Alex Jones Breaks Down the Great Reset

In this video, I interview Alex Jones, host of “The Alex Jones Show” and founder of, about his new book, “The Great Reset: And the War for the World.” Jones was one of the first to be targeted for massive censorship.

As of August 2018, he’d already been uniformly removed from Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter. They all targeted and deplatformed him within days of each other. Of course, the following summer, I and hundreds of other sites, were similarly removed. Jones was the first, though, and he had a massive audience, being one of the top 1,000 most-visited websites in the world, not just the U.S.

Censorship Through ‘Lawfare’

In all, more than 50 lawsuits have been filed against him, in two different jurisdictions. In the video above, Russel Brand provides a solid summary of events to date. As noted by Jones, “It’s simply historic what’s happening.” As you might expect, he’s spent millions of dollars defending his right to free speech, and recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

“It’s their plan to shut us down,” he says. “I’m not worried about myself. I want to keep Infowars on the air as long as possible, but we’ve been vindicated. The New World Order is here. Global government is here. The depopulation agenda, the force inoculation hell, the open borders, the devaluation of currency — all of it is already here. And so, I’m just a symptom of the disease, and the fact that they want to shut everybody down …

The lawyers for these people … [have] said, ‘It is our mission to silence him, and shut him down with the biggest judgments we can get. We want him off air.’

So just a few years ago, it would be heresy to say, ‘We want to silence someone,’ but that’s the point of this suit. Now, they openly say it is to destroy us. And they have said on CNN, and MSNBC, ‘Next is Tucker Carlson. Next is Joe Rogan. Next is everybody else.'”

The Great Reset Is a War for Global Domination

Continuing his effort to alert people to the global enslavement agenda, Jones wrote “The Great Reset: And the War for the World.” “I went with this title, because the globalists are in a war for the world, a planetary government, a total takeover,” he says.

It’s basically a compilation of Jones’ notes, documents and recordings to illustrate how the takeover began, how it’s being implemented, and to what end. Like Jones, I believe the people of the world are at a crossroads right now. The decision to be made is whether we’re going to have a pro-human future, or a transhumanist technocracy, a biomedical tyranny, under which you have no rights whatsoever.

“It covers every aspect of the Great Reset. And it’s full of quotes, and statements, and documents. In fact, every statement in the book is backed up by their admissions.

That’s what’s incredible; this takeover of the planet by mega corporations, and this attempt to capture the human species and turn us into [something] like factory farmed humans that they control and program — this Brave New World 2.0 — is out in the open.

That’s why the book is so important. I liken it to the plans to the Death Star. This is their plan. This is their blueprint. This is their playbook. And if you understand this, then you’ve got a major leg up against this takeover,” he says.

“Now, they physically want control of our bodies with this whole biomedical tyranny. That’s what’s so incredible about Klaus Schwab, and [professor Yuval Noah] Harari and all these other people that we quote — they are admitting their plan to have a scientific revolution, and that by the year 2047, humans will be obsolete.

They predict a future without humans by the turn of the next century. I mean, these are fantastical death-cold statements, but they’re in control of the finance. They’re in control of the medical systems. They’re in control of most of the governments.

And if humanity doesn’t awaken to this, and organize against it, we have no hope. But the plan is so diabolical and so public, that if we just admit it’s happening, and start mobilizing and organizing, we can — and we will — take this down.”

Solid Track Record

One problem with being too far ahead of everyone else is that few believe you. For well over a decade, Jones has sounded the alarm, warning that what we’re experiencing today was coming. Oftentimes, it sounded too crazy to be true, and while he’s not been 100% correct in his prognostications, his track record is surprisingly good.

According to Jones, the reason he was aware of the existence of this “deep state” cabal was because his parents were both voracious readers of political science, science journals and information in general. So, at an early age, Jones got intrigued by books about World War I and II, Cecil Rhodes, Rhodesia and the diamond monopoly, the Roman empire and other things that happened in history.

“So, I had an understanding of real history, and the fact that the world did have elites in it, and did have ruling controlling oligarchies. Of course, I’d read ‘Brave New World,’ and ‘Brave New World Revisited’ — that was nonfiction, where Huxley explains, ‘My book from 1932 is really what I believe will happen sometime after the year 2000; this is actually our goal.’

So, you read that dystopic scientific dictatorship book from ’32, and then he explains, ‘This is really what the technocrats plan. This is what we’ve been developing and preparing.’

I’ve been on air 28 years, since I was 21 years old. And a lot of it came off as crazy, because back then, a lot of this was more academic — that they were going to set up world government. They were going to have carbon taxes …

I was on air, simply reading what they were planning to do. Now, we’re here, 20-plus years later, and they’re actually starting to implement it. We’re going from beta to operational now. And so, it sounds like I’m a prophet or something, but really, I’m not. It’s just that most people weren’t reading the stuff when it was in MIT journals, when it was more academic.

