The FBI Raid on Trump’s Home at Mar-a-Lago is an Act of War of the Government on its Citizens

Since the August 8, 2022, FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, the American media has literally deluged us with story after story on what certainly is a pivotal point in modern American history. Every news outlet, every broadcast network, and most major political leaders have offered their take, their interpretations; as well, the courts have gotten involved, with Obama-appointed judges leading the way. And for all intents and purposes, whatever the real contents of those boxes of records turn out to be, assuredly we shall all be drenched over the remainder of this election season (and probably much longer) by the continual barrage of hysterically strident voices in the legacy media: hyped-accusations, chimerical charges, and spurious claims about how once again this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald J. Trump is a clear and present “threat to our democracy” and, according to the solemn judgment of former CIA director, Michael Hayden, must be executed for “high treason”!

Let me repeat that: one of the most significant members of our so-called “Intelligence agencies” is calling for the summary execution of a US president—and he is not the only senior official in the administrative managerial apparatus known as the Deep State to demand something similar.

The Mar-a-Lago raid, in fact, has nothing to do with classified records, and if you should take a government official aside, perhaps after several shots of Jack Daniels or Chivas Regal, he will privately admit that to you. In fact, probably everyone in “official” Washington knows that.

No; the raid has everything to do with preventing Trump from running for president in 2024. That is, this is the latest installment of vomiting up a continuous stream of ugly and largely fake odiferous bilge to hopefully damage him, slime him enough to keep him from once again entering 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But more than just stop the Donald, now he must be permanently silenced and exiled, put away where his larger-than-life presence is no longer felt in any significant facet of American life—and that may well mean locking him up in a high security prison, or even executing him. Like a wounded lion, he is too dangerous to the administrative managerial state, and to the politicos, seen and unseen, who run our country, to remain on the loose.

And not because he is actually cognizant of what his presence has meant or means. Indeed, one can argue that with his lack of familiarity with the vicious high stakes political war games that rule Washington, Trump’s major achievement was ironically as a “loose cannon,” that in some ways he was not under the complete control of the Deep State and didn’t totally hew “the party line.”

In America in the early 21st century that is not permitted.

I have harshly criticized Donald Trump’s appointments during his four-year presidency, and his futile attempt to work—compromise—with the establishment GOP and the neoconservatives who dominate the so-called “conservative movement.” His disastrous appointments of a General James “Mad Dog” Mattis or a John Bolton to senior positions in his administration and his reliance on such figures as Jared Kushner and on the RNC have undercut much of whatever good that he has accomplished.

That “good” was, above all, for the first time an American president partially tore the mask from the horrifying face of the Deep State which has controlled our failing republic since at least the years of FDR, if not long before. For literally the first time, millions American citizens began to recognize that they were not masters of their own fate, that they did not really control what was occurring in their country, that our elections—and political candidates—were being bought and sold like cattle at an auction, that not only our politics, but our educational system and entertainment industry as well were deeply perverted and infected, and, lastly, that this nation’s big corporations and information/Internet conglomerates were in an incestuous relationship with big government: all working against us.

Despite coming up embarrassingly short in two miserably failed political impeachments based on fabricated and ideologically-crafted “evidence”—despite the abject and utter failure to establish what CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, et al, decried from 2017 until 2019 as “Trump collusion” with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to win the 2016 election—despite a farcical show trial, the “January 6 investigation,” which flagrantly violates both the established rules of the House of Representatives and the essential protections of the Constitution—despite all this, the mere specter of a return of Trump, and more so what he represents (in spite of himself) sends excruciating shivers up the backs of our fearful oligarchs.

Very simply, that was the real reason behind the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

But also it confirmed, perhaps as the denizens of the administrative managerial state did not actually intend, that those agencies of the federal government, once considered above political influence and ideological poison, have now fully succumbed to the same poisonous venom that infects most of Washington. Or, perhaps they felt entrenched and immune enough not to care that we would notice?

Many of us of a certain age can remember the popular television program, The F.B.I., which ran from 1965 until 1974, starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Then, we looked up to and admired the FBI—it protected us from Communist spies and subversion, the Mafia, and all sorts of ne’er-do-wells and miscreants who would harm and attack our country.

No longer. The FBI, like the CIA, has become a dedicated arm of increasing totalitarian control and suppression, the Deep State conglomerate that governs us, that emerged in view partially from the shadows when Trump, like a bull-in-a-china shop, came to town. Certainly not all FBI agents, certainly not all the rank-and-file; but yes, the administration and directors who command.

And this event—the Mar-a-Lago raid—is in a landmark sense a “crossing of the Rubicon,” a radical and very visible escalation of the war unleashed upon us by administrative managerial elites. As one writer commented: “This changes everything.”


Prime time commentator Tucker Carlson summed all this up in his Monday night, August 15, 2022, opening monologue.

Carlson is practically the last person I watch on Fox; the rest for the most part have become part of the problem, swimming in the tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum of establishment American political “kulchur.” He, as well, suffers from serious gaps— misinformation—in how he approaches issues like the War Between the States or his consistent invitation to neoconservative hacks like Victor Davis Hanson to appear on his program. Nevertheless, his voice remains unique in its usual clarity and ability to note what is really occurring.

That monologue was a frightening augury of where we are, what the future portends, and a stark proclamation that there can be no peace, no collaboration with those who oppose us. They inhabit a counter-reality which is Satanic. This nation is irretrievably divided, and the other side is coming after not just Donald J. Trump but also all the rest of us who don’t conform to the enticements of the new Gulag. The “United” States of America no longer exists.

I have taken the transcript of Carlson’s monologue (it can be heard aurally by accessing the Internet address) and, with a few small grammatical edits, I offer it here.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.