Pfizer Data Attached 393 Pages of Adverse Events!

Order of Magnitude of Adverse Events off the Charts

Check out LawyerLisa’s substack. This article has some good statistics from the Pfizer trial. –  Dr. Joseph Sansone

Pfizer Appendix 2.2 Cumulative and Interval Summary Tabulation of Serious and Non-Serious Adverse Events from Post Marketing Data Sources BNT162-B2

These were not provided to me by Pfizer but through a source through the EMA. I have no reason to doubt this document. Treat it as you wish. Assuming this source through the EMA is providing an accurate document and it sure appears as such, a lot of horrific conclusions should follow. Spend time looking at it. Let the weight of the conclusions sink in.

Why are they sitting on disastrous data that shows their product is lethal and dangerous to health. Why are they even a publicly traded company. Can you trade in death and disease on this level and be on the stock exchange as a legitimate institutions of capitalism. Its like having a publicly traded company that allows you to hire their hit men for a fee.

I do not know how to estimate the under-reporting factor with this data. This data is reflective of December 19, 2021 to June 18, 2022.

Did Regulatory bodies have this and line people up like cans at a shooting range? If Blood disorders doesn’t get you, how about cardiac events. There are pages and pages of Congenital defects, genetic and familial disorders.

Come to your own conclusion. If you are not a physician you probably won’t be able to pronounce most of these adverse events. Perhaps your physician should be looking at this. What did they for injecting their patients per shot: $40-200? Good work if you can get it.

What are governments doing with mandates and the funding and announcement of the building more of these facilities. Are governments even our friends, I mean do they like us, I mean do they like us alive? Do they think they are accountable. Was there money changing hands? How does so gross a fraud take place on the people?

If Pfizer indicates this is not a true copy of their summary Tabulation of Serious and Non-Serious Adverse Events from Post Marketing Data Sources BNT162-B2 and they would like to comment with more current data we would all appreciate it.

Also the Holocaust is real and was devastatingly horrific, I hate any anti-Semites truly, I hate colonial slavery glad it was abolished and women should vote. I’m Christian Catholic and believe in God- There you have it you can try to discredit me for those things, or other if you wish. But if you do I will know you don’t want to discuss the below.

Adverse Events

Total Number of Adverse Events 1,591,026 (Interval) and 4,964,106 (Cumulative)!

Blood and Lymphatic System Disorders Spontaneous Adverse Events: 100,970

Cardiac Disorders Spontaneous Adverse Events: 126,193

Congenital Familial and Genetic Disorders: 1143

(on these numbers, you have to consider how many women might have been pregnant of child barring age)

Ear and Labyrinth Disorders: 47,038

Endocrine Disorders: 4,115

Eye Disorders: 61,518

GastroIntestinal Orders: 317,811

General Disorders and Administration Site Conditions: 1,605,985

  • (there was more pericarditis than site pain)
  • Death was reported in this category as 2,995
  • if you show this to your physician, you know what will floor them. the under-reporting factor: BECAUSE anytime someone said something to them they fobbed it off with anti-vaxxer, or its perfectly safe don’t be ridiculous. So they do the mental calculation. they reported zero of the events people reported to them. they figure also people kept things to themselves, suffered in silence and YOU WOULD WOULDNT YOU. AFTER ALL WHEN YOU INTERACT WITH THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT THEY MIGHT SHOOT YOU UP AGAIN. SO YOU STAY AWAY. like oh ya that dog bites at that house. I’m not going there anywhere near that bad dog.
  • define safe and effective for me. I’m waiting for a definition that fits this data.

Hepatobiliary Disorders: 4,380

Immune System Disorders: 31,895

  • This category also has Anaphylactic shock, and transplant rejection. But in Canada you need the vaccine to get a transplant. Gotta love health that is neither healthy or caring. We are officially in rules for rules sake.

Infections and Infestations: 167,382

  • this category has dengue hemorrhagic fever. what protein pieces are in this thing?
  • epstein barr
  • fungal infections
  • genital and groin and pelvic infection stuff;
  • herpes, hepatitis
  • kidney infection
  • mastitis
  • pneumonia
  • sepsis!
  • septic shock
  • tuberculosis
  • there’s pages and pages of lists you can literally get an abscess anywhere.

Injury, Poisoning, Procedural, Complication: 241,342

  • In this category I found Exposure via Breastmilk: 5796 adverse events;
  • Inappropriate schedule administration (??): 57,181;
  • Incorrect dose
  • Incorrect route;
  • JOINT injury dislocation (I have family with significant joint issues following administration);
  • maternal exposure during pregnancy (there seems to be categories that reference shedding); 5956
  • off label use!: 54,370 you go in for a knee surgery and vax you.
  • overdose: 5144
  • Poor quality product administered: 30 828;
  • product administered to patient inappropriate age: 8718
  • Product administration error;: 7586
  • road traffic accident: 171 (bad reaction and then you pilot your plain, train, or automobile?)

Investigations: 24,038

tons and tons of tests and investigations;

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