Now that it’s rolling out into operational phase, people are really starting to pay attention to what I said 10, 20, 25 years ago. There’s are viral videos … where I say what’s coming in the next 10, 20 years, but again, I’m reading from their own statements. They’re the ones that planned all this.

We’ve got Joe Biden, 15 years ago in the Senate, saying, ‘Soon you’ll have a microchip under your skin to buy and sell.’ Well, he was going and meeting at the Bilderberg group, and the Davos group, and that was their plan. And so, he knew it was coming.”

Where Did It Begin?

Jones traces the beginning of the desire for a global totalitarian regime all the way back to Plato, some 2,300 years ago, who in “The Republic” expressed the idea that the poor ought to be killed off, and a race with elite characteristics be bred.

“He’s really, the founder of what became eugenics,” Jones says. “We can’t prove that it goes all the way back to Plato. We just know that his ideas are the admitted genesis point, and where all these other systems of eugenics and human enslavement basically propagate from. He’s the progenitor.”

Fast-forwarding through history, Jones paraphrases British economist Thomas Robert Malthus, who some 300 years ago expressed the idea “We should herd the poor people into tiny apartments. We should let disease spread amongst them. We should exterminate and reduce the population, because the caring capacity of the earth has been reached.”

These Malthusian views continued down through Sir Francis Galton, who in the 1850s developed the theory of modern eugenics, and who postulated that computers, the science of biometrics, the discovery of the building blocks of our cells would eventually allow them to control human reproductive processes in an orderly fashion. Malthus was heavily funded by the British royal family and the Rothschilds, who together with the Rockefellers, developed most of the modern sciences.

“It was an attempt by the elites to clamp down on technology, and use it as a tool for control, not for empowerment,” Jones says. “And then, out of Galton, we get people like HG Wells and others. And so, you had two different, competing Fabian socialists — the British Empire and Cecil Rhodes, and the CFR, the Royal Round Table group management systems of the British empire — competing with what they called the German problem.

That’s why they orchestrated World War I. Hitler was in competition with them and basically adopted the eugenics program, but decided to only project it onto certain targeted minority groups. And so, Hitler was a bad son, or an offshoot of the Fabian socialist.

The eugenics movement was started in England, and by the time Hitler came to power, eugenics was accepted in most countries of the world, as [it] the set [the direction of] science. The U.S. was doing hundreds of thousands of sterilizations of not just poor minorities, but also whites who got bad report card scores …

And so, the basis of the scientific system that we live under is this Rothschild, Galton, Rockefeller eugenics based system.

Bill Gates is an operative of that. Going back three generations, his grandfather and father were leading board members of the different eugenics and depopulation boards. The original name of Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation, started in the mid-’90s, was ‘The World Population Control Bureau.’ They changed the name in 1999 to The Bill & Melinda Gates Philanthropic Organization.

So, this is really a cult. You can argue there’s too many people in some areas, you can argue we’re getting lazy and dumb. We can argue that modern society makes us weak.

But who sets up these ultra-rich control freaks to play God and decide who lives and who dies? Now they’re moving forward with the forced injections, the GMOs, the 5G, and all of it is to render us basically sterile, sick and dying creatures. They’re involved in a mass culling operation.”

‘Elite’ Bloodlines

When asked if there are, in fact, families whose bloodlines go back thousands of years, and that a small number of these families make up the central core of this global cabal, Jones says yes, “That is absolutely what’s happening.”

“If you trace back [to] Egypt, and then Greece, and then Rome, and the fall of the Roman empire, the fall of the Byzantine empire, all of that power then was transferred to France, England and Scotland.

Those systems of control, and the ancient knowledge of science, maps of the world and [other] things we know they had that were much more accurate than what we had previously known, they then used those sciences of control that had been handed down through these bloodlines and other systems, into our modern world.

I would say that the City of London, within London, is the main power base. And that the New World Order global government — the Davos group’s ‘build back better’ Great Reset — is a modern expression of the British Empire.”

As explained by Jones, the City of London is a 1.12-square mile location in the heart of London that has its own sovereign corporate governing system. Not surprisingly, all central banks of the world have offices within the City of London. Offshoots of the City of London include the British East India Company, the Bank of England and other organizations that are privately held, yet have been bequeathed with governmental power.

“Prince Charles directly traces his lineage, and he’s written books about this, to … Vlad III Dracula1 [aka ‘The Impaler’] … a Transylvanian noble bloodline that later grew into what became the Austrian Hungarian empire. With George I and George II … couldn’t even really speak English … So, it’s a German Transylvanian ancient bloodline that is at least 1,000 years old, and it runs the New World Order.

