Tucker Carlson Ousted Before He Could Respond to 60 Minutes and Ray Epps

TUCKER CARLSON: “Good Evening, and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. No doubt you’ve heard of the name Ray Epps. You have heard his name many times on this broadcast in connection with the events of January 6th. You’ve heard me tell you that our government was lying about what happened that day and that they haven’t stopped lying, and that they have an entire media empire helping them lie to you every day.

But those compliant patsies are never going to be threatened with legal action, like a defamation case, to shut them up, just like all of the talk about hacked voting machines after 2016 by Jill Stein and many in the media never led to defamation cases like the one Fox just settled with Dominion for $800 million.

Oh no.

If you’ve learned one thing from watching my show, it’s this: it’s always okay when they do it, but not when you do it. They are special, and you are not.

They get to say what they want and always have. They don’t like it that I also feel like I have the right to say what I want and that defamation is only provable if they can prove I intentionally lied to hurt the reputation of Ray Epps, which I did not.

When Chuck Schumer called out my boss, Rupert Murdoch, from the Senate Floor for helping to exonerate the wrongly accused Jacob Chansley in the Court of Public Opinion, he did so for a reason. They all belong to the same class of very powerful oligarchs who run this country. Did you think we were actually living in a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic?

Guess again.

If Chuck Schumer tells Rupert Murdoch to silence me and my show, Murdoch will listen. They go to the same parties, don’t you know. This is embarrassing for people who don’t like being exposed. That isn’t the only reason they want me gone from Fox — and if you don’t see me tonight on your television screens, you’ll know they finally did fire me. But the 60 Minutes episode was a warning.

It was like that scene in Godfather II when Frankie Pentangeli’s brother is brought into the courthouse, and suddenly, the testimony goes away.

How do I know that? Well, because Epps now has a fancy lawyer from Team Blue called Michael Teter, he appears to have been threatening a defamation case against Fox News and this program.

If Fox were to suddenly pull me off air the morning after 60 Minutes aired, that would mean avoiding a potential lawsuit by Michael Teter and his powerful friends. No official censorship necessary.

Fox would have known that the Cease and Desist letter came just a few weeks before the 60 Minutes segment, and that would have been too hard for me to resist.

Of course, I would have to respond to Ray Epps’ idiotic comment that I was “obsessed” with him. I would have to respond to such a blatantly biased, lazy report (even for 60 Minutes) on January 6th. I could not and would not allow them to have the last word with sloppy reporting like this:

On the 60 Minutes broadcast, Epps is cast as someone who had a change of heart halfway through, even after saying the quiet part out loud with, “They’re going to think I was part of it.”

But anyone who knows what happened on January 6th knows plenty of protesters were trying to stop the violence, including Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by Capitol Police.

Everything Ray Epps says he did on that day, others have been arrested, demonized, and lost jobs for – yet somehow he has become a media darling, constantly covered by the likes of the NY Times and now, 60 Minutes. They don’t even respect the American people enough to tell them why.

They just say, “It’s a conspiracy theory, shut up peasants!”

Here is what Influence Watch says about Teter and his company, the 65 Project:

The 65 Project was “devised” by Democratic consultant and former Clinton administration official Melissa Moss. It is a project of Law Works, a group with no website or public financial disclosures. 1 LawWorks has previously received grants from public policy-oriented foundation Democracy Fund and is a fiscal project of the Franklin Education Forum, a nonprofit organization that provides training and support to, “advance and broaden the appeal of the progressive cause.” 2 3

The name “65 Project” refers to the number of lawsuits filed by supporters of President Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election. 4


Teter, on behalf of Epps, has sent a “cease and desist” letter to Fox, as told to the New York Times in March:

A lawyer for Ray Epps, the man at the center of a prominent conspiracy theory about the Capitol riot, sent a letter on Thursday to the Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanding that he publicly retract his “false and defamatory statements” that Mr. Epps had worked as a government provocateur on Jan. 6, 2021, and helped to instigate the mob attack.

The letter to Mr. Carlson from the lawyer, Michael Teter, also demanded a “formal on-air apology for the lies” that have been “spread about Mr. Epps” by others at Fox.

“The fanciful notions that Mr. Carlson advances on his show regarding Mr. Epps’s involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection are demonstrably (and already proven to be) false,” Mr. Teter wrote. “And yet Mr. Carlson persists with his assault on the truth.”

So far, though, I haven’t been fired. My friend Megyn Kelly announced on her show that there are still negotiations underway and that I’m still under contract. I haven’t been told why exactly they pulled me off the air on Monday, but I think we can put two and two together.

If you step back and look at the bigger picture, you can plainly see what the game has been all along. The same way the government stuck its tentacles into social media to subvert the Constitution, they have to do more or less the same thing to get around the First Amendment if they want me off the air and to censor Fox News.

For the Murdochs, if they can shut me up, they might be able to salvage their network. Why, because the administrative state, the Democrats, and RINOs want to destroy Fox News. They liked it when Fox was just material for their late-night hosts, like Jon Stewart back in the day or Stephen Colbert.

But my show became too powerful, too popular, and too influential. They have to shut me up for the same reasons they have to shut you up and shut Trump up or anyone who goes against their Official Narrative, their reality, their “facts.”

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