Can Suing the Government, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Mainstream Media, End Tyranny? Absolutely Not!

 “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.

Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.”

Mahatma Gandhi

This subject can only be approached with extreme pessimism, because in order to gain real and honest justice in this heinous system, one must deal with the courts. It should be obvious to most, but it is not, that all courts are in fact an arm of, and an integral part of the State. In fact, the courts are government, and therefore complicit in government crime. In order to gain redress from intentional or negligent harm due to government or government controlled, funded, or sponsored entities, the arbiter in every case against government is that same government. Could any more dangerous or discriminatory contradiction or conflict of interest exist? I think not, but this system was purposely structured in this manner so as to protect not the citizen in most cases against the state, but to protect the system itself. This is a conspiratorial atrocity.

For all intent and purpose, the fake ‘covid’ fraud has not only left center stage, but has mostly been intentionally but temporarily disappeared. This does not mean that a return of this or another criminal false flag ‘pandemic’ plot will not be exploited in the future, as it probably will be, but currently, this fraud has been somewhat suspended. This particular part of the takeover plot has recently lost its luster, as more doubt the mainstream narrative. It has served its purpose however, which was to greatly frighten the masses into accepting any and every sort of control measure, including the acceptance of a very toxic, experimental, mind and body changing, and in many cases fatal, bioweapon injection falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine.’ It also exposed that the vast majority of commoners would fall in line and do exactly as they were told by their chosen masters. This is a very necessary aspect of any takeover plot.

No one seems to know what is in each vile; how many different poisons are present, which lethal metals and nano-particles are used, which harmful chemicals are added, and exactly what types of injurious gene-altering substances are in each individual batch. How severe and deadly are the horrible long-term side effects, and how many millions will die due to taking these noxious, disease-causing, death shots and boosters? Time will tell, but that is of no benefit to all those who have succumbed to the nefarious propaganda  spewed by the ruling class ‘elites and their accomplices in government, the medical industrial complex, the media, and the enforcement arms of government; most protected by the detestable laws upheld by the courts in this corrupt legal system.

It is well known that medical (Hospital) errors are now, and have been for years, the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind cancer and heart disease. I would posit that this supported claim is far understated. The criminal institutions; Johns Hopkins and even the NIH, among many others, have shown evidence of this insanity over the last decade. But if honesty and fact are to play any part in these horrible statistics, the reality of deaths due to ‘medical’ mistakes, purposeful extreme medical intervention, government created circumstances like lockdowns, heavily induced stress, ‘healthcare’ mandates, adverse ‘vaccine’ events, and death due to injection of these same killer ‘vaccines,’ then medical and government caused deaths would likely dwarf both cancer and normal cardiac deaths combined. Is this a bold statement to make, or is it completely obvious given all the excess deaths that have occurred after the fake ‘covid’ scam has been said to be dramatically slowing or over? Since ‘covid’ never was even proven to exist, how many millions of deaths have been, and will continue to be, caused due to political manipulation, medical fraud, lockdown insanity, bioweapon injections, and murder at the hands of the State?

Excess deaths (those actually reported) in the U.S. through the first 38 weeks of 2022 were 350,000. That equates for the full year, to approximately 480,000 excess deaths. How could this be happening, given that the ‘claimed’ “safe and effective” ‘covid’ poison shots had been taken by most in this country? Maybe it is time to understand that these bioweapon injections are causing these deaths, and are meant for maiming and killing instead of preventing great harm.

After all this massive harm to populations here and around the world, now we have a brand new phenomenon; purposely manufactured by the State, of what is referred to as “sudden death,” cause unknown death, or coincidental death. This deceit and coverup of murder, is pure insanity, and has no basis in fact. There is no valid mainstream medical reasoning, or any so-called ‘science’ to explain this situation. Believe the ‘science,’ we have been told, all without a shred of truth or supporting evidence. False germ theory medicine, and bogus ‘science,’ have become the number one killer of mankind, all under the auspices of a government designed plot to control the world through technocratic globalization.

Seemingly young and healthy people, a total made up of many athletes, children, and others, are having unexpected heart attacks or strokes, with many dying ‘suddenly.’ This is happening not only in this country, but most everywhere on earth. To use the term “unexplained’ is an absolute lie, and is criminal beyond recognition. The real reason for this abomination is being kept hidden by very evil and sinister forces. Recently, one of these events just so happened to take place while millions watched it live on television. Because of this exposure, every manner of delay and coverup was used to figure out a way to divert attention from reality in order to hide the truth. What has been little discussed after this heartbreaking event, is that many more very similar events have occurred throughout 2022, and continue to happen around the country, but very few are reported in the mainstream media, at least in any honest manner. That is because they did not happen on national television in front of the entire country. Nothing could be more telling than this intentional and immoral avoidance of exposing the truth. Only the wicked could be a part of such a plot as this.

In the midst of this state murder of innocents, the Pentagon has dropped its ‘covid vaccine’ mandate, after most all had already been subject to this deadly injection. A lead author of a peer reviewed research paper that re-examined trials of both the Pfizer and Moderna ‘covid’ shots, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, called for mRNA ‘vaccines’ to be taken immediately off the market; claiming that excess deaths are surging after these injections were released. In the UK, doctors are being told to offer statins to 15 million to 25 million otherwise healthy individuals, to protect them from heart attack. Why are these healthy people at risk of heart attack? Could it be due to taking the heart-destroying bioweapon ‘covid injections?

Moderna is now coming out with another new booster shot, and claiming that ‘covid,’ a fraud from minute one, and something that has never been isolated or found to exist, will be around forever. This of course would require booster after booster for life. How convenient for the criminal pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, Moderna is also trialing a new mRNA heart attack ‘vaccine’ to treat those who have had a heart attack, likely after taking the mRNA ‘covid’ shot that caused the heart attack in the first place. What an evil scam.

Suing the government or any government-protected fascist partners protected by state design, and in government courts, will not solve this tyrannical and totalitarian coup d’état being pursued by the technocratic ruling class and its puppets in government. No voting nonsense will accomplish or garner any relief as well, as voting is useless, and just a worthless acceptance of this abhorrent system; an appalling scam actually, and a willing admission of slavery. What is necessary is for large numbers of individuals to fully negate the state at every turn, and practice mass disobedience so as to make this government impotent. A powerless governing system ceases to have the ability to control, and only individuals en masse can accomplish this feat.

There is a reason that government fears the individual. There is a reason that government censors and attacks all who condemn it. There is a reason why the individual is targeted by this false authority, and is ostracized (or in some cases murdered) at every opportunity.

“Nobody needs to be confused but EVERYBODY better be darn well frightened about taking ANY vaccine, under ANY circumstance, for ANY reason, at ANY time in their life.”

~ Dr Daniel H. Duffy Sr., DC

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