You’re Gonna Get Sick, Get Used to It

Zero Covid, zero disease, zero suffering, zero death. Unrealistic goals? You bet—although many countries (particularly China) have seemingly adopted a “Zero Covid” stance and have made a rather destructive effort to eliminate any occurrence of Covid-19 from their citizenry—boarding people up in their apartments, attacking people trying to escape, all those fun things fascists like to do.

This effort to maintain a “Zero Covid” environment is yet another piece of the agenda intended to brainwash and thus control the populace. The powers that be know that, but most of the people they are controlling do not.

The people might think “Zero Covid” sounds like a good idea, but it is fantasy, and typically you can’t count too much on fantasy in a nitty-gritty real world.

Now, I’m not knocking fantasy. Sometimes it is just what we need to get through the day. But this isn’t our own personal fantasy, this is fantasy put upon us by an authority that has a nefarious agenda. It is a slight of hand card trick, it is an intentional deception—a deception premeditated to cause harm to some (most) and benefit others (a few).

What is the card trick regarding “Zero Covid?” Well, it is once again an effort to convince us that being human is a problem. Isn’t all that is going on in the world right now have the same intention?—the “Woke Culture,” the “Cancel Culture,” the “transgender/identity” issue? Need I list more examples?

It seems that whatever “power that be entity” that likes to dabble in human cognitive dissonance has been assigned the task of doing whatever possible to make humans confused, and thus dissatisfied, with their human-ness.

Should people born a certain biological (human) sex really be encouraged to mess with their humanness and alter it to “look like” a different sex? Sure, psychologically people can “feel” all sorts of “identities” and even act out on them, but why destroy the physical “human” part of ourselves as a result? Why be encouraged to insert microchips in our brains to make us smarter or more efficient than what nature intended us to be?

As a result of all of this fluidity to “alter” our nature, we become more and more comfortable with this idea that there is something wrong with how we came out of the box. We find our inability to live forever, or ward off all disease, or remove all physical danger from our lives, to be a defect—a manufacturer’s error. And then we go bonkers to compensate for our human problem.

I shouldn’t say we “become comfortable” with the idea of innate imperfection, because it is anything but comfortable, in fact, it is downright crazy making. Of course this doesn’t apply to all of us, but those that it does apply to are among us.

Where did this insane desire to alter our normal human “is-ness” come from? Well, we certainly have seen it from day one. Humans obviously have not evolved from their origin into creatures that integrate with the natural environment the way all other creatures have done. This is an age-old question, and nearly everything “human” has become part of that all-important question, from all the “good things” such as art, music, and other creativity from the heart, to all the bad things such as weaponry, pollution, and genetic engineering.

I find it difficult not to include any advancement in technology with the “bad things.” Any of the things we could say are “good” have only been effective in providing convenience, avoidance of hard work, and the extension of life, which are not necessarily noble accomplishments.

If hard pressed I would say hygiene, and the mitigation of suffering can definitely be included in the “good human advancements,” but advancements in hygiene, such as clean water, waste disposal, etc. is only needed after humans moved from a natural environment to a man-made one…any other suggestions?

Needless to say this argument can get complicated and dicey, possibly moving into the other argument, which suggests that we should never have moved out of caves—which obviously is not plausible nor necessarily desireable. Is there a way to be human without entering into the obsession to be “better than human?” Probably not, and possibly we have just reached the level of technology where becoming “better than human” moves us most definitely into a phase of transhuman ascendance.

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