America’s Fifth Column Has Sold Out the American People | Bannon Goes Off on America’s Finks and Dalios

Steve Bannon goes on an epic rant about the traitors in our country who sold us out.

He refers to the ancient Athenians versus the ancient Spartans and the Thucydides Trap, which is the tendency towards war when a rising power threatens to displace an existing great power.

Bannon fumes, “Show me one example where the elites of the declining power made more money on the way down than on the way up? That’s the situation we’re in! We’ve been sold out by a 5th Column in this nation and the great thing about the indictment [against Donald Trump], it begins naming names and we’re gonna do more of it!

“These people are your enemies. Let me repeat this: Larry Fink is an enemy of the People of the United States of America. He sold this country out and there’s a slew of them. From Ray Dalio to Ken Griffin, they’re in business with the CCP, they hate populism.

“You know why they hate populism? Because we’re willing to stand up and say, ‘Our sons and daughters are not gonna die – we’re not gonna lose 10,000 sailors in the 7th Fleet playing your games, when you’re financing the enemy!

“You financed their war machine! You’ve given them technology! You sit there in your Sequoia Capital, the Democrat Party’s raising more money… 

“This is the issue before us: We have a 5th Column in this nation that has sold us out! And now, with our backs against the wall and all the chip plants over there, now you’re gonna call on the 7th Fleet, that’s quite frankly not prepared. They’re not prepared to fight this war. They’re just not. And Frank Gaffney said on this show 3 weeks ago, ‘You’re gonna lose a Carrier Battle Group and you’re gonna have 10,000 sailors at the bottom of the South China Sea and the bottom of the Straits of Taiwan and then, the Blame Game’s gonna start.’ It’s gonna be a new Pearl Harbor, OK? Let’s avoid that!…

“Let’s protect the privileges of the people of this nation. It is time, now to declare Unrestricted War on the Chinese Communist Party. Today, we should seize all of their assets. I can go into Midtown Manhattan and I can show you the buildings that Wang Qishan‘s family owns, that Xi’s family owns, that Deng Xiaoping‘s family owns. It’s like that scene in The Untouchables, when Sean Connery says, ‘Everybody knows where the whiskey is, does anybody have the courage to take the axe and beat down the door?’

“Now is our Call to Action! We don’t need no Senator Claghorn to say, ‘Well, we need a stable member of the World Order…’ No, we don’t! We need them defeated! We don’t need them as a ‘stable member’! They’re never gonna be a stable member, you fool! What are you thinking of?

“It’s time now to stop the Happy Talk! It’s time now to stop all the clap-trap you see all the time. It’s time now to identify the enemy, take the fight to the enemy, take the torch to the enemy – and that is enemies both foreign and domestic!”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.