On the Eve of a Cashless Society

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A Key component of human life is enlightenment, the awakening from the darkness of deception into the light of truth.

The so-called Great Awakening has really been going on forever.

And before MAGA and QAnon, the consensus was that the banks were at the top of the criminal pyramid structure.

And while many of us assumed that a hidden hand was pulling their strings, as well, we realized that their main goal was a digital currency and a cashless society.

It was the subject of several documentaries.

And it was also commonly discussed that they will likely use Big Pharma to get us there.

But now it’s as if everyone has just accepted it and found something else to fight about, because the cashless society is being rolled-out right now and very few people seem bothered by it.

In November of 2019, right before COVID, the institute of politics at Harvard Kennedy School had a live tabletop exercise called Digital Currency Wars: A National Security Crisis Simulation, which looked at how the United States can continue to leverage economic power in a world of national digital currencies, such as the Chinese Digital Yuan, which is already heavily competing in trade against the US dollar and seems to be at the forefront of centralized digital currencies.

And it has an expiry date. If you don’t spend it by then, it becomes worthless, so people can no longer save money.

The Bank for International Settlements has announced that the central bank will have “absolute control” on the rules and regulations and will have technologies to enforce it.

The Central Bank of Brazil is planning to launch their centralized digital currency in 2024.

Israel is about to launch theirs.

And the Bank of England is preparing a UK digital currency.

Italy’s new prime minister, Meloni is speaking out against a cashless society but she seems to stand alone on the world stage.

In the Federal Reserve’s digital currency scheme, it appears that Hedera and Quant will be used on the technology side.

They’re already connected to everything.

The Cashless Society is here but everyone is talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The goal was never to put an old, senile puppet into the presidency to ruin havoc.

The goal was to create a cashless society.

And so, while bringing Joe Biden to justice may feel like a victory, the tyrants are still getting exactly what they wanted.

And once it’s all said and done, then who will save you?

Reprinted with the author’s permission.