Joe Biden's Paxlovid Rebound Caused by "Immune Tolerance"

Double Boosted people cannot mount timely immune response

My dog has a Twitter account (I no longer do). And three days ago, he made a prediction:

I went boating today and came back to the news that the prediction was correct and Joe Biden is having COVID again!

The article says that Joe is not having symptoms. Well, if true, that is because they caught his rebound via positive test early, as they probably test Joe several times a day. The symptoms will likely return tomorrow or on Monday.

I will skip snarky comments; Joe Biden is a human being, and I feel quite sorry for this old man being sick again with a disease that is so dangerous to old people, after having four doses of “Covid vaccine” and a course of toxic Paxlovid medication.

The same exact Paxlovid rebound, experienced by Joe Biden, also happened to Dr. Fauci and to thousands of other multiple-vaccinated people.

The article below is about Anthony Fauci’s rebound and is highly relevant to today’s news. Please read it and check out the references, if you want to learn how a slap-dash mix of a novel protease inhibitor and HIV liver function suppressor made billions for Pfizer, despite not working for COVID-vaccinated people.

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