If The Sheep Disappoint You, Read This

From a friend: 

Stevo, I went to the grocery store. . .  you look around and it is all so depressing. 

These morons are still wearing masks!? 

The CDC has literally said this is all nonsense and these idiots are still wearing masks.

-The Gadfly Majestic 


That is from one of the bravest, most heroic freedom fighters I know. If one man will be left standing, fighting the great lie on his own, that is the man who I am sure will keep standing. 

Should that depress you that even he is whining about the reality of the situation? I hope not. 

What it says to me is that we all need someone to turn to from time to time.

What Did I Say To My Dear & Brave Friend? 

I spoke to him a truth that has been true for all human history. It is a truth that frequent readers will recognize, but which cannot be spoken too often.

A First, Hard To Ignore Group Of People 

In all periods of history, you have folks looking to take advantage of others. They are a small group, can have significant panache and influence, but ultimately do not determine the trajectory of history. They are hyena-like in their approach. The Klaus Schwabs and Tony Faucis, the Bill Gates and Joe Bidens, are hyena archetypes and giving them too much attention promises to leave you discouraged and distracted. 

A Second, Hard To Ignore Group Of People 

In all periods of history, you have a second group of people. They also do not determine the trajectory of history. They are sheep-like and make up the overwhelming majority of society in all periods of history. If you think otherwise, you are missing that important reality. If you believe salvation is to be found in the masses, that is historically disproven. The majority will not ride to the rescue. The majority will often be filled with individuals doing the exact wrong thing, simply doing his best to follow the most leader-like person around him. 

The person masked at the grocery store, your triple vaxxed sister-in-law who has had her third stroke since April, your triple masked neighbor, your boss who puts on the mask below his nose when expecting an important visit, the police officer or doctor or bureaucrat who is just doing his job. These are all sheeplike people. Giving them too much attention promises to leave you discouraged and distracted. 

A Third Group Of People, The Ones You Ignore At Your Own Peril 

A third group of people actually do determine the trajectory of history. They are the lions. A lion can be asleep or awake. A lion, once awake, naturally exudes freedom in the world around himself. He does not need to be led. He does not need to be told what to do. He just needs to be roused from his sleep. Naturally, as he goes about his day, the world around him becomes more free. That is the only group of individuals who deserve anyone’s attention. Sheep and hyenas get in line when the lion in wakes up. 

In this psychological battle we are in the midst of, it is so important for the enemy to keep your attention on the sheep and hyenas, because keeping your attention there will distract and discourage you. The lions, however, are the only one who deserve your attention. 

So, Knowing That, What Do We Do? 

If you are paying too much attention to the hyenas, you will depress yourself. It is good to know what they are up to, but that’s it. They have no actual bearing on your life. Am I being clear? Klaus Schwab does not matter. Tony Fauci does not matter. The bravest and most discerning among us see those people and their ideas for what they are and have not fallen for them. 

The bravest and most discerning have stood their ground through all this. Some have even come to live more free lives during this period of corona communism. 

Do you get that? 

As all the world gives in to the idea that Klaus Schwab is their evil, Bond villain master, the most brave and discerning have grown more free. This is a choice you get to make. Are you going to focus on Joe Biden and Bill Gates — two men who have nearly no impact on your life — or are you going to focus on yourself, your home, and the world immediately around you? 

What About All The Big Plans To Change The World? 

The big pie in the sky ideas seldom work. Any political idea that you can’t do 1.) yourself, or 2.) with a group small enough to count on your hand, hardly matters. Even the national movements that are having successes, such as Mom’s For Liberty or Precinct Strategy Project are having successes one person at a time. 

Yes, there is a movement, but the change is happening one person at a time, one household at a time, one office at a time. The idea that 51% of the population stand up and do something brave ever at any point in history is totally illusory and further points to the irrelevance of the majority in any matter of consequence. 

Common Forms Of Questions 

I do a lot of public speaking. Question and answer time accompanies that. When someone asks me, “What if we …. (This is often followed by some pie in the sky idea),” or “Wouldn’t it be solved if everyone just realized that … (This is often also followed by some pie in the sky idea). 

This way of thinking totally ignores the reality of life and the strength of any grassroots movement: 1.) all politics is local, 2.) change happens one person at a time, 3.) any plan that does not start with the first tiny step and which can be followed through with consistency for at least the next six months is no plan at all. 

