Living in the Fact Checkers' Paradise

Most people still don't know the real sources of disinformation.

The world of information as we knew it during Web 1.0 is over. Web 2.0 has been a disaster. The official returns are in after a decade of tech monopolies permitted to grow beyond comprehension while colluding behind the scenes with western governments to manage impressions and deceive billions.

The Internet is effectively dead. It has no pulse. They put it on global disinformation remdesivir fact-checking drip and murdered it.

But Good Citizen, what about Substack and the direct-to-inbox newsletter format?!

For how much longer? (Knocks on wood)

One paid subscriber (Hi Ed. Maybe?), who helped create the pensioner discount subscription option, recently said Hotmail was stuffing his spam folder with my emails. He hadn’t seen one in weeks.

How long until Gmail follows? How long until the government leans on all of these pantywaist nerd factories and just starts deleting them right when they hit your inbox?

Maybe the government can do what it does best and destroy it all by incentivizing censorship the same way they incentivized death at hospitals. $10 per blocked email address? $50,000 per banned newsletter? Congress can kick it off with the INTERNET CARES Act.

PayPal is now ditching Substackers after half a decade of targeting anyone to the right of Occasional-Cortex’s Met Gala dress train holder. Bank of America dropped Trump voters who sniffed out election fraud. Wells Fargo is too good for adult film stars who woke one day recently to find all their banking services deleted. Yes, the same Wells Fargo that created millions of fake accounts without customers’ permission and laundered billions in Mexican cartel drug money.

The White House and all regime federal agencies are directing censorship efforts right to the offices of all major attention networks, who are eager to oblige in the name of combating “disinformation”, which has always been newspeak for the truth.

Google is a laughable mess of officialdom propaganda smut after any search that isn’t related to weather or maps. Search any words connected to any topic that is even remotely political and the first twenty pages will be corporate state-sponsored lectures on how you must think about it and why you dare not deviate from that narrative or risk being “misinformed”. And then, mysteriously, their 8 million search results just end after 25 pages. They’re erasing the Internet before our eyes to control all information.

DuckDuckGo is now DuckDuck Gone. Their one salespoint was not being Google and they couldn’t even keep that up through the plandemic. Brave search appears to be some kind of homage to defunct late-90s web crawlers that would spit out everything you didn’t want. They had misleading names like Excite! and Yahoo! when more appropriate names would have been WTF! or Are You Shitting Me?

Presearch has a nice design but the results feed looks like a bunch of google ads. When I Presearched “Project Blue Beam” to see if I’d hit all those great web 1.0 sites about top-secret government holographic UFO projects and maybe even a soon-to-be psyop that will make the earth stand still like Orson Welles reading H.G. Welles on the radio in 1938 it was a miserable failure. Presearching project blue beam just gave me retail Polish sites for flashlights. If I Presearch “Trojan Horse” will it spit out retail sites for equine fleshlights?

Is it so much to ask the decentralized nerd brigade of Web 3.0 to build the future with a starting point of a new search engine that functions 60% as well as Google search did seven years ago but will never collude with globopsycho to rig results? Their single rule should be to bury all known corporate state filth like Snopes, Reuters, and NewsGuard affiliates fifteen pages deep in the results and apply a universal warning label:

⚠️This result is a known propaganda outlet with ties to organizations that want you and your family dead.⚠️

The amount of work required to find anything resembling honesty or truth is beyond the limits of the average midwit. Drooling half-wits surfing web 1.0 sites that look like ancient HTML digital cave art will have much better odds at finding the truth than anyone on the latest iPhone swiping their way through perfectly manicured government-funded dark money sites with Orwellian partners like the Trusted News Initiative with highly optimized responsive web design.

Their online propaganda yells out at you like a desperate pretty girl’s best friend and not the smart and clever ones from 1980s rom-coms.

Hi over here! Look what we’ve posted for you to read about that subject you’re searching for!! Click us! We’re authoritative and official corporate partners with acme truth-tellers Ltd. and Daddy Warbucks foundation for smart Internet browsing!

If one hasn’t self-trained to reflexively sniff out that bullshit at first sight by now, they’re probably lining up for a third booster, and well, thems the Social Darwin breaks.

Maybe that’s all the western world has been reduced to now, our waking existence is one long IQ test of rising out of bed day after day and looking at loved ones and asking:

“How is our government working for globopsycho going to try to kill us today?”

They should be asking, “Why do we keep paying taxes to a government that wants us dead?”

Of course, dot gov knew that people would eventually find out about their death incentive payments and then maybe even start to have second thoughts about funding this slaughter with another dollar of taxes.

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