Covid Masks Worthless

I knew masks were worthless based on first semester biochemistry. No man made filter has pores small enough to stop virus particles, but we all knew that. Masks were a sign of obedience!

This study even disregards that  from Maxwell’s Kinetic Theory atomic sized objects at room temperature and pressure move around 400 meters/second even though the mean free path is small. However, non-linear phenomena comes to play so some go very fast and far especially when a sneeze sends out billions.

The great flu of 1918 took four years to die out and we are starting year four and covid much less lethal.

Even the highly socialist New York Times admits it now:

NYT Op-Ed Covers Explosive Study Finding Mask Mandates Useless: ‘Will Any Lessons Be Learned?’ (

Viruses are not linear things, they curl up  and have zillions of motions that are due to the statistical mechanics of quantum sized objects. Basic quantum mechanics teaches that ‘looking’ at these are meaningless, in spite of all the pictures we have all seen ad nauseum  wherethe spikes are  red, green, blue or purple;  total fantasy!

Heisengberg Uncertainty Principle, one of the cornerstones of modern physics for  almost  a century, proven in tens of thousands of experiments, says you cannot observe position and momentum for a quantum object less than h-bar and h is pretty darn small. For those who care:

The fundamental constant of nature

arising in quantum mechanical problems. The quantity , called h-bar or sometimes the reduced Planck constant, is also commonly encountered. For example, the energy of a photon with frequency  is given in terms of h by

“After hydrogen, the most common thing in the universe is stupidity.” ~Albert Einstein