons. However, if you are a conservative Catholic, both morally and theologically, then you are likely tired of the constant disappointments from so-called conservative political leaders.

There have been some gems in the political sphere, or at least partial gems—like Donald Trump—but, overall, the game of political badminton between the Elephants and the Donkeys is nauseatingly predictable and emotionally exhausting. It seems that every couple of years one party is in power and the other party is convinced that if there is not a regime change a Kirk Cameron-esque apocalypse will manifest, and if we vote wrongly we will all be left behind in a society run by a maniacal group of unhinged tyrants.

Every four years it is as if Americans are marshalling—pun intended—themselves to the ballot box in order to cast a vote that will singlehandedly change the trajectory of Western civilization. This is not to downplay the very real evil of the Marxist threat that looms over the free world, but it is to say that the political end-times prophecies are getting a bit tiresome, given that we are consistently left with the status quo of full-blown leftism and conservativish liberalism that tweets at the Marxists as they burn down cities.

How much hope did Catholics have for Donald Trump? I am not even American, but I remember praying very hard for the spray-tan King and was devastated when he was hoodwinked by Fauci and Pfizer—but I repeat myself—only to be even more devastated when he lost to the miracle-working Apostate in Chief who raised the dead in order to receive the greatest vote-share in American history.

So, what does a Taylor Marshall bid mean in this context, and how would this be any different?

Well, leaving aside the uphill battle Marshall faces and the very difficult prospect of a Taylor-made victory, we should—in my opinion—be rejoicing at his courage to enter the fight.

I say this because, at some point, Catholics need to put up or shut up regarding the political jungle. What hope do we have for any real Catholic leadership in politics if real Catholics don’t enter politics? Now, I know Marshall isn’t the first, and I commend all good Catholics who have done their best. But it has been a long time since we could look to a candidate with the resolve and convictions of a Pat Buchanan-type figure in the political conversation.

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