Biden and Nuclear War

From the Tom Woods Letter:

First of all, thanks to everyone wishing me safety during Hurricane Ian. I’m happy to report that I’m in Las Vegas this week, so I’m not in any hurricane-related danger, and whatever happens with Ian I’ll discover when I return.

The madness continues at Fordham University, where even babies aged 6 months and up cannot enter campus without being “up to date” on “vaccinations,” which includes the “new bivalent booster,” which has been tested on eight mice.

I’d like to chronicle a few more idiocies like this, and yet it seems frivolous to do so. Our ruling class will not stop making catastrophic decisions. Destroying society over Covid is now no longer their primary idiocy.

Now it’s risking nuclear war, without so much as a thought of negotiation or diplomacy, as normal people would be pursuing right now.

I agree with Dr. Pierre Kory from episode #2209 of the Tom Woods Show: I am not jumping on any bandwagon, or putting some mob-demanded emoji on my social media, ever, unless I have thoroughly investigated the situation and decided it is not yet another psyop being played on me by psychotics.

So now we’ve learned of a terrorist attack, almost surely state-led, on the Nord Stream pipelines.

Our CIA-run newspapers (no, they aren’t literally run by the CIA, but if they were, how would they be any different?) of course rushed to blame the pipeline destruction on Russia, which has precisely zero motivation to do such a thing. If they wanted to impede the movement of natural gas from Russia to other European countries, couldn’t they just turn the pipelines off rather than destroy a $20 billion project?

Meanwhile, we have footage of Joe Biden and creepy Victoria Nuland — Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, an unnecessary office if there ever was one — assuring the world at the beginning of 2022 that if Russia were to invade Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 would not go forward.

For that matter, Der Spiegel ran this headline: “CIA warns German government against attack on Baltic Sea pipelines.” And Radek Sikorski, a member of the European Parliament who chairs the delegation that deals with relations with the United States, responded to the news of the pipeline blowing up by saying: “Thank you, USA.” (At the same time, the Ron Paul Institute’s Daniel McAdams notes that Sikorski could be distracting attention from the actions of his own government.)

Do we know for certain what happened? Of course not. But we know this: it’s now far easier to keep European countries in line that might otherwise have broken ranks to seek energy supplies in the face of the extremely challenging winter that’s on the horizon.

In other news, last weekend I had lunch with my old friend John Bush, who mentioned to me that he’ll be part of an event coming up called the Self Reliance Festival.

Self-reliance is sounding more and more sensible these days. I can either rely on the psychotic weirdos who brought us Covid lockdowns and possible nuclear war, or I can rely on myself, my knowledge, and my skills.

The festival is not just about growing your own food, but it’s also about getting medical care when no doctor is available, getting and keeping your taxes low, getting physically fit, etc. You can watch online.

Check it out: