Throwing Good Money After Bad

The satirical news headline above recently made a powerful point about Washington’s warped priorities.

It’s scathing because for seven months, Congress has shipped the American people’s money, some $65 billion (and counting), to Ukraine – money that could have gone to disaster relief or even (perish the thought!) returned to taxpayers.

In July, after four months of support for Ukraine and when the total was “only” $54 BILLION, that figure accounted for more than what U.S. taxpayers paid for the first five years of the Afghan conflict.

Just last week, when Congress passed its Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded through mid-December, they included $12 BILLION in new aid to Ukraine.

So as The Fed recklessly prints more and more money, I have to ask:

What has this $65 billion gotten us – and when will it end?

Never since the Cold War have we been so close to nuclear war. The thought is terrifying.

This is a conflict that could make Iraq and Afghanistan pale in comparison. Unlike those countries, Russia has an enormous military and a nuclear arsenal. Their allies are not insignificant, either.

Whatever hope for peace there was in the early months of the conflict has been eclipsed by months of escalation, with no end in sight.

The killing and the suffering of the past seven months is incalculable.

On top of all of this, our international relations are fracturing rapidly. China is increasingly viewing us as a future threat, as is Saudi Arabia. India is suspicious, as are many people in Europe, who are witnessing their economies at the brink of collapse.

We are witnessing the American Empire overextending itself like never before, and the future is truly more dangerous than ever.

The Washington neocons are all in. The military-industrial complex is driving us to the brink of disaster, and the harm to everyone – Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Europeans – will only worsen the longer this goes on.

The latest U.S. military “aid” package falls far short of replacing steep Ukrainian losses amid continued offensives. Which means they will need more, and more and more … until the American people have had enough, or until there is nothing left.

The “aid” money we’re sending to Ukraine isn’t going to Ukrainians; it’s going to one of the most, if not the most, corrupt governments in the world.

This is a profound betrayal by the Biden Administration and Congress, to the suffering American people they serve.

This war benefits nobody but the military-industrial complex. It will no more benefit the Ukrainians than the Vietnam War benefited the Vietnamese.

We cannot be silent. This is madness.

From Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan, every Cold War president saw avoiding nuclear war as the highest priority. The current administration appears to have no such inclination. Nothing could be more dangerous.

I’m asking you all to join me in DEMANDING NO MORE of this so-called “aid.”

The war machine is in full force as our military-industrial complex benefits from escalating war.

And the rhetoric against those who speak out is escalating, too. Recently a Ukrainian agency issued a list of Americans accused of disseminating “Russian propaganda narratives,” whom they have publicly denounced as “information terrorists subject to being tried as war criminals.”

The list includes my son, Senator Rand Paul. It also includes people like former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter, former CIA officer Ray McGovern . . . people who, suspiciously, would be more noticeable to the American Deep State than the Ukrainian government.

As with the Biden administration’s campaign against dissent in other aspects of American life, the agenda is to silence us, pure and simple.

Because public outcry is the thing they fear the most.

We’re seeing censorship everywhere, from Big Tech to the political persecution of those who don’t toe the majority party line. California just passed a law to threaten doctors with having their medical licenses revoked if they disagree with the scientific “consensus.” Even peaceful pro-life demonstrators are now facing the wrath of the FBI, and in some cases, they are being shot without any consequences from law enforcement.

There’s a reason the government is so afraid of your speech. Because organized Americans speaking out ultimately change policy.

Take just one moment to send a directive to your representative in Congress DEMANDING we send no more so-called “aid” to Ukraine.

Despite the government’s shrieking harpies in the mass media, the truth is they know their house of cards is in big trouble.

The economy is in crisis. Europe is on the brink. India and China are ignoring the Biden administration’s demands.

The silent consent of the American people is the only thing holding the regime together.

Now, more than ever, we need to speak out. Take a moment to tell your representative you DEMAND they oppose any further so-called “aid” to Ukraine – and put America first . . . and second, and third!

Then, please forward this message to your fellow patriots.

And if you can, please support Campaign for Liberty’s work with a contribution. We are the only organization mobilizing patriots against this senseless conflict with grassroots political action. Your gift of $10 or $1,000 or something in-between will help us fight this battle.

Taking on the statists in D.C. is never easy . . . or cheap. But with your help, you and I can stop this madness before it escalates further.

Whether you can make a contribution of $100, $200, $500, or whatever you can afford, any contribution helps us reach and mobilize more people.

Thank you for all that you do to save our Republic.