The Universal War Against Mankind: Extreme Domestic Terrorism Has Taken Control Over America and the World

“The more power a government has the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, and the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects. The more constrained the power of governments, the more power is diffused, checked, and balanced, the less it will aggress on others and commit democide.”

Rudolph Rummel

We live in a time when the ‘elite’ web of rule, the real power behind the throne, and enforced by the state’s political actors, controls the masses because it controls the politicians, the courts, the military, the monetary system, and therefore the entire government. Due to the very long term, incremental, and purposeful dumbing down of society, most do not realize the monumental risk we face due to this terroristic plot designed by what can be referred to as the “State.” That plot has always existed, and is meant only to gain money, power, and total control over the people, and to create a global technocratic governing system run by the few. In fact, this is already in place, and is in the final stages of completion. This is missed by most, because they are concentrating on the minutia, allowing themselves to be purposely divided, voluntarily voting for masters, hiding from the truth, and complying with most every order given without question.

The ruling ‘elite’ are evil, and therefore, governments under the command of these elites, meaning all higher level, and most lower level governments, are evil as well. I do not use this term lightly, as many will argue that this description is overused, but in this case, this evil is so dark and treacherous, intentionally pursued, and premeditated, that it has been accomplished without conscience or compassion for its many victims; victims made up of common people everywhere.

It is imperative if any truth whatsoever is sought, that all in any position of power, whether local, state, or federal, never be trusted regardless of feigned hyperbole or rhetoric. This attitude is completely foreign to most in this country, so any reversal in thought and action will have to be accomplished by large numbers of independent individuals acting as one without any collective guidance. Looking toward false hope, or false gods, or concentrating on the minor and not so minor details of this nefarious takeover coup, instead of concentrating on the big picture, is mandatory if any relief is to be achieved. The politicians and political system are of course corrupt, controlled, and are the bane of humanity, so any acceptance of this rule is a submission to false authority, and an admission of voluntary servitude.

To hide from reality, and not face head-on this psychotic enemy of the people, will end only in disaster. Every form of divisive policy, every aspect of fearmongering, every demand said to favor the ‘greater good,’ and every form of propaganda, will be used to confuse and divide you. Every threat and false narrative planted in the minds of the masses by the state actors will be false, and only meant to further promote and initiate the agendas of transhumanism, health and medical control, eugenics, depopulation, artificial intelligence, and to build a global slave society fully dependent on the state; this whether due to mass submission by the weak, survival instinct by the partially awake, or the compliance by the dissenting minority at the point of a gun.

Every form of narrative based on lies and fear, which in essence, are most all state narratives, will be used to further enslave the people. What was predicted by the eugenists, who now work under a more accepted label, is the exact society being created right before our eyes. Even if one is to discard all the evidence of this world takeover in the past, what has happened over the past three years, and what is being pursued by modern eugenists today, how can the general population continue to remain so blind to their own destruction?

How can everything being designed and implemented by the state continue to survive the ludicrous excuse called coincidence? How could any have faith in this political fiasco, and continue to support anyone with an R or D behind their name? How can dependence on this criminal process still be accepted given all that has happened during this final push toward this Fascist, technocratic, and communistic state being designed and built openly, and right before your eyes? The obvious and extreme tyranny that has taken place this past few years has not lessened, as I am sure is not understood by the pathetic herd, but is advancing at lightning speed behind the scenes. All is heading toward the China model, a model built, and bought and paid for by U.S. dollars over the past five decades.

We now live in a society ruled over by domestic (state) terrorists, and we are threatened constantly by more terrorism. This stage of the takeover coup began with a fake ‘virus’ called ‘covid.’ With that false flag exercise, came extreme measures meant to corral and greatly harm this population. This was all accomplished by conspiratorial design that had been planned and telegraphed for at least two decades. Our lives were turned upside down for a criminal deception; many were forced into home prisons, their jobs eliminated, their families abandoned, their children poisoned, their businesses closed, and their ability to function normally, socialize, travel, and support their families purposely destroyed. Most were ordered to wear deadly masks, stealing precious oxygen needed just to survive, and they had to fight off the toxins being introduced by government’s poisons, bioweapon injections, and its psychological warfare on the citizenry. And this was just the beginning.

We were pitted against one another, expected to accept immoral and horrendous behavior by criminal elements built, funded, and supported by this government and its heinous enforcement arm of police and military. Trillions upon trillions of dollars were printed to further enrich the rich, to arm this and other governments, to use to control the mass herds of commoners, and to build systems meant only to advance a new world order. Billions upon billions of dollars were used to fund the bioweapon called a ‘covid vaccine,’ which was only designed in order to destroy humanity through destruction of immune systems, and straight forward poisoning leading to what is now ironically referred to as “sudden death syndrome.” How completely ludicrous is such an excuse as this; a blatant lie that could only fool the fools. How could infants, three year old children, athletes, healthy young and middle-aged men and women, all suddenly die of what is said to be unknown causes, this after 2 years of intentionally designed, deadly, and toxic concoctions forced on this hapless citizenry?

When this began to wear on the pitiful crowd, new ‘variants’ of a non-existent ‘virus’ were invented, bringing more extreme deadly killer shots called ‘boosters.’ As more questioned this idiocy, although most continued to accept the lies, new fear tactics and fake threats had to be introduced, leading to additional harm to the public. The U.S. led, structured, funded, and staged war in Ukraine allowed for very enhanced terror techniques. This plotted ‘war’ was used to falsely claim food and energy shortages worldwide, something so ridiculous as to be insane, but of course, this was believed by the masses who live and thrive on mainstream propaganda. Because of these lies, and intentionally caused ‘shortages,’ the world now faces what is labeled a food and energy ‘crises,’ just in time for winter.

Then there was more universal coordination, especially in the west, of massive printing of money out of thin air, and interest rate increases, causing hyper-inflation that would grossly and adversely affect the world. This caused prices of all necessities to escalate to unheard of levels. Supply lines were purposely shut down throughout this scam, so as to cause great harm to all in need of life sustaining goods. This is economic Armageddon on steroids, created intentionally by the state to harm and make dependent the masses. The threat of world war was also used once again to frighten the pathetic herd.

What have you been told is coming from this evil state? Your money, assets, and savings, as planned by the ruling class, will be replaced, and central bank digital currencies (CBDC) will become the new world monetary system, so that total control over your lives can be accomplished. You will be told where you can go, what you can buy, and whether or not you are allowed to use your allotted stipend or not. All is boiling down to energy credits, where each, if you behave and do as you are told, can use your state allowance if permission is granted. This will all be based on the lie called ‘climate change,’ and will be said to be mandatory for the earth to survive, all while the earth and its people are slaughtered and decimated  in the name of power and control.

Most of you think you have been given a break, and that things are “going back to normal” when in fact, the primary agenda of world control is advancing faster and faster every day, while you are completely blind to this reality, because you are focused on every single sub-plot and every bit of daily minutia being fed to you by the state and its media. Many or most of you are lost in the fog of ignorance, while your lives are being destroyed with your blessing.

The ruling ‘elites,’ the ‘intelligence’ agencies, the military industrial complex, the corporate monsters, the government, and the technological industry scum, will swallow all on earth. This threat of annihilation is real, it is happening, and only you can stop it. Each of us as individuals has to take part in dismantling this evil that has consumed this country and the world. If we do not do so, hell on earth will be the result, and the fate of your children and grandchildren will be in the hands of these human traffickers and controlling devils bent on world domination.

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