Debt Default Among Poorer Countries – Another Banking Spiral…

Poorer Countries across the globe are beginning to face ‘debt default’.     Ukraine, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Argentina, Kenya and Zambia are in an economic crisis and the US is calling for more restructuring and forgiveness.   The vast majority of the debt is owed to China and the IMF.   1)   Despite demands from western nations that China follow the rules based mafia, China is no longer bowing to these whims and has declared they will make their own decisions. 2)   The IMF is nearly broke sitting on a 5.8% Net Equity Ratio.   They have no leverage for restructuring.

Politico:   “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other officials are growing adamant that what they view as China’s hardline approach to lending is squeezing countries and threatening to deepen poverty in Africa and elsewhere.”

The issue with the version presented by the far left Politico is that it is focused exclusively on China instead of the IMF whose inability to provide relief is a paramount concern. By contrast The World Bank would appear to be relatively healthy.   The bias places unequal weighting on the scales and thus precludes a whole picture presentation.

According to Politico, China made loans with the expectation of receiving oil and minerals while the US/IMF were simply above board in their backhanded stipulations and pinky-swear motives in just trying to lift countries out of poverty.

You see, according to Politico, the IMF has been helping to build infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and railroads so as to unlock these rich farmland commodities to be consumed by the individual country’s citizens… That would be the pitched riff.  

China’s loans and influence have interrupted the Cartel’s true intention of colonizing Africa and absorbing all their resources while Bill Gates performs his magic depopulation religion.

Land Grabs have been the infrastructure reasoning.   Land grabs have been commonplace for 2 decades. The vast majority of the land purchased for pennies on the dollar was sold to US, Saudi and China interests.   But US hedge Funds and Banking Cartels such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have tucked away African Land for a ‘rainy day’ as well.

In addition, many US venture firms form offshore status to surreptitiously buy up the land and are much more difficult to confirm.   For Example: A)   Petrotech-ffn Agro Mali which is a subsidiary of Petrotech-ffn USA. B)   Sierra Leone Agriculture (SLA) is actually a subsidiary of the U.K. based Crad-l (CAPARO Renewable Agriculture Developments Ltd.), associated with the Tony Blair. 

The local squatters who were fending off the land were expelled without a dime. The farmland was lacking in infrastructure so the Green Fund, USAID, and the IMF have been redirecting US Taxpayer funds to build infrastructure. Not for the squatters – but for the interests of the Western Nation Cartel.

Africa has over half of the world’s arable, unused land. An estimated 500 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on 3.46 billion acres of community held farmland.  As of 2010, 261 million acres of this land belonged to ‘investors’.

China is not responsible for the rising debt problem in these countries.   Because of the disingenuous actions of Treasury Secretary Yellen raising interest rates, the cost of debt paid in dollars has become insurmountable. The basis for Yellen’s larceny has been ‘employment’ stats.   The employment stats have been fabricated.   And thus the entire interest rate hike scenario is a farcical fantasy.  When compared to ADP payroll processing, the Bureau of Labor numbers are wholly inconsistent!

March ADP:   145,000 jobs added                                   March BLS:   236,000

February ADP:   242,000 jobs added                              February BLS:   311,000

January ADP:   106,000 jobs added                                January BLS:   472,000

The discrepancy is MASSIVE!   It is also – ignored.   And the BLS numbers continue to be the source for Yellen’s hacking interest rate hikes which have created an explosive debt default spiral.

As a result, the devaluation of the dollar will continue to splinter the US economy as more countries move to ‘safer’ coin.   Countries holding US Debt will likely refinance with better terms.   And the Western Cartel will find themselves with nothing but paper.   In addition, Sanctions imposed by the US have contributed to the destructuring of the American Empire.   Sanctions have rarely been beneficial to the US, however they played a pivotal role in other countries demise, including Syria.

As a result, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries are being befriended by their own while the US continues to parlay an enemy motif.   “The Common Enemy” was George Bush’s response to 9-11 in the destabilization of the Middle East.   Give people a common enemy and they will come together.   This hawkish ideology led to a host of assassinations across Africa and the Middle East. Detangled from this illusion, these same enemies are now being befriended as allies growing alternative empires.

Politico’s distraction of blame is easily deconstructed.   Africa and South America continue to be the greatest recipients of climate change funds somewhat mitigating debt collapse.   Should they move to a different currency would The Green Climate Fund still play footsie?

This originally appeared on Helena-The Nationalist Voice.