Attack of the Killer Balloons from Outer Space

Out of nowhere a wave of allegedly Chinese spy balloons are flying over America. Of course, it is important to care. Pay no attention to the genocide behind the curtain, let alone the nuclear war on the horizon, or a train derailment releasing chemical toxins in Ohio. Actor Tom Green listed two of these three serious issues in a recent video clip. Although he did add the Epstein island list to the mix.

In a recent White House press conference, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “I know there have been questions and concerns about this, but there is no—again, no—indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.”

Create a little speculation and then deny it to create the sense of a cover up?

Are balloons something to be concerned about or just a big distraction? I’d land on distraction. If it was serious, I seriously doubt the media would be allowed to talk about it. Think about it. News broadcasters that got the C19 shots are dropping dead and they aren’t allowed to talk about that. Would they be allowed to talk about a genuine national security threat in the form of killer balloons if the deep state didn’t want them to?

The national security threats such as C19 bioweapon injection are not allowed to be spoken about. Questioning the reckless propaganda that has escalated the war with Russia and the potential for nuclear war also appears taboo. Russian hypersonic missiles, nuclear subs off our coasts, an awful lot of nuclear bombs and missiles, that they may be forced to use in response, don’t worry about it. It is those pesty balloons that should occupy your mind. Don’t worry about the fact that graphene oxide and rubbery clots are now also showing up in the blood of the unvaccinated.

I am still wondering what happened to the Ghost of Kiev? That phantom fighter jet shooting down those Russian Migs. Never mind, I am getting side tracked again…

It was allegedly the military’s review of UFO reports that assisted in discovering the Chinese fleet of spy balloons. Again, a UFO connection. We are told that these objects are not so easily categorized and come in various shapes and sizes. The Pentagon also has not ruled out UFOs. Are we being primed for that Fake Alien Invasion of 2024?

There is so much uncertainly with the false and misleading information provided by government-controlled media reports, regarding what is real and not real, that it can be difficult to determine what we are seeing. Poker players may recognize it as the media equivalent to a bluff and a double bluff embedded in reports. For instance, in this AP article there is a surface level effort to dispel rumors of UFOs and to dispel rumors that the United States launched the balloons as a distraction from the Ohio chemical toxin train derailment, and war with Russia escalating. Yet, in this AP article, the article cites so called conspiracy theories regarding high profile events. One of these so called conspiracy theories mentioned was regarding the Nord Stream pipelines damaged in the North Sea last year. The only problem is that recently it was shown that America hit the Nord Stream pipeline.

Therein lies the indirect suggestion. When speaking of high profile events and conspiracy theories that they prompt, the article cites a so called conspiracy theory that was in fact true. Hence, the indirect suggestion is that the article’s claim that UFOs are a conspiracy theory prompted by the high profile balloons, is in fact misinformation, and that these are actually UFOs. The double bluff metaphor mentioned above applies here. This is an advanced Ericksonian hypnosis technique.

I can’t assert with certainly that the article’s author is trying to use advanced misdirection and indirect suggestions in this manner. It is possible that the author is in an echo chamber and actually has not heard about the recent facts about the Nord Stream pipeline. Still, when basic beliefs are undermined to the point where basic facts about reality are not easily verified, it is easier to sell the misdirection and indirect suggestion. The power of the indirect suggestion is that it is subtle and can bypass conscious resistance.

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