Fake "Criminology Research" Underlies Woke Ideology

"Trust the Science"... again?

A surprising piece of news from The Florida Standard (archive link) reports that several foundational criminology studies authored by Prof. Eric Stewart of Florida State University have been retracted amid accusations of faking data to support conclusions desired by the authors.


Prof. Stewart authored several criminology studies that were later retracted due to findings of data faking. You can examine these retractions on RetractionWatch.

Prof Stewart’s articles are as follows:

The sample “findings” (below) in one of Prof. Stewart’s retracted studies are foundational for important concepts of “woke ideology.” Specifically, he shows punitive racism to be inherent to White respondents:

I am aware that racism is real, as several people (out of very many I met and spoke to) shared their racist beliefs with me in the past. Similarly, I know that antisemitism is real also, as some people shared their dislike of Jews with me as well (I am a Jew). But how common are such beliefs?

Fortunately, the history of retracted articles by Prof. Stewart encourages us that such racism is NOT prevalent! Eric Stewart had to fake data to support his contention that punitive racism is pervasive among White respondents.

The Florida Standard explains:

The study tested if the public’s prejudicial views impacted their desire for harsher sentences for black and hispanic Americans. The published findings were that as black and hispanic populations grew, so did the public’s want for more discriminatory sentences. Except – Pickett discovered – this was not the case.

In the original data, no relationship was found between growing minority populations and demands for increased sentences. If anything, Pickett pointed out, it was quite the opposite.

Pickett found that their sample size somehow had increased from 500 to over 1,000 respondents, the counties polled had decreased from 326 to 91, and the data was altered to the point of mathematical impossibility.

Were Prof. Stewart’s articles harmless? Did they have any consequences?

Unfortunately, far from being harmless, the fake findings of pervasive racism exacerbated racial enmity and radicalized many peopleThis video (Twitter blocks embeds on Substack) shows an example, out of many, of violence provoked by such unnecessary radicalization. Twitter commenters cheer the beating of a defenseless woman.

Could these persons resolve their disagreements without violence? Yes, they could, had they not been radicalized by Prof. Stewart and many others in furtherance of the political goals of their sponsors.

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