Call the Exorcist

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.” ? Gandhi,

You might be among those who have noticed that the people in authority in our country appear increasingly insane. It ought to be self-evident that this is deeply disturbing, but I will explain anyway to allay any residual mystification. In a sane human society, authority is granted to those who are trustworthy. People earn trust by demonstrating their allegiance to reality. Things generally work better when the people running them maintain cordial relations with reality. Now, you understand why so many things don’t work in the USA.

What more subtle minds are asking these days is: when does this insanity tip over into evil? Especially the insanity evinced in our authority figures. How about when someone positively refutes reality in the act of doing harm, for instance Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC. Ms. Walensky is, to this moment, still proffering mRNA Covid-19 “vaccines” for children despite the reality that reams of evidence exist showing these products to be harmful, even deadly — and, in particular, by the previously exacting standards of the CDC’s sister agency, the FDA, which hold that just a few demonstrated injuries will lead to a drug being withdrawn from medical practice. (Ms. Walensky is a medical doctor, by the way).

Is it possible that Ms. Walensky is unacquainted with the genuine news all over the Internet about mRNA injury and death? Rate that hard-to-believe… that is, at odds with reality. If, for some reason it escaped her attention, do you suppose that somebody among her ten-thousand-plus CDC employees might have alerted the director about all this? I would suppose so. The unappetizing conclusion is that Rochelle Wallensky, in her very important role as a national public health officer, has tripped over the line from insane to evil.

As a general rule, human societies give individuals and groups permission to act in certain ways. Is it not obvious, for instance, that the deans and college presidents have issued blanket permission for students (and faculty) to mistreat invited speakers who purvey ideas contrary to the Woke campus consensus? Or that many big city mayors give permission to young people to create mayhem in the streets, steal from retail shops, and even injure or kill other people? Hence, college no longer works to expose young adults to the reality of competing ideas and the public realm in our cities is one big danger zone.

The college deans and presidents do this knowingly as do the big city mayors. When the predictable results manifest — abused speakers and urban chaos — the people in authority do nothing to discipline those who act-out, and so permission in granted to get more of that behavior. After the injuries are committed, the same authority figures offer insincere rationalizations to excuse the entire insane permission-granting dynamic, thus revealing their complicity. In short, they lie, employing complex confabulations. That seems evil.

The political Left these days is determined to promote sexual confusion as a crucial component of the common good. Politicians, agency officials, corporate executives, the chiefs of NGOs and public interest organizations all support public demonstrations of ignoble and sinister sexual acts, often involving the inversion of sexual roles between male and female. Here’s an interesting specimen posted Saturday, April 15, on Twitter.

If you object to this behavior, you may be subject to extreme punishment (loss of career) for “transphobia.” The Left is taunting America with exhibitions like this (notice the child in the background at center). Is it not clear that this is some sort of insult to decency?  The Left wants the non-Left to respond with acts of violence so that the Left can proceed to disarm the non-Left and prevent any opposition to the Left’s more serious plans to abolish personal liberty, such as a Central Bank Digital Currency that will monitor all your spending, punish you for your economic choices, and confiscate your earnings. The Left does these things in the name, they say, of “our democracy.” It’s a lie, of course. Democracy is the last thing they really care about. They do it in the name of pushing everybody around because all they really care about is coercion and punishment (applied with maximum sadism). Here’s one of the Left’s thought-leaders expressing this ethos the other day:

From The Guardian

Robert Reich was Labor Secretary in Bill Clinton’s cabinet. He is a much-published author, including a recent book titled (ominously) The Common Good. He’s been a professor at Brandeis and UC Berkeley. He’s an eminentissimo among the Left’s authority figures. His insistence that the non-Left seeks to bring about a tyrannical marriage of corporate-and-government interests (fascism) is contrary to the reality that this is exactly the program currently carried out by his own Democratic Party. Look no further than the Twitter files and the censorship campaign of collusion between Woked-up government agencies and Woked-up social media executives (who, by a more than 90-percent ratio contributed campaign money to the Democratic Party). Robert Reich’s party is against free speech. Democracy requires freedom of speech. That’s why Madison, Hamilton and the others put it in our constitution. Robert Reich is a liar. He is against freedom of speech.

Human religious lore has it that the figure of Satan is the Father of Lies. Satan is the personification of evil. The political Left and the vehicle it rides on, the Democratic Party, with phantom president “Joe Biden” in the driver’s seat, has become the Party of Satan. We are in the presence of evil. (Call them psychopaths, if you’re more comfortable with that.) Whether you are religious or not, it represents a force at war with reality, and it happens to be at war against the rest of us. You can’t negotiate with it. It lies always and everywhere about everything. It must be vanquished.

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