Is It Too Late For Us?

My wife, Peggy, died almost a year ago following a very long, $2 million dollar, six year battle with cancer. We prayed for her healing nonstop and tried every form of treatment known to mankind. In the end, neither the snake oil, nor the prayers turned out as we’d hoped. She slowly continued dying to the life she held onto so desperately.

Perhaps three to four months prior we realized that God, for whatever reason in His infinite wisdom, was not going to heal her. The pain and sickness from both the cancer and the treatment, and all of the side effects, became so horrible and excruciating, so unbearable, that I actually began to pray that the Lord would take her. I hated myself for doing that, but I wanted her suffering to be over. She was pure Irish and she died, fittingly, early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s taken me all of this time to realize I actually did the right thing. But it felt so wrong at the time. Praying for someone to die? I felt so unfaithful. Yet, had we continued to pray and work for physical healing, we would have faced worse pain and increased suffering. Why? Because the season of healing for her on this Earth had passed and we both knew it. So, we pretty much nixed the stuff from the snake oil salesmen in mid-December.

I’ve wondered if this is the same situation we face today in America? Could it be that the season has also passed for America’s healing? Could it be that it’s time to ask our Heavenly Father in all His mercy to end this facade we once knew as America? It’s just a question.

In the end, my wife was a mere shadow of what she once was. She had become skinny, weak, nauseous, mentally unstable, pain-ridden and incontinent, 24/7. Today, I see America in the same shape. We are not even a facsimile of what we once were, having been eaten away by a ravaging cancer of corruption. Only those who do more than just watch the nightly news on the main stream media truly see what is going on behind this present tragedy, and can see that America is on life-support and about to flatline. My wife and I made a pact that when it got that bad one of us would pull the plug for the other. We did so. Not long after, a great nephew was born. Life begins again.

Having been immersed as a political consultant for 30 years, I’ve been involved with many great legislators and warriors WORKING and PRAYING all that time trying to save this good ship Lollipop that Little Miss Shirley Temple used to sing about — back when it wasn’t listing and taking on water. Meanwhile, most of those around us, so-called Christian patriots and pastors, did very little, other than ignore it. Overtime, I’ve learned that most people — not all, but most — who would get angry at this question I’m asking here — are the same people who never got off their thumbs and did much of anything to help save this country anyway — except words of prayer. Is prayer enough? Or, do we include anything with that prayer? Like, putting our money where our mouths are.

We have mistakenly believed that America is too big to fail. We have mistakenly believed that because of America’s blessed beginnings from those days at Plymouth plantation that God would always protect us no matter how corrupt we became. We understand that everything else in our lives needs our personal effort, such as, work, marriage, and family, but somewhere along the line we bought into this notion that how this nation turns out is strictly up to the Lord.

Sorry, but it does not work like that.

Things have now gone so horribly bad, become so utterly and profoundly corrupt — just like what happened to my wife’s body — that, as with her, we are far beyond any reasonable expectation of healing. That’s where I see America today. We are literally living on life support in the cancer ward. And no longer can we blame it on the Republicans or the Democrats, or Joe Biden, or the Bushes, Obama, or Trump. It is not their fault. It is my fault. It is your fault.

Does my saying so offend?

I, too, have never cared much for Chicken Littles who run around saying the sky is falling. But I strongly fear that it’s now too late for this once great America. We are now reaping what we have sown for at least four generations. Yet we pray that God will, by some miracle, send a hoard of angels down and clean up this mess — a mess for which we, and we alone, are quite responsible.

Doesn’t the Lord love America? Yes, I am sure He does. But He loved other countries and civilizations that went under. Did He have a purpose for America. Yes, but He seeks a people that will represent that purpose. And wasn’t that purpose to establish His kingdom on Earth — as it is in Heaven? I could be wrong, but, over time I seriously doubt the Father cares what chunk of land on which that happens. The America that was meant to be is no more. In my view, as with my wife, the season has passed.

Almost everyone I talk to in and out of the church today tells me that they have quit watching the news at night because it’s so depressing. Really? But isn’t what we see happening around us on the news a call to action? I’ve found that in most cases, those who are depressed over our present dilemma never did very much to help the situation anyway. Like Chatty Cathy dolls, they pull their own string over and over again to remind us that we are simply living in the end times. Therefore, what can I do about it anyway? The Jesus bus is just around the corner, soon to show up and take all good Americans out of here. So, let someone else worry about it.

Then there are the great revivals that all good preachers love to cite. Revivals are important when they truly change lives. But, as cynical as I’ve become, I’ve often felt that too often revivals have been man-made, rather than of God. I truly hope the ones we are hearing about now are God made. Revivals, as Marie Curie once stated, are for the …improvement of man in order to improve the world. Other than that, they become just another place to pass the collection plate.

If you’re taking this personally, and the question I’m proposing makes you angry, then you need to ask yourself just what it is that you did to prevent America from getting like this? What sacrifice did you make to keep the present filth out of your children’s elementary schools, other than turning off the TV news and ignoring it all together? What treatments and efforts did you take part in to remove the cancer that is killing America? Did you pray? What did you do to accompany that prayer? We are free to get as angry as we want about what is going on around us, but until we fall down on our faces and join in a revival that is real; one that actually changes our own attitudes and turns into action, then we have no right to be angry.

I believe the season for America’s healing has passed. Yes, I hope I am wrong, but I desperately fear that this time I am not. The evil cancer that rages throughout our nation’s body at this time in history, is unlike any before. Yes, I do believe God is capable of stopping it and healing this nation. But He first must get our attention, so that He can use us to accomplish that task. I hate to think what it might take to get our attention.

Other than Grace, which was the only real free gift of God, everything else requires our earnest participation. Am I telling you to stop praying? Not at all. Pray harder. But this time put something with that prayer, otherwise save your breath.

Good news. God will not be denied. Because more important than America’s survival, is the establishment of His kingdom on earth. We could very well be dead as a nation, but God will raise up another people in another country, in another time — like happened one time in America — and continue to build his kingdom on earth.

And it may just happen right where you are now standing.