So, when you see Prince Phillip — who also said before he died that he wants a world government, and to come back as a virus to kill 80% of the world population — and his son, Prince Charles, pushing this, you are literally seeing the House of the Dragon, that’s what Dracula means, ‘Dracul, the House of the Dragon,’ that is ruling our planet.”

Crazy Riches

While never mentioned in the popular press when discussing the richest people in the world, the Rothchild family is likely the richest by far. Ten years ago, their net worth was estimated to be around $100 trillion. Today, it could be close to $1 quadrillion. They own half of the central banks of the world. How is it possible for any family to amass that kind of wealth? Jones explains:

“What they’re doing is weaponizing monetization. They get the money up front, when it has value. They then buy up real assets. They loan it out at interest. And so, we get the debt, we get the inflation, we get our savings destroyed, [while] they take over the world.

That’s how the Rothschilds first made their money in Germany. They had little pawn shops that had red shields on them. That was their logo. That was their trademark. Rothschild means ‘red shield.’ People didn’t want to hold their gold or silver at their house. They didn’t have banks back then, only royalty had treasuries that were guarded by guards, inside fortresses.

The Rothschilds were goldsmiths, so they started writing script to people, going back to Germany about 550 years. People would bring their silver and gold, and the Rothschilds would give you script. Well, they learned they could give people more script than the actual gold and silver they were holding, and they developed the rule: Never loan out more than 10 to 1 script. That’s where paper money comes from.”

Today, that’s known as fractional reserve banking. This system is now so overleveraged, it’s a mathematical certainty that it will crash. In fact, many say it’s a miracle that it’s held together this long. This inevitable failure of the system is why they now want to move over to a carbon-based economic system, where everything on earth has a carbon cost. The new digital currency will then be tied to that carbon “value.”

As Jones explains in his book, this new system is a system based on global slavery and absolute control by a central “elite” that will live above and outside all of the laws, rules and limitations imposed on the rest of us. The new system will be one where you own nothing — not your car, your clothes, your phone or anything else. Everything will be rent or lease-based. Of course, all of these items will be owned by someone, and that will be these “elite” individuals.

The Elite Look Forward to a Post-Human World

They also want a transhumanist post-human world — in their own words — where they control the evolution of humanity itself. They foresee a future where the human body is merged with machines, so that those with the means can transcend their mortal bodies and basically live forever.

“I have read hundreds of articles that they’ve written, where they openly brag about this,” Jones says. “That’s why Elon Musk said, ‘Beware those that worship AI gods.’

He talks about the elite, that they’re going to live forever. They want a post-human world. They want Sapiens 2.0. Harari, one of the high priests of globalism at the Davos group, says that the post-human world will be here by 2047 or so, and that he looks forward to the end of humanity.

So, this is a self-appointed, control-freak, mad-scientist cult that is literally taking control of the entire human biological system, just as Monsanto and others have done with the crops.”

Predictions for the Near-Term

What’s been outlined so far is the long-term agenda. In the shorter term, the next three years or so, we’re looking at a conglomerate of intersecting manufactured crises designed to force us in that long-term direction.

As noted by Jones, they’re cutting off fossil fuels while blocking viable energy alternatives, they’re collapsing borders, devaluing currencies, they’re destroying old infrastructure — basically, they’re “destroying the industrial carrying capacity of the planet, to launch mass famine, societal degeneration and collapse, and war,” Jones says.

“Then they will pose as saviors, saying they’re going to stabilize the world with a global marshal plan of quadrillions of dollars, to bring in their Green New Deal. But first, they have to dynamite and blow up the old system.

That’s why Prince Charles, four months ago, gave that speech where he said, ‘We need a total military style mobilization, with more capital than is even existing currently on the world, to force the end of the old system, and the move to the new system.’

The new system is doubling, tripling starvation every year. [It’ll be] forced medical tyranny. A world ID tied to a social credit score. Carbon tax. And then once they’ve annihilated the grassroots economy, once they’ve bought up all the farms, once they’ve centralized things further, they will then bring in the universal basic income.

With that, they’ll be able to dictate how you live, where you can go, and that will be directly tied to your behavior. So, the entire world will be turned into a giant open air, high-tech reeducation camp, here in the near future …

People need to understand, this is very serious. And thank God for [president Jair] Bolsonaro in Brazil. Thank God for [prime minister Viktor] Orban in Hungary.

Thank God for some of the other leaders we have around the world that are popping up and calling out the Great Reset, calling out the New World Order, and explaining to people that this is a global corporate hostile takeover of the planet’s biospheres … We are, right now, segueing into that system. And it’s really up to us whether they ever actually get it into place, but they’re certainly trying.”

