A Premonition: Hell Is Coming to Ukraine as Europe & NATO Follow "The Wrong Track of History"

The Stuff of Nightmares: Remote Viewing Mass Evacuations in Ukraine & the EU

There is a well-known saying, attributed to Georges Santayana, stating that:

“Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.”

“Our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right- -not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere, and, we hope, around the world.”

John F. Kennedy
Address During The Cuban Missile Crisis
October 22, 1962


Alas, it seems evident to me that the leaders of Ukraine, NATO and the European Union do not study history and are plodding intentionally and relentlessly into a replay of World War 2, but this time far worse, posturing arrogantly and toying with the prospect of “limited nuclear war,” which, knowing human nature’s penchant for going to extremes, is a ludicrous term.

There is no such thing as “limited nuclear war.”

As some of my readers may know, I have pursued and practiced parapsychology for more than 60 years through the practice of Chinese martial arts, Taoist and Buddhist meditation, Tantric studies and Kundalini yoga, as well as Western science and psychology, in order to develop psychic skills, popularly known as Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming and OOBEs (Out of Body Experiences), which for brevity I utilize the acronym “RV/LD/OOBE.”

For the past 3 months, I have been teaching online month-long courses, “RV/LD/OOBE.” webinars, to develop and expand those skills and faculties fromm the beginner to the advaned level.

As a result of teaching these courses and expanding my practice, my own abilities have been honed and expanded to higher levels and my purpose in writing this to emphasize that these skills are very ancient survival skills, which have been suppressed by modern science and psycology to dismiss them and deprive the human race of their use, to force Humankind into a trap, a materialistic matrix that is leading all Mankind potentially to self-destruction.

Remote viewing Lucid Dreaming and OOBE’s are natural faculties of human being which are as old as the human race itself, which are recorded in the most ancient literatures of terrestrial culture and civilizations from ancient Hindu Vedas, Ancient China’s classic I Ch’ing, and The Holy Bible.

Many instances of the manifestations and use of these powers are recorded in both the Old and The New Testament, in which they are are commonly called prophecy with those who possess these faulties and the ability to interpret the content of such visions, both literally and symbolically, commonly called prophets, seers and oracles.

Some well-known biblical accounts include the story of Joseph, a Hebrew slave who rose to the pinnacle of power in ancient Egypt by counseling the pharoah and forewarning him of coming catastrophes in time to prepare for them and thus avert them.

Another such history-shaping event was related in the dire warning given by ‘an angel” (which means ‘messenger”) to another famous “Joseph,” mentioned in the Gospels, namely the adoptive father of Jesus, the Christ, who was warned of impending doom, i.e., the slaughter of the innocents ordered by Herod the Great, with “the angel of the Lord” urging Joseph to flee to Egypt to escape and thereby save The Holy Family.

Had Joseph not listened to the angels message, which was given to him in a dream, Jesus would have perished in the slaughter of the children commanded by Herod and, thus, history would have taken another, totally different track, a dark and sinister track impelled by Roman tyranny and brutality.

Every nation has had its own tradtions of its visionaries and its oracles, from the Greek Oracle of Delphi, known as The Pythoness, to the blind beggar in the Roman forum and even Caesar’s wife whose dream warned them to “Beware Ides of March,” and not to venture into the Roman Senate on that day, and on to the legendary French prophet of the Middle ages, the oracle known as Nostradamus.

The prophetic tradition in the West is long-standing and continuous right down through the 20th Century with the recorded prophecies of The Lady of Fatima and The Miracle of the sun in 1917, as well as those of Edgar Cayce, America’s famous “Sleeping Pophet,” and the illustrious Eastern European seeress known as Vanya.

In Yugoslavia during the1980s, the apparition known as the Lady of Madrugorje repeatedly warned the populace of the impending threat of a coming civil war and genocide that subsequently followed in the late 1990s. The message conveyed to both Mankind and “ManUnkind” by the Lady of Fatima and the Lady of Madrugorje was the same: if ManUnkind did not change its behavior and turn away from hatred to kindness and compassion, nothing but evil and devastating tragedies would follow in train.

And so the just as The Lady warned her prophecies were fulfilled with NATO bombing Serbia and Bosnia into rubble just as NATO did again later to the hapless Muammar Kaddafi in order to demolish Libya, a once stable country whose only crime was to announce publically (during its post-Jihadi period) its rejection of the Petrodollar and its intention to institute an oil bourse (as had done Iran and Iraq) with Khaddafi’s establishment of a gold-backed currency that was envisioned by Khaddafi to become the “African Dollar.”

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