Trump and DeSantis Need To Admit C19 Shots Are Bioweapons

The new dog and pony show developing within the GOP is a race for president, between President Trump, and Governor DeSantis. Briefly, let’s consider this race. President Trump was cheated out of his reelection victory and is the clear front runner. As presidents go, Trump did well his first three years, the last year, was not so well, as he bought into the C19 con. (I am comparing him to previous presidents not to my ideal of a president dismantling the size of government, etc.) Fake president Biden’s administration certainly boosts Trump’s presidency. We went from energy independence, to no more gas stoves, fairly quickly.

Trump did not engage in any lockdowns, but cleared the way for states to do so. Suddenly, states’ rights were perverted to mean states can become tyrannies. Trump maintained plausible deniability, but the take down of America ensued. How much Trump knew or did not know is up for conjecture. He could have just trusted his advisors and thought he was saving lives. Trump should never have declared an emergency. A better understanding of the philosophical basis for our republic would have prevented any such action. Still, it was President Trump’s rejection of WEF plans for global technocracy that initiated a quickening of the take down of the United States and the C19 biological weapon’s distribution. On the surface, it certainly appears that Trump is not a globalist.

Trump recently commented that he did not try and force anybody to get the shot. He said that there are pros and cons to the C19 shots. Although, he did not leave it at that. Trump went on to say that some people think that he may have saved over 100 million lives worldwide with the C19 shots. This statement is unacceptable this late in the game. He needs to be briefed properly on the deadly C19 shots. He needs to spend some time with someone like Dr. Mccullough and at least know the shots are harmful and should be pulled off the market.

Governor DeSantis, apparently reluctantly caving to pressure at the time, blatantly violated basic human rights as governor, and caged human beings in their homes like animals. This was a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Bill of Rights. Lockdowns on human populations are in fact crimes against humanity. The shutdowns were not as stringent as elsewhere, but they were still a crime.

Seeming to realize it was a con job, DeSantis opened things up after a few months, acted to protect rights, undermined local mask mandates, prevented C19 vaccine passports, and acted to prevent forced C19 shots in the state. Currently, the governor has called for legislation to make these protections permanent. Although, it should be noted that enforcement is lacking. Many unmasked and uninjected are discriminated against in Florida. DeSantis did apologize for the lockdown because it caused harm, although he did not say it was illegal. Are the advisors that told him to lockdown still on salary?

More recently, DeSantis initiated a statewide grand jury to investigate C19 shot crimes. If the grand jury indicts Fauci and the pharmaceutical executives, it will be redeeming. Anything less, and it will all backfire on DeSantis big time.

This potential race between Trump and DeSantis is a dog and pony show for a few reasons. First, many of the people pushing DeSantis to run for president are ‘Never Trumpers’ and actually voted for Putman over DeSantis. DeSantis ended up winning because Trump pulled him over the finish line. Ironically, many of the big backers behind DeSantis do not represent the liberty wing of the party. As a candidate, DeSantis is good, but may not be ready for prime time. The governor’s events are tightly controlled and this showed in his debate performance. His advisors would do well to loosen up his events and allow for more spontaneity. There is a good chance, even with all of the media against Trump, that he will still make mincemeat of DeSantis.

A far better approach would be DeSantis to run as Trump’s vice-presidential candidate. Apparently, when necessary, Trump could simply relocate to Texas, another income tax free state, like Chenney moved to Wyoming when Bush was nominated. This would provide a unified party and benefit both Trump and DeSantis immensely. It benefits DeSantis because he would be the front runner four years later whether they win or lose. Of course, many of DeSantis backers would try to sabotage this as they are ‘Never Trumpers’ and likely deep state actors.

There is another reason a polarized race for the GOP nomination between Trump and DeSantis would be a dog and pony show. Both Trump and DeSantis have encouraged people to get C19 shots in the past. To date, neither candidate has stated that the C19 shots are biological weapons and should immediately be taken off the market and confiscated. In the case of Florida, it appears that C19 shots meet the Florida legal definition of biological weapons. It also appears that the state of Florida can confiscate every vial of the C19 shots. Why are these bioweapons still at large in Florida?

Imagine a general election (I know the computer voting is unverified) where there is a Republican and Democrat running and the only thing remotely relative to this disaster is a phony debate over whether the C19 biological weapons should be mandated or not. A campaign where neither candidate is saying the truth that the shots are biological weapons and that there is in fact an orchestrated attack on America and the human race. A campaign where neither major party candidate admits that there is a depopulation campaign under way and that our food supply is under attack. By the time of the election this may be moot as the WHO may already have overthrown our government.

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