When someone goes down that pie in the sky way of thinking, I bring it back to them. “Yes, but what are you, yourself, going to do about it starting today?” If you desire change in any area of life, you need to be ready to take concrete action right now in a way that is accessible to you. 

Life Will Always Be A Challenge 

Anyone who has spent much time in New York City knows the Trustafarians from a mile away. The trust fund babies have a way about them which is disconnected from reality and corrupts practically everyone they touch who is not also a trust fund baby. 

They can party all night and still make rent. Their non-trust fund friends cannot. Such friends last a few months before being utterly corrupted by the allure of the supply of money and the lack of work ethic needed to obtain that money. Having gotten into bad habits as a result of their seemingly generous and eternal friend, this results in some serious problems. They are left with anything from drug addictions to massive debt to a once prosperous work life now in shambles. This is a common story. 

Now, let’s apply this common story to many (not all, of course) people spread out over an entire generation. 

I do not know where the Baby Boomers came from, I do not know how they overwhelmingly got so disconnected from reality, and I do not know how a society allowed a whole generation to live like trust fund babies for so long. That is the most apt description of the Baby Boomer generation that I have come up with after years of asking this question — a generation of trust fund babies. 

A Baby Boomer Tendency (And Trustafarian Tendency) That You Cannot Allow Into Your Life 

I love lots of Baby Boomers, and I recognize when it comes to talking about reality, it can be a challenge with some of them. They are persistently asking why life has to be so hard. They are forever trying to get back to idyllic moments they have known, and are forever seeking to escape into such moments.

For a period of human history, there was so much bounty in America that literally everyone was able to live like a trust fund baby. That period has been squandered. There is a truism about American families, that they go from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeve in three generations. It means that money gained by the first generation, will be lost by the third generation. That has also become a truism for America. The greatest generation earned. The Baby Boomers spent. The Xers and beyond are looking around at the mess that has been left to them and it is a hard, sober look, because the mess is so massive. 

And you know what, there is no use complaining over the past. What happened has happened. 

How refreshing it is to be with a 95 year old. How refreshing it is to read a book from the past written before the Baby Boomers came of age. There is so much sense. There is so much truth. There is so much reality. There is so much lack of complaint about the things of life. Life is. Among life’s components are struggle, challenge, and testing. And that is alright. 

Anyone pursuing a life without that is escaping from the reality of what life is. Life is not paradise. Baby Boomers tend to be a little too comfortable seeking an escape to paradise. 

And What Does That Mean In My Life? 

It means stop looking for the easy way at the cost of all else. It means stop looking for the ideal at the cost of all else. It means life is going to be filled with evil and struggle against evil. There is nothing awful about that. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing escape-worthy about that. Everywhere on the planet, you will find the exact same scenario. The quicker you can accept that, the quicker you can face reality and deal with reality. Some people willingly leave themselves in a state of shock and awe about how evil and challenging the world is. That is a quick way to disable oneself. 

The Importance Of A Face Mask At The Grocery Store 

The face mask at the grocery store means so much to you because you are focusing your attention in the wrong place. Of course the sheep will do sheeplike things. Of course the hyena will do hyenalike things. Forget them. Keep living your lion life, and do something important — focus on lions. 

How Do I Meet More Lions? — 4 Simple Steps 

1.) Do not let a good person out of your sight without exchanging phone numbers. 

2.) Text him right away after meeting. 

3.) Invite him for a coffee or a conversation or a meeting in the park every other Saturday for the rest of your life. 

4.) Keep doing that with every lion you meet and it will start with 3 lions, then will be 30 lions, then will become 300 lions. 

Once you have those 3 lions around you, it will become hard to not focus on them. It will become hard to pay attention to much of what the goofy sheep or the inept hyenas are up to. You will have your hands full meeting with the ones in your community who actually matter. Just get those lions together and amazing things will take place. 

That has been my experience throughout this lockdown, even in the most locked down corner of this country, it has been an effective approach throughout human history, and will continue to be an effective approach. 

Less sheep focus. Less hyena focus. More lion focus and you will have community and freedom even in the most unfree of places. And in this era that is even easier and clearer to achieve than in any era man has lived. 


I surround myself with lions. If you need waking up, I’m here for that. If you need encouragement, I am here for that. If you need a crew of lions, I am here for that. 

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