Washington Expands the War State

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Plus, an interview with the New York Post's Miranda Devine on the Democrats' Censorship Regime

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In this episode, we take a look at the enormous $858 billion military budget recently passed by Congress. Even after the fall of the Cold War, the end of the War on Terror, and the last troop’s departure from Afghanistan, the Pentagon budget continues to explode to all new and obscene heights, with the U.S. rapidly approaching the first ever trillion-dollar annual weapons budget. We explain who is behind this, who is objecting if anyone, and who is benefiting. We also look at the revelations from the Twitter Files from Matt Taibbi and other journalists — especially those showing a very tightly integrated partnership between the Big Tech censorship regime and the U.S. Security State — why the reporting is being ignored, if not scorned by the Democratic Party, including its so-called left wing as well as their aligned media corporations. And we talk to one of the journalists who has been covering this most astutely for over two years now:  Miranda Devine of The New York Post.

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