“More Than One” Foreign Country Sent Payments to Joe Biden for Domestic Influence

A whistleblower – who fears for his life – has come forward to Sen Chuck Grassley and Rep James Comer, saying there is a document at the FBI that summarizes an interview, in which it is alleged that then-Vice President Joe Biden had a bribery scheme with more than one foreign nation, in which Biden was paid to deliver certain US Government policy outcomes.

If this documented evidence definitively proves that Joe Biden sold out American policy in exchange for these bribes, this must be the end of the Biden Presidency, because it would mean that not only is he compromised but that he has actively worked against the United States on behalf of foreign nations for money.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene tells War Room guest host, Natalie Winters that this whistleblower is risking everything to bring forward credible, real evidence and that we should pray for his safety. Marjorie says she has seen this evidence and it’s real.

She says:

“We went into the Treasury Department and read the SARS (Suspicious Activity Reports) that the treasury has held for years.

“These aren’t new, they’ve had them for years and all of Washington has participated in covering up the Biden Crime Family and all the corruption and how they have sold the American People out and American interests out, all in exchange for money. They’ve gotten rich doing this for a very long time.

“We have seen the evidence of human sex trafficking by Hunter Biden through his law firm. We have seen the evidence of money-laundering through fake LLCs and shell companies. We are gathering the evidence and what everyone needs to understand is…we are committed, on the Oversight Committee to diligently following the process.

“And I am committed. I’ve been committed, from the time I came into Congress, knowing what was on the Hunter Biden laptop, knowing the crimes that the Biden Family has committed and the treachery and the treasonous behavior of Joe Biden against the American People, I’m committed to impeaching Joe Biden. I will finish what I started on his inauguration day. That’s a promise, it’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

“And I can promise you that we are developing, Thank God, on the Oversight Committee and thank you, to Jamie Comer, our Chairman and other people that are working so hard. We will be able to work hard and deliver this for the American People.

“It doesn’t matter how you vote. The American People deserve to see it.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.