Cyber Attack on Power Grid Is a Very Real Possibility

One possible “false flag” operation that could push us all the closer to The Great Reset would be a cyberwarfare attack that takes out part or all of the electrical grid. This would actually be far easier to deploy than 9/11 was and this is something Schwab has warned about on several occasions — again signaling what they’re actually planning.

A cyber attack would be very easy to pull off. They could easily blame it on terrorists and no one would be able to prove otherwise. At that point, they could roll out more surveillance tech and internet IDs in the name of creating cyber security. Of course, such an event could also take out large portions of a population, as society will collapse if there’s no electricity for an extended period.

In anticipation and preparation for that eventuality, it would be wise to acquire some sort of backup power, be it a gas generator, a solar-powered generator or something else. You likely won’t be able to maintain all your creature comforts, but you’ll be able to run some necessities.

“I believe, first, they’re going to do some beta attacks, where they take out one of the three big grids in the U.S., for, say, a couple weeks, and then, use that as a power grab to get more control,” Jones says. “Then, [they’ll] slowly continue to turn off the fuel by gas prices being so high, and slowly watch society unravel.

Once they’ve beta tested this a few times, I would say, around the year 2030 or so, that’s when they would claim that terrorists detonated an EMP or something, and turn off the whole grid, and then have organized collapse and barbarism. But first, they’ve got to get their full police state in place. They’ve got to get their armored globalist reservations prepared, to be able to safely direct all of this.

So, I think they are about seven, eight years away from the real mass extermination. Or they may just roll the dice, and release some super bioweapon that’s so deadly, it kills large portions of society. And then, that itself would cause the effect of collapsing things.

But they don’t feel safe right now, in their armored bunkers in rural Canada. They don’t feel safe in Tasmania, or Kauai, Hawaii. They don’t feel safe in some of these fortresses they’ve built.

I know some of the security people that have worked in them, and seen them, and who’ve worked with some of the richest people in the world. And let me tell you, it’s even in the news, there is a race by these billionaires to build underground fortresses …

That’s why some of these billionaires are also building these floating cities. Because they are trying to position themselves for this collapse … They’re going to go to the ocean while the rest of us die.”

Join Humanity in The Great Reject

Facing off against Schwab’s Great Reset is what finance expert Catherine Austin Fitts has dubbed “The Great Reject” or “The Great Rejection.” In Financial Rebellion episode 31,2 she discussed how to fight back and “where to stash your cash in 2022.” What does Jones suggest we do?

“We need to get healthy,” he says. “We need to eat healthy. We need to meditate. We need to pray. We need to love our families, love our neighbors. And just realize that it’s going to turn out okay in the end. There’s evil in the universe. There are also forces of good, and we see that.

God works through us, and we’ve just got to trust in God, and not let them get us down with all this evil. Just keep moving forward, keep persevering, and reach out to the hopeless, speak to people and just get outside and get sunshine.

Spend time thinking about how beautiful the universe is, and realize the evil forces on this planet are not all-powerful. That’s why they want control, because they want to be all-powerful. We will transcend this together.

And then inform others. Get the book [‘The Great Reset: And the War for the World‘] at That’ll help keep us on air. We need the funding. Plus, it’s an amazing book. Steve Bannon said it’s one of the most important books he’s ever read. I’m really proud that we were able to get this book done and produced. Get it on, because I want to send it to No. 1 … It’s in the top 40 books right now.

Spread the word about Dr. Mercola’s show. I know millions do. Share this interview, go to, go to, where you can find all the forbidden information that they don’t want out. Support independent media, support independent businesses, support small businesses, support farms, support thrift shops.

More and more, we need to disengage from the big corporate system that ran the lockdowns, that declared small businesses non-essential. Realize, they’re trying to make us all non-essential, to make us unproductive, so that we are useless, not just to them, but to ourselves. We have to make ourselves useful, make ourselves productive.

Go take a carpentry class. Go take a class on how to fix engines. This is real knowledge that we need, not the stuff that they’re teaching in most of these colleges. And that’s all been done by design. We need to all become generalists, so that all know a lot of information, and a lot of basic things. Plant a garden …”

In addition to all of these suggestions, and the reminder to prepare for backup power, perhaps the most important preparation of all is to secure a source of potable water. Remember, water stops flowing through your tap at some point after the electrical grid goes down. I addressed this in “How to Secure Your Water Supply for Emergencies.”

Last but not least, we need to develop community. You don’t want to be a lone ranger out there. You need a group of people who are like minded and share your values. If you’re in a large city and have the ability to leave, then leave, sooner rather than later. The cities are not going to survive, I don’t think.

“We’re going to end up having small towns come together,” Jones says. “We’re going to end up becoming self-sufficient. And there’s going to be a new Renaissance that comes out of this as well.”

Again, to learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of “The Great Reset: And the War for the World,” available on

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