The US/NATO War Against Russia

The US/NATO war against Russia via proxy Ukraine is one of the most ridiculous, unnecessary, contrived wars ever devised.  It was initiated and engineered by the United States with two main objectives: 1) to weaken and destroy Russia, and 2) to make America’s European “allies” (vassal states) more dependent economically on the USA.

This situation is extremely dangerous as certain elements in the Washington political establishment would like to escalate the conflict to a nuclear war.

The following political verse/song lyric attempts to capture the gist of this insanity.  Somebody please write a melody for these lines and turn it into a song so that more people will become aware of what’s going on.

* * *

The US/NATO War Against Russia
Biden’s war
Obama’s war
Hillary’s war

Russia has a right to self-defense
Russia has every right to keep America’s missiles
off her back fence.

Biden’s war
Obama’s war
The US Uniparty’s war.

America, you dumb-asses, what are you fighting for?
It’s like the Cuban missile crisis in reverse
only much worse,
much much worse.
Ukraine bombing the Donbass for years and years
NATO creeping up to Russia’s border,
breaking all treaties,
generating fears.

America’s war
Washington’s war
The Pentagon’s war

Stabbing Germany in the back
blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline in a stealth attack
America’s sending all of Europe back—
back to the Middle Ages…deindustrialization
No gas to heat homes in hibernation
The people exploding with deep frustration
against their globalist rulers who’re destroying each nation
while senile Biden and dirty Sunak call for war without cessation.

The propaganda goes into overdrive
to try to keep the jingoism alive
while the White House plays nuclear chicken
and God knows how many of us will survive.

The Democrats’ war
The Republicans’ war
The Pentagon’s war
The Democrats have turned America
into a hellscape of hunger, inflation, crime,
blood and gore

But Biden wants more.
The Congress wants more.
The war-machine that owns every politician wants more.

Wake up, People!  Show these bastards the door.