Dr Michael Rectenwald Calls Out the Subversive Elites Poisoning Institutions Globally

Former NYU professor, Michael Rectenwald, author of ‘Springtime for Snowflakes’ and ‘The Google Archipelago’ joins Steve Bannon to talk about the history of corporate socialism and about his own odyssey, from a full-blown self-described Bolshevik academic to now, a free-enterprise public intellectual.

He tells Steve, “When I came out against the social justice insanity at NYU, not only the faculty but the top administration of the university came down on me like a ton of bricks. So I recognized that I had touched a third rail …and that there was a lot of power behind what I was critiquing.

“And then, I recognized that this is the ideology of the elite – of what I call the ‘Subversive Elites’.

“So, I set off on a path to discover just what was the basis of all of this? Who are these people? What is their goal? What are their goals and how do we stop them?

“Because this is a subversive set of elites that are trying to overthrow the United States and …Western Civilization, in general.

“So, that’s basically, in a nutshell how I got from being a professor, teaching 19th century British secularism and the history of science, to studying the subversive elites.”

Steve Bannon then asks him, “Who are the subversive elites?” to which, Rectenwald responds, “They’re all Globalists. Some of them are stationed in the US; the whole Democratic Party and many Republicans, as well, as you’ve pointed out so often. But we’re looking at the World Economic Forum and all their minions, the United Nations and all of their minions.

“These are the Subversive Elites. They include people like Schwab, of course, Klaus Schwab. They include people like George Soros. But they have a deep history that goes way back to the 1930s.

“I’ll pick it up in the 1970s. You have some people like Maurice Strong, who was pushing Climate Catastrophism as early as 1972. “We’re looking at a group of people who’ve been looking to overthrow Western Civilization for 50-plus years.”

He says they want to promote reduced expectations across the board, across the planet, saying, “They want to get rid of any kind of aspiration for individual, independent wealth and to create a leveling of reduced expectations, across the globe and especially in places like the United States, where there are expectations for upward mobility and entrepreneurial production.”

It’s always exciting for me to see someone like Rectenwald peel away from the oppressive monolithic leftism of academe and to defend basic Western logic. It’s a real treat to hear a true academic with a solid grasp of history and ideology articulating what’s been going on in our culture.

Many of us are beginning to understand how fully our culture has been in the grips of a demoralization campaign, on a scale and on a granularity that truly boggles the mind.

I’ve personally been confronted with the corrosive effect of my former Leftist worldview on my life and I’m grateful that at least, I can see it now. This is why I feel this is so important for me to share about